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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Jurassic Planet

Author: DSS
Email: zoomzoom30@comcast.net

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Leela: (voice over) I'm Turanga Leela. I've come to tell the suspenseful, thrilling, and graphic story of a 3 day journey on Jurassic Planet. It all began on a Spring day...

(Planet Express: April 10th, 3008)

Professor: Good news everyone. We're going on a company vacation to Jurassic Planet.

Leela: Oh, Lord! Not again.

(Everyone remembered what happened on their last vacation on Titanic: ending with disastrous results.)

Leela: Professor, don't you remember that project on combining dinosaur DNA with our DNA that you did 4 years ago? Well,then you told us to take these creatures to Jurassic Planet and I almost got my arm chewed up by a Turangaraptor when Fry and I unloaded the cargo bay. So what makes you think we're going to that planet!?!?

Professor: Oh, don't worry Leela,Jurassic Planet had built specialized gates so the dinosaurs won't get out.

Fry: Well,sounds good to me. What do you say Bender?

Bender: Usually I'd say,"No way,Meatbags!"and run off, but seeing live dinosaurs,count me in!

Hermes: Then lets pack our stuff,Mon.

(Once everyone was packed, they took off in the Planet Express Ship. Leela was singing her favorite song,"Savin' Me"to herself as she flew the ship)

Leela: (singing)Heaven's gates won't open up for me, with these broken wings I'm fallin' and all I see is you...

Fry: You sing those Nickelback songs great, Leela.

(Leela turned bright red at Fry's compliment to her)

Leela: Oh,thank you Fry.

Leela: (voice over)So after traveling though space for several minutes,we made it to the landing zone on Jurassic Planet. But our problems were just beginning. Since I hadn't been on the planet for 4 years after dropping off the dinosaurs, I was afraid of getting sneak-attacked by a Turangaraptor (which is a Velociraptor cloned using my DNA, so it's a dinosaur format of me).

Professor: Welcome to Jurassic Planet!

Bender: You don't need to renacted that guy from"Jurassic Park" Professor.

Fry: You OK there Leela? You look a little shaky.

(Leela was so terrified of her thoughts of getting attacked by the pack of Turangaraptors,she couldn't answer Fry at all.)

Leela: (lying)I'm fine,Fry.I'm fine.

(The crew went to the apartment building 10 miles away from the landing zone. Leela and Fry shared a room while Bender called the closet. At 8: 55 pm. that night,Fry and Leela were in their pajamas. Leela then told Fry the truth why she was so shaky earlier. Fry was very understanding about this.)

Fry: Leela,I really understand how you feel about all this, but there's something I want you to know.

Leela: What?

Fry: It's this: If you're ever in grave danger,I'll always be there for you.

(In response to this,Leela embraced Fry for about 3 minutes. Afterward,both Fry and Leela were getting sleepy.)

Leela: Good night,Fry.

Fry: Good night,Leela. Good night,Bender!

Bender: Night, Meatbags.

(Jurassic Planet: April 11th,3008[Day 1])

Leela: (voice over)Today was the first day of exploring the planet. Professor had planned a tour for that day,and when he mentioned about the specialized gates,I felt safe-for now,though.

Bender: Leela,get the hell up!

Leela: Why?

Bender: The Professor needs us in the lobby for an anouncement.

(So Leela got up,put on a fresh pair of pants,a clean tank top,and her boots. She headed down to the 3-story lobby and sat down at the Meeting Table where Professor made his announcement to the crew. He explained how the tour was going to run. Afterward,Professor led the crew outside where Fry noticed 2 strange looking hover-cars.)

Fry: What kinds of hover-cars are these,Professor?

Professor: Oh,these are Jurassic Planet's Auto Hover-Cars. We'll be traveling around in these. Let's get in!

(Fry,Leela,Bender,and Professor took Hover-Car#1.And Amy,Hermes,and Zoidberg took Hover-Car#2.Fry was checking out all of things in the car,when he suddenly pushed a yellow button activating a voice in the car.)

Car Voice: Good day everyone,and welcome to the Auto Hover-Car Tour!Today we will show you all the different kinds of dinosaurs on this planet...

Leela: (sigh)Well,here we go now.

Fry: (embarrassed)Sorry.

(The tour was more like a prehistoric safari. The hover-cars passed herds of different kinds of dinosaurs,such as the horned-faced Philipceratops[Fry as Triceratops],and the long-necked Professorontosaurus[Professor as Apatosaurus].)

Car Voice: If you look to your left,you'll see a herd of Hermesauruses.The plates on it's back are used as mating displays,but the spikes on it's tail is used to defend itself from predators...

(Jurassic Planet: April 11th,3008-night[Day 1])

Leela: (voice over)As night fell,the power blew out,causing the hover-cars and the electric gates to lose energy. The power went out probably because of the storm that came earlier. Unfortunately,though,we stopped in front of the Bendersaurus Rex gate.(Bender as T-Rex basically)So we were in terrible danger!

Bender: Well,the Professor told me that he,Amy,Hermes,and Zoidberg were heading to the labratory to see if they can reboot the system. So Professor told you(pointing to Fry)to be in charge,right?

Fry: Right.

Leela: You still keeping your promise of being here for me,Fry?

Fry: Leela,When I'm with you,I always keep my promises.

(Before Leela could hug Fry,cups of water on the windshield began to shake. Then Fry,Leela,and Bender heard thuds from footsteps-They froze-They knew what was heading toward them: Bendersaurus Rex! Leela started to panic.)

Fry: Leela,you have to remain perfectly still. The B-Rex's vision is based on movement.

Bender: (whisper)Oh,crap! There it is!

(The B-Rex was swallowing the remains of a carcass he was eating. When he noticed the gate ahead,he started to rip the electric wires out of place. A gaurd,who was sent to check the hover-cars,ran into the nearby shrubs for cover. The B-Rodex continued to rip the wires.)

Leela: (whisper)Where the hell does that guy think he's going?

Fry: (whisper)He's a coward,Leela.

Bender: (whisper)Like that guy,Zapp Brannigan.You know,the guy you accidentally slept with,Leela?

(Leela manged to hold back her anger and humiliation.)

Leela: (whisper)Let's just drop that damn subju-

(Before Leela could finish talking,the B-Rex's left eye was looking in at Leela.Then the robotic beast starts to flip the hover-car over violently. Fry manged to escape, but Leela and Bender were unfortunate to find themselves trapped in the bottom of upturned car. Fry had to do something,and fast! Fry then finds [for some reason] a flare gun in his pocket.)

Fry: (yelling)Hey you!

(The B-Rex bellows at Fry. Fry then aims the flare gun at a 68 degree angle toward the stormy night. The flare is launched across the sky into the dense forest and the B-Rodex follows the flare.)

Gaurd: (whisper) Go away. Go away.

(But it was too late. The B-Rex blew away the shrubs,exposing the guard to the menacing beast.)

Gaurd: No. No. NO!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

(As the guard struggled to get out of it's mouth,the B-Rex thrashes the guard,breaking every bone in his body.)

Fry: Come on, Leela. I gotcha.

Leela: (screams)

Fry: (covering Leela's mouth)Be quiet!

(Fry had apparently just got Leela out from under the car. Leela had spotted the beast coming back and began to scream in terror. Luckily,Fry stopped Leela screaming entirely. The B-Rex stared at them,his lips covered in blood.)

Leela: (muffled wimper)Oh,God!Oh,God!Oh,God!

Fry: Keep calm,Leela.

(Then,without warning,the B-Rex impulsively starts to spin the upside down car around in a circle.Bender was still trapped in the car.He struggled to crawl out,but his leg was snaged in the broken front seat.The B-Rex then pushed Fry,Leela,and the car down the 200 foot deep revine!)

B-Rex: (roars victoriously)

(Jurassic Planet: April 12th,3008[Day 2])

Leela: (voice over)We were lying there,Fry and I,with cuts and brusies on 20% of our bodies.I regained my consciousness earlier that morning.As I checked my head for any signs of head troma,I noticed something: my plastic scrunchie was missing.But I had to let that go because then I saw the damaged hover-car stuck in an 8-story tall tree,and Bender was still in the car!So I tried to get Fry to help.

Fry: But Leela,I'm scared of hights sometimes.

Leela: Oh,come on Fry.Don't you care about your best friend who's stuck up there?

Fry: Well,yeah but---.

(Leela batted her eye lashes at Fry and smiles encouragingly.)

Leela: Please,Fry?

Fry: Alright then,Leela.

Voice: Hey,you two meatbags!Quit bonding down there and get me the hell out here!

(Fry and Leela looked up.It was Bender,who had regained his consciousness and saw Fry and Leela from inside the car and was now assuming that Leela and Fry were"bonding"as he became really pissed off that nither of them were helping him.Fry began to climb the tree.)

Fry: Here I come,buddy!

Leela: (giggling shyly at Fry's response to Bender.)

(Fry continued to climb up.After 5 minutes or so,Bender had completely lost his mind.)

Bender: If you don't get up here sooner,I'm so going to kick your---!

(Bender pounded his fist on the cracked windsheild.It shatters.He falls down the 8-stories,screaming like a little girl.)

Bender: (screams)

Fry: Oh,crap.That is what happens when you don't have patients.Well,I better get down now.

(As Fry climbed down,he found a small,round object: it was Leela's scrunchie!It was cracked in two.Fry then puts the scrunchie in his pocket.All of the sudden,the branch he was standing on broke!He fell on each branch,but without the branches going between his legs,though.)

Leela: Fry!Are you OK?

Fry: Yeah.But I think I hurt my pee-wee too much.Is Bender OK?


Leela: Come on.It's not safe here.These are Bendersaurus hunting grounds.

(So Leela,Fry,and Bender started to walk up a hillside

out of the revine.Meanwhile at the Labratory...)

Hermes: Professor,Mon.Somethin' went terribly wrong last night.The power went out,and that Bendersaurus broke out,I suppose the Turangaraptors broke out,too.

Amy: Hermes,we can't possibly be 100% sure of that.

Professor: Amy's right.But to make sure the Raptors didn't escape,(pointing out Amy) you'll have to take some gaurds with you to check the Turangaraptor gate and Transformer.

Zoidberg: I'll send them in.(He calls on an intercome)JAKE AND JOSH,REPORT TO THE LAB IMMEDIATELY!

(Jake and Josh were twin brothers who worked as gaurds for the past 4 years on Jurassic Planet.When they were told what to do,Amy,Jake,and Josh left the Lab.They found out that the Raptors DID break out of the gates.Amy went to the Transformer building and The Twins went to patrol the area around the building.Meanwhile at the B-Rex territory...)

Fry: Well,I guess we're out of the B-Rex's territory,right?

Leela: Right.

Fry: Oh,Leela,I found your scrunchie,it's broken,though.

(He hands the scrunchie to Leela.)

Leela: Oh,thanks Fry,I was wondering where this thing went.

Fry: You know,Leela,you look prettier with your hair down like that.

Leela: (shy)Really?

Fry: Sure.

(Leela's face had gone bright red and giggled.But before she could say anything else,Leela spotted a herd of strange,duck-billed dinosaurs with crests called Amysaurolophus[Amy as Parasaurolophus].)

Leela: Fry,look at this!

Fry: Uh,their coming this way!RUN!!!

(As the stampede ran by,Fry,Leela,and Bender look on in terror as the B-Rex brusted out of the trees and attacked one of the Amysaurolophus.It tried to escape,but it was just too late.The B-Rex made a bone-crushing bite,and it was all over.Back at the Transformer building,Amy was fixing the remaining electrical systems to reboot it.)

Amy: (to walkie talkie)I've got one more,Professor.It's done!The power is back!

(The lights flicker back to life.)

Amy: Professor,I believe we're back in buisness!YIPEE!!

Professor: Good,Amy,now contact Jake and Josh---.

(Then,before Amy could hear what the Professor said,a Turangaraptor burst through the metal bars next to Amy!The 13ft long,5 1/2ft tall Raptor chased throughout the building.Finally,Amy ran outside and locked the door behined her panting.Meanwhile,Jake and Josh were setting up their 10 Gauge Shotguns preparing to shoot a Turangaraptor that was hiding in the undergrowth.)

Jake: Ready?

Josh: OK,on the count of 5: 1,2,3---

(All of the sudden,a second Raptor bares it's teeth right next to the Twins,hissing.)

Jake: (turns around)You clever bitch!

(The Raptor jumps on top of Jake and Josh,and begins to slash and bite them to death.Later that night,in a cave,Bender,Leela,and Fry we're getting ready for a good night's rest.Bender was already asleep,but Leela and Fry were still awake.)

Leela: (shy)Uh,Fry?

Fry: Yeah,Leela?

Leela: If we don't get out of here alive,I wanted to tell you something.

Fry: What?

Leela: Fry.....I LOVE YOU!!!

Fry: (wide eyed)What did you just say?!?

Leela: Come here,you orange-haied dope---!

(Then Leela pulled Fry in and kissed him very passionately.Fry was astonished!The woman he loved so much,felt the same way for him!After about 2 minutes or so,they stopped kissing.Fry just stared at Leela blankly.He didn't know what to say.All that was heard were the calls of the dinosaurs in the distance.)

Fry: Leela,I hope we do get out of this hellish planet,I'm beginning to suspect that this godforsaken place is forbidden.

Leela: Me,too Fry.

(Jurassic Planet: April 13th,3008[Day 3])

Leela: (voice over)Last night: I revealed to Fry my true feelings about him.The night before: Fry risked his life for me and Bender.And on the first night here: Fry said that he would always be there to protect me.Probably those 3 major events together,is what brought Fry and I closer together.That morning,Bender woke Fry and I up,he pointed out that we're not too far from the Apartment and Lab...

Bender: ...So if we take this path here,we could be in 10 minutes.

Fry: Are you sure?

Bender: Si,Senor!

(So the 3 of them headed out on the path,unaware that they're being watched!In the tall,green grass,a pack of 5 Turangaraptors start to stalk Fry,Leela,and Bender.But one of the Raptors make a tactical error,it hisses,and Leela hears them.)

Leela: Uh,guys.Now's a good time to RUN FOR ARE LIVES!!!!!!

(They start to run.Nearing the end of the path,They burst through the doors of the Lobby.)

Leela: (to walkie talkie)PROFESSOR,ANSWER NOW!

Professor: Yes,Leela!


Fry: Oh,crap!Here they come!

Bender: Here,use this Plasma Shotgun!

Fry: Thanks!Hasta la Vista,Raptor Scum!

(He fires the rifle twice,killing 2 of the Raptors.)

Bender: Hey,Raptor!Bite my shiney,metal(offscreen chomp)ass---OOOOWWWWW!Get this thing off my ass!

Fry: Hold still!(gun shot)

Bender: Thanks.Let's outta here!

Leela: We're trapped...

Fry: ...And I'm outta ammo!I guess this is it!

(Or was it!Because then as one of the Turangaraptors leaped into mid-air,it ended up in the jaws of Bendersaurus Rex!Then the last standing Turangaraptor leaped onto the B-Rex and attacked.This gave Fry,Leela,and Bender the oppritunity to escape.They met up with Professor,Amy,Hermes,and Zoidberg outside.They hopped in the Jeep and drove away.Back in the Lobby,the B-Rex had just killed the last of the Raptor Pack.)

B-Rex: (roars victoriously)

Leela: (voice over) We had made it back to the Planet Express Ship. As we flew away from the planet, Fry and I told the crew about our love for each other. But to be honest, I don't think they were paying attention, because I could hear them chatting about how this was probabily our greatest adventure EVER! And it was our greatest adventure. And currently, Fry and I still love each other. I'm Turanga Leela,and I hope you've enjoyed this story of life, death, and a struggle to survive!


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