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Author: DSS
Email: zoomzoom30@comcast.net

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FUTURAMA presents:


[After finding the remains of the rare and controversial dinosaur called Nanotyrannus underneath Planet Express,Leela becomes a paleontologist. She hopes to prove that the creature is it's own species and not a baby T-Rex. It won't be easy,but with science on her side,Leela might crack open the mystery.]

(Note:Special Guest Star appearances by:"Dinosaur George"Blasing and Jack Horner.)

(Leela was working on the Planet Express ship.)

Leela:Just 10 more rivits to go and---. What the hell?

(The rivit gun broke. She knew she was going to be in trouble if she didn't finish putting new rivits on the ship. So she went to the basement. There,Leela saw Scruffy reading a magazine.)

Leela:Who are you?

Scruffy:Scruffy...the janitor.

Leela:So,uh...Scruffy,do you know where I can find a rivit gun?

Scruffy:In the tool box.


(As she went to the tool box,Leela tripped over something in the floor.)

Leela:What the hell was that?

(She gasped as looked the fragement in the floor more carefully:it was a skull bone! She called the Professor downstairs.)

Leela:Professor! Think you should come look at this!

(The Professor saw the skull fragement he knew what it was:it was a dinosaur skull. Soon after 2 hours of recovering the skull and the rest of the skelaton from the ground,it was free and the Professor identified it as...)

Professor:...a Nanotyrannus.

Leela:Nanotyrannus!? I love that dinosaur!

Professor:We got to get this to the museum!

(Literally overnight,Leela's discovery becomes front-page news.)

*On the news*

Morbo:...In other news,local captain of Planet Express,Turanga Leela,had discovered a rare and controversial dinosaur known as Nanotyrannus under the basement of the building itself.

Linda:This dinosaur,as Morbo said,is controversial because of it has been debated for over 1,000 years that it was either it's own species or just a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. We now go with our traveling reporter Trevor Smith and his interview with Leela earlier today.

*Cut to Trevor Smith and Leela*

Trevor:Now Leela,how do you feel about your discovery?

Leela:Excited. This is my favorite dinosaur and I'm happy that I found one here at the place I work.

Trevor:Leela,some people say Nanotyrannus is it's own kind while others say it's a juvinile T-Rex. What do think?

Leela:I say it is it's own kind because there's a good amount of evidence to prove it...

*Cut from the TV to the crew*

(Bender turned off the TV and everyone was excited.)


Hermes:Sweet Bongo of the Congo! I scan the building every week and this fossil was never even appeared!

Fry:Congratulations,Leela! So...what're you gonna do since you found this dinosaur?

(Leela was later at the Applied Cryogenics getting assigned a career as a paleontologist.)

Fry:Are you sure you wanna do this,Leela.

Leela:I'm sure.

(After a painful insertion of the paleontology career chip into her palm,Leela was now a paleontologist. Before she headed for the NNYC Museum of Natural History,Leela stopped to say"goodbye"to Fry.)

Fry:I'll come and visit sometime. Besides,I like learning about dinosaurs.


(She kissed his cheek and headed for the museum. When she entered,she was greeted by another paleontologist head-in-a-jar that looked familiar to Leela.)

Head-in-jar:Hey there! I'm the head of George Blasing.

Leela:"Dinosaur George"Blasing! I'm Turanga Leela. My,if I knew you were gonna be here,I would have done something with my hair!

(She stroke her pony-tail as she said that.)

Leela:I remember you appearing in every episode of Jurassic Fight Club. You made exellent descriptions of the battles.

George:Thanks. So what brings you here?

Leela:I would like to be a paleontologist here.

George:OK. We here at the museum hold a 2-week training program in which we can train people like yourself to escavate dinosaurs.

Leela:Did you hear on the news about my find of the Nanotyrannus?

George:I sure did and we had tooken the liberty of setting it up here at the museum. Wanna see?


(They went to Dino Room where dozens of dinosaurs skelatons ranging from the Velociraptor to the mighty Tyrannosaurs Rex. And next to the T-Rex...was Leela's Nanotyrannus. All put together.)

George:What do you think of naming him?


George:We found rarely found DNA in it and it's a male.

(Leela thought it over.)

Leela:I'll name him Philip. Named after my best friend.

George:I forgot to introduce you to another paleontologist,here's Jack Horner's Head.

Jack:Nice to meet you.

(Jack Horner was another paleontologist Leela was familiar with.)

Leela:I watched that program Valley of the T-Rex about your theory of Tyrannosaurus and I felt really convinced the its a scavenger.

George:OK,Leela. Let's get you started for our training program.

(He took her to the Training Room. When they got inside,Leela couldn't believe her eye:It was an exact replica of the Cleaveland-Loyld Quarry from Price,Utah. She knew that many fossils had been found there.)

George:So the supplies you'll using will be handed to you in a large bag at the enterance.


(Leela went to the enterance and was given her supplies. She headed for the first escavation area. A voice came over the intercom.)

Voice:Hello freshman paleontologist! Today we'll start training with finding the skelaton of Allosaurus Fragilis. 3 of you pick a spot and dig there. Let's go!

(Leela called dibs on finding the skull. The other two went to find the body and tail. Hours past and finally the skelaton was recovered.)

Voice:Well done! You've recovered the Allosaurus. For tomorrow,you shall uncover a Stegosaurus...

(Over the past 2 weeks,Leela and the other starters found up to 7 skelatons. Ranging from the horned predator Ceratosaurus to the long-necked Apatosaurus. With her training complete,Leela was now a professional. She went to Philip,her Nanotyrannus.)

Leela:Boy. Fry is going to be happy that I named you after him.



(Fry was there.)

Fry:I saw that you named your Nanotyrannus after me. Thanks,Leela! I like that.

Leela:I knew you would.

(Later that day,Leela was taking notes about Philip.)


-Skull:Shaped differently from that of a T-Rex.
-Teeth Number:Between 16-22 in the upper jaw,
more than a T-Rex.
-Teeth Shape:More narrow/flatter than that of a T-Rex.
-Different leg design:Shorter femur and longer tibia=a fast mover.
-Brain:Shaped differently from that of T-Rex,
(according to the look of their brain casts).
-Rear of skull:The Quadratojugal(located where it's ear would've
been)is completely unlike that of T-Rex.
-Arm:The Scapula coracoid(shoulder blade)is broader than T-Rex.

Leela:Well,I think that's about it.

(She took the notes to Jack Horner.)

Leela:Here's my hypothesis notes on how Nanotyrannus is it's own kind.

(To her disappointment,Jack disagreed to her theories. She decided to see what George Blasing thought,assuming Jack was one of the paleontologist who believe Nanotyrannus is a baby T-Rex.)

Leela:(to herself)I hope George Blasing agrees with me.

(And sure enough,he did.)

George:I notice you took note about Philip's Quadratojugal. That's one of 4 things of what could ultimately prove he's his own kind.

(Later that night at Fry and Bender's apartment...)

Bender:Hey,Fry. That new show on AaE Bio is about Calculon is on. Wanna watch?

Fry:OK then.

(They sat down when there was a knock at the door. It was Leela.)



Fry:What brings you here?

Leela:Can I talk to you in your bedroom?


(He turned to Bender.)

Fry:Me and Leela are gonna have a chit-chat. You mind?


(Fry and Leela went into his bedroom. They sat on the edge of the bed.)

Leela:Hey,Fry. You know why I named that Nanotyrannus after you?

Fry:Uhhh...no. Why?

(She looked at Fry with a seductive look.)

Leela:So I can have someone to think of while I worked. And Fry...I love you.

Fry:You..you do?


Fry:I love you,too,Leela.

(They kissed. Falling back onto the bed,their kiss became more passionate. Breaking the kiss,Leela got up.)

Leela:As much as I'd liked to stay with you tonight,Fry,I have to get going. Besides,I have to attend the Nanotyrannus Debate tomorrow and you know how Bender gets when he sees people love-making.

Fry:I don't mind. I know your work is important.

Leela:Thanks,Fry. Love you.

(She blew a kiss to Fry.)

Fry:Love you,too.

(The next day,Leela got up from bed. She checked the time. She had an hour till she had to get going.)

Leela:Better get ready.

(She made herself some breakfast[which was waffles and OJ with calcium]. She later got her shower. While she was showering,however,the phone rang. She got her robe on and answered:it was George Blasing's Head.)


George:Leela,I forgot to tell you yesterday that we'll have Philip's skelaton set up as well as the skelaton of Jane the debate.

Leela:You mean that Nanotyrannus that was found centuries ago in 2001?


Leela:OK,thanks for telling me that.

(She hung up went back into the shower. After getting dry and putting on fresh clothes,Leela headed for the museum. She was just in time to take her place in the debate room. Also there was George Blasing and Jack Horner with some of his new students. In the center of the room was the skelatons of Jane and Philip ready for forensic study.)

Leela:OK. I'll start out by pointing out the 4 major reasons why Nanotyrannus is it's own species.

(She walked to Philip and pointed to the rear of his skull.)

Leela:You see,the Quadratojugal is quite unique to Jane and Philip. If you compare it to a Tyrannosaurus's Quadratojugal,they look entirely different from one another. Now with teeth shape:note how Nanotyrannus has more narrow teeth.

George:Good note there,Nanotyrannus does indeed have different. Usually a T-Rex has wide teeth that can just crush bone. But Nanotyrannus has teeth that can only rip up and eat flesh.

Leela:With teeth on the subject,we should now move onto teeth count. A Nanotyrannus has up to 16-22 teeth in the upper jaw while T-Rex has up to 13-19 teeth in the upper jaw. And finally there's the Scalpula coracoid. It's shoulder blade is broader than T-Rex.

George:Jack Horner,what do you say about these theroies?

Jack:Well,these are pretty good theories. But these are features that only exsist in young T-Rexes.

Student#1:Yeah,like it can lose a certain amount teeth as it grows...

Student#2:...and it's teeth also change shape over time.

Student#3:Plus,it's shoulder blade is probably not fully formed yet.

Jack:And when Jane was discovered,we counted her growth rings and she had up to 11.

(An hour later,the debate was over and Leela was more desperate than ever to prove Nanotyrannus was it's own kind. But then it came to her:Jack Horner had mentioned about growth rings. So when everyone at the museum left. She stayed to take a sample of Philip's rib bone.)

Leela:Gotta check this thing out.

(She went to her apartment and took out her microscope. After taking the rib sample out of her pocket,she put it under the microscope. First setting it to 1x,then to 10x,then 50x and finally 100x. She counted very carefully.)


(The next day on the news...)

*On News*

Linda:Nanotyrannus is official it's own kind! Turanga Leela has discovered just last night that the recentely found Nanotyrannus named Philip is 26 years old!

Morbo:Normally,a baby Tyrannosaurus,as Turanga Leela had mentioned earlier today,would grow to is full 46 ft.long length and 15 ft.tall height by the time it was 20. But this Nanotyrannus,and possibly others,would be 7 ft.tall and 20 ft.long by the time THEY were 20.

Linda:All scientist who had believed Nanotyrannus was a baby T-Rex are now convinced after looking at Leela's find and others who believed Nanotyrannus was it's own kind are celebrating...

*Cut to Celebration*

(At the NNYC Museum of Natura History,the celebration was going strong. Scientist were happy that the over 1,000 year debate was finally settled. Fry and the crew were there,too.)

Amy:Way to go,Leela!

Professor:Well done,Leela.

Bender:Yeah,whatever. Oh,what am I saying?! Right on,meatbag!

(Fry came up.)

Fry:You did it,Leela!

Leela:Come here you!

(She kissed him.)

Leela:I love you.

Fry:I love you,too,Leela.

(Then George Blasing came up.)

George:Finally,our seemingly endless debate is over. All thanks to you,Leela! In fact,you won the Metal of Paleontology.


Bender:Anyone wanna martini?


*Zoom into Philip's eye socket then cut to 1,065 MYA*

(Philip the Nanotyrannus is chasing down a Triceratops. He finally jumps on it and bites the throat as well as slashing it with his toe claws. The Triceratops slumps to the ground and dies. Philip looks into the sky and bellows victoriously.)



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