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This page shows the past designs of TFP from the first "without a lot of organization" one until the last one you see right now in your primitive human screen. Click on the ScreenShot to go to the Design.

Since [12.SEP.1999]

Made in Flash 4.0 (my first website), it was a high resolution design but had no space for updates. The original design was more like a normal website, but it was to damn big (about 3 MB), so I had to upload just this cover an the rest of page were just pure standard HTML.

Since [28.FEB.2000]

The classic green, orange and bluesky design. This new design had space for updates and a menu that was only in the Principal Page but the other pages had not the same organization.

Since [02.APR.2000]

The same classic colors but with some lines around. One of the best TFP designs, had a similar organization in all the pages, but the sections didn't had the left menu.

Since [03.SEP.2000]

The black and grey design. Great for almost everyone. A improved design with different colors, had all the pages in the same way, it was simple and quick.

Since [19.NOV.2000]

The blue and yellow design, with the menu at the right. A new design with more color. New menu bar on the right and random pics in the logo. best design yet.

Since [10.JUL.2001]

The squarest dark blue, grey and orange design. This one had a great kinda transparency in the logo and headers and it was the only 3D design.

Since [12.SEP.2002]

The grey, dark grey and bluesky design. First design with the menu at the left and other stuff at the right. Great colors and better organization in all the sections.

Since [27.MAY.2003]

Named in that way because it look's like a bottle (what???). This is the first design made along with PHP. Nice colors and images from all the episodes with a nice blur effect for the text.

Since [25.DIC.2003]

I made it originally for Xmas with no cool headers. After that I decided to leave the site with this layout because it look knida cool. I name it "Lot Of Space" because the background is black (wow!... space) and features the Planet Express Ship. All the scans used have no lines and it looks kinda cool in that way.

Since [14.SEP.2004]

One of the best designs I've made, features Futurama characters with heaven background, and that sort of colors everywere. The first full screen design for this site, because it fits any resolution.

Since [20.JUL.2005]

I made this design because I wanted something new... and I was also trying to create a new design for the TFP Emergency Website. I ended up adding close ups of characters hands as headers, and not main characters for the logo and disclaimer. Is not my best design but I like those little details.

Since [12.SEP.2006]

Yeap! I like this one because brown is one of my favorite colors. I wanted to create a retro design for this website a long time ago, and this is it!. Features Amy Wong (yes! I'm an Amyholic) at the top and the Suicide Booth at the bottom. The Menu is kinda bigger, and is also a full screen layout, but it looks nicer using a 1024x768 or better resolution.

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