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Futurama is the second Matt Groening's TV Animation series after the first well known TV series, The Simpsons. Futurama uses a High level Animation standards including awesome 3D scenes (CGI) and Computer Coloring. Some of the jokes of the series will be difficult to understand if you expected Simpsons style jokes. Figure out everything (hidden jokes, messages or images) the first time you see an episode is almost impossible. The structure of the show (races, places, facts and time) is well done but not perfect.

Futurama develops around Philip J. Fry, a NYC pizza delivery boy with no future that on December 31 of 1999 delivered a pizza to a Cryogenic Laboratory. After he found out that the call was a crude joke, he fall off in a Cryogenic Tube and got Frozen for a thousand years.

Fry cryogenically frozen


Leela's first appereance

When he woke up, he was in the year 3000. There's were he met Turanga Leela, an one-eyed Cryogenic counselor that used to assign jobs to the unfrozen people and implant them a career chip. When Fry found out that he was going to be a delivery boy once again he ran off the Laboratory.


Since he new he had a relative still alive in the future, his great(x26) nephew Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, he decided to call him, but instead of use a phonebooth he tried to use a suicidebooth. That's were he met Bender, a robot designed to bend girders.

Bender's first appereance


Fry, Leela & Bender

They became friends quickly but suddenly Leela and the police found them and they ran off again, going this time under NNYC, into the old NYC ruins. Leela caught them but then Fry made Leela quit her job and due the police was chasing them, they decided to find Fry's nephew.


In the Professor's home they escaped using a Starship that he built. In space, the Professor gave them a job in the delivery company that he created, called Planet Express. At the end, Fry ends working as a delivery boy once again.

The Planet Express delivery ship



Since there Fry had a lot of adventures, knowing more about the Planet Express crew and dealing with the 31th Century. After 5 awfully preempted seasons the series were cancelled by FOX even when Futurama won an Emmy award for "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)" with "3ACV19 - Roswell That Ends Well", and they have another nomination with the episode "4ACV07 - Jurassic Bark" for the year 2003 (check out the complete list of Awards & Nominations). Cartoon Network demonstrated that with decent advertising the show can do anything.

There were a lot of romours about the series going to be 4 DVD Movies, but this was never confirmed by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen or FOX. By the middle of year 2006, Comedy Central made an official anouncement about getting the series back with 13 new episodes for 2008 (when the series stop airing at [adult swim]).
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