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Summer of Two Blondes

Author: DSS
Email: zoomzoom30@comcast.net

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[A follow-up to Pool Party Shock. Since the pool party incident, Leela and Fry had been the laughing-stock of Planet Express. But then they do something to put the incident behind them: dye their hair blonde and amaze everyone. But will it last?]

(Leela was in her apartment sulking. She and Fry couldn't stand the embarassment of their recent incident at the pool at Planet Express when Bender snatched their bathing suits. Leela's face blushed at the memory.)


(She felt more embarrassed then the time that she accidently slept with Zapp Brannigan. Fry walked in. He had moved in with her since their "little night together" after his shyness was cured. Fry was in the same mood as Leela when he sat next to her. In reality,he was so embarassed,he couldn't even look at Leela. He kept his head down with his hands on the back of it.)


Fry:(guilty)Oh Bender,he can steal my wallet(I would get over that),but stealing our bathing suits pisses me off and is too far.

Leela:You 2 still friends?

Fry:We talked it over. He agreed to not bother us as long as we don't pull the steal-his-beer thing off again. And yes,we're still friends.

(Leela looked at the clock.)

Leela:Oh! Better get ready for bed. I'll be in in shower.


Leela:Ya know Fry,you have 2 choices. 1:You can take after I'm done. Or 2...

(She gives Fry a seductive look.)

Leela:...Come in with me.

(Fry's eyes widened at choice 2.)

Fry:Better pull your reel in,Leela,'cause you caught the Fry Fish.

Leela:(laughing)Oh,Fry,your so funny!

(Soon after their shower,Leela looked at Fry.)

Leela:Ya know what Fry,I bet by tomorrow the whole incident will be just a memory.

Fry:I hope so...

(How wrong they were! When Fry and Leela got to the Conference Table,everyone was laughing at them.)

Amy:(laugh)Hey Leela! How was that skinny dip? eh?

Leela:Hey! **** you!

Hermes:Yo! Leela,clean dat mouth!

Leela:Sorry. But me and Fry are tired of being made fun over something Bender did!

Zoidberg:I know how you feel. And FYI:I was the only one who didn't laugh at you 2. I have manners and I'm polite.

Leela:Thanks Zoidberg.


Bender:Just ignore them.

Leela:Uh,Bender. 4 words for you:You. Are. Beyond. Ignoring.


(Back at Aprt.1I,Leela and Fry were explaining about what to do about ending them being laughing-stocks.)

Fry:We could probably....uh..let's see...oh! We can just get back at the crew and turn them into laughing-stocks.

Leela:Maybe that's not such a good idea. Blackmailing them will just cost us our jobs.

Fry:OK,then what's your idea?

Leela:You'll see.

(Soon,they were at Time Square.)

Fry:So what's this place again?

Leela:Sean's Hair Dye. Former friend of mine works there. The best hair dyers work there,too.

(When they found the place,they walked in and at the cashier stand was a man who looked similar to Fry. But he had black hair with no hair horns,he had no bump on his nose and he was thinner. It was Sean,Leela's former boyfriend.)


Sean:Leela? Is that you?


Sean:Long time,no see! What brings you here?

Leela:My boyfriend,Fry,and I would like to have our hair dyed blonde,please.

Sean:No problem. Nice to meet you Fry.

Fry:What's up,Sean?

(Fry and Leela soon had the hair dyers getting them ready.)

Fry:I always wondered what it would be like to be a blonde. Now that I'm getting my hair blonde,I can finally see that type of life.

Leela:I've had that same thought.

(Fry and Leela were then having the blonde dye put into their hair. Leela was the first to be finished. After a 20 minute wait,she finally unwrapped the towel from her head and her long hair draped over her shoulders. It was a shiney blonde which literatilly sparkled against the sunlight. Fry's eyes widened and he gave an impressed whistle. Leela giggled.)

Fry:Wow! You...you look...



(Then Fry's hair was done. Now both Fry and Leela were blondes.)

Leela:This oughta make everyone show a little more respect.

Fry:I hope so.

(They got back to Arpt.1I and got ready for bed. Leela turned off the light.)

Leela:Good night,Fry. I love you.

Fry:I love you,too.

(The next morning,they took their shower,got dress and got ready for work. Leela lefted her her down.)

Leela:Hey Fry. I forgot to give you something when complimented how I looked.

Fry:What is it?

(Leela closed her eye,put her arms around his neck and body,and kissed him passionately. Fry returned it and put his right arm around Leela. He hadn't felt a kiss this passionate since Leela gave him a French Kiss when he was shy or when they had their first kiss on the Titanic. They headed for Planet Express. They walked inside and headed for the Conference Room.)

Leela:Hey everybody!



Amy:Leela? Fry?

Fry:It's us guys. We dyed our hair blonde.

Amy:You 2 looked really cool as blondes.

Professor:We can talk about that later. Anyway we have a delivery to make...

(2 months had past and Fry and Leela had never felt better about getting some respect. Bender hadn't made fun of them,Amy stopped make rude comments to Leela about her appearance and both Fry and Leela were having more fun than they usually had before. But there was only 4 weeks of summer left and the both of them noticed that some of their natural hair color was coming through.)

Fry:Well it's not the end of the world about our blonde hair disappearing.

Leela:(doubt)I don't know,Fry. I like having blonde hair.

Professor:Good news,everyone! We've got a delivery to Electron 3.

(Soon,Fry,Leela and Bender were on there way to the planet.)

Leela:There it is.

(They landed on Electron 3. This planet was inhabitited by colonies of the Ion people. The delivery was a glass case of up to 230 negative electrons spheres[a food item that Ion people eat]. Bender wanted to take the package but he was turned down.)

Leela:You'll be abusing electricity then.


(He pulled out a cigar.)

Leela:C'mon Fry.


(They walked out of the ship and went to the colony's enterance. But the second they placed their hands on the door,they got shocked. With the energy of a 50,000 volt shock collar,the electricity had crusted the blonde dye on their hair and all of the dye flaked away. 5 seconds later,their natural hair color was back and Fry and Leela's hair was all whacky looking. Coming back to the ship,hair still whacky,they completed their delivery. Bender laughed at them.)

Bender:Man,you looked funny! Ha ha ha ha!

(As they feared about on their way back,everyone at Planet Express laughed at them.)

Both:(embarrassed)Oh,shut up!

(And they left without another word. That night,Fry and Leela were once again sulking.)

Fry:I can't believed that happened,Leela.

Leela:I know,but you know what? At least we managed to have an exellent summer this year and we got to be blondes.

Fry:Hey! Your right! It was the summer of two blondes,you might say?


(They shared a kiss as Leela turned off the light.)

Fry:Hey Leela? Wanna snuggle tonight?

Leela:You just read my mind!


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