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The Fan Fic(s) showed here was(were) inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use this(these) at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Author: DSS
Email: zoomzoom30@comcast.net

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Jurassic Planet
Jurassic Park, but in Futurama style... ...read

Nightmare in NNYC
A Nightmare on Elm Street, Futurama style. ...read

The Leelaven
This parodies Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven", with Leela as the Raven. ...read

After finding the remains of the rare and controversial dinosaur called Nanotyrannus underneath Planet Express, Leela becomes a paleontologist. She hopes to prove that the creature is it's own species and not a baby T-Rex. It won't be easy, but with science on her side, Leela might crack open the mystery. ...read

Turangaraptor Chronicle
On the world of Jurassic Planet, we shall follow Leela, a female Turangaraptor, her mate, Alcazar, and their pack on a series of events that will change their life forever. ...read

A Shy Fry
Leela now has a full interest in Fry, but Fry all of the sudden feels shy when Leela is around. What could Leela do about this? ...read

Pool Party Shock
A follow-up to A Shy Fry. Planet Express is having their first Pool Party. Everyone is excited, especially Fry and Leela. But the both of them will soon find themselves in an embarrassing situation that they hope no one will see! ...read

Summer of Two Blondes
A follow-up to Pool Party Shock. Since the pool party incident, Leela and Fry had been the laughing-stock of Planet Express. But then they do something to put the incident behind them: dye their hair blonde and amaze everyone. But will it last? ...read

A follow-up to Summer of Two Blondes. Leela is a huge fan of the Canadian rock band Nickelback. Fry decides to suprise her by getting tickets to see Nickelback live and back-stage. During the concert,Leela is chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime opprotunity. ...read

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     SHOWING 19 OF 9 ITEM(S) [Fan Fics MAIN]


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