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TFP History
The Futurama Point opened on September 12th of 1999, hosted at HomePage.com (dead by today). I decided to make a Futurama Website because I really like the work of Matt Groening with "The Simpsons" of all but last seasons. I made the main page in Macromedia Flash, with 9 sections and some stolen content (yes, this site had stolen content from some bigger fansites of those days).

Later on November of 1999, I drop out that design to make a new one. The graphics of that design were made in Corel Photo Paint, and it took me some time (It was my first website in HTML). Then I started to make Futurama Scans, and I put original content in the majority of the sections. After I created new high quality stuff like the Futurama Skins.

At March 7th of 2000, TFP moved to the KillbotsNetwork, because the site needed a lot of space (more than just 20 Megabytes of HomePage.com). In that time I made new stuff such as the Futurama Stamps and Signs, I changed the design of the page two times (One time I only changed some details of the design, and it was allways green), and created new high quality Desktop Themes for Windows 9x.

Another design was made, at September 3th of 2000, but this time the colors were different (gray and black), but two months later, in November 19th I changed the design again, and this time I made a kinda different one. (you can check out that in the Past Designs section)

At July 10th of 2001, after a month of inactivity in the site, I made a new design, improving a lot of bugs and non updated sections (like adding new ScreenSavers), added new sections such as... Flash Animations, 3D Images, Software and the Alien Alphabet.

Ok, I changed the design once again at September 12th of 2002, on the 3th TFP's Birthday. The Submitted Scans section was added a little earlier than the design. Then I uploaded the lost 'but' found TFP past designs section. At Xmas of 2002, I added a search form powered by Google.

In the first two months of 2003 the updates were almost daily due I had some vacations. I added the Fan Videos and Bookmarks sections. In April-May 2003, the site had some problems with the Server and the updates were not so frequent.

By June-August of 2003 I added to the site a lot of sections like What is Futurama?, Episode Guide, Spoilers, ASCII Art, Buddie Icons and a Graphic Guide thanks to Jesse Barboza. The Series finished at August 10th, 2003 with the Episode "4ACV18 - The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" and a month earlier Futurama got a new Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)" with the episode "4ACV07 - Jurassic Bark"

TFP had problems with the WebServer since November 2003 and I was unable to upload content to the site, because I had a Bandwith Limit each month. Later, the problem was fixed and the site became more easier to update thanks to PHP in many of the sections.

A new design was added to TFP on September 12th of 2004. Ther site had less problems than the previously named, so I continued with perseverancy even when the series were dead for more than a year. Many artists sent or let me host their art in the final months of 2004. Ufortunately, I had less time to update TFP because of work I was doing + the university stuff....

Since July 20 of 2005, the site had a new design, because of the 1,000,000 visitors of the site. Around January of 2006, the site was updated smoothly, until the host changed the server where this site was hosted, and almost all the pages and a lot of images (wallapapers, scans, fanart, framegrabs) were damaged, so I spent many time uploading averything once again. After this problems, in the same months, the rumour that Futurama had been resurecteed in 4 DVD Movies was made semi-official by some websites, including Billy West's Forum. The downside was that the Download server of the site was offline for about 4 months, but finally, in the first days of February, 2006, the problem was solved.

By March of 2006, I've created a new section of Pixel Art, inspired by the same section at deviantART. By the end of June, anofficial anouncement by Comedy Central said that they have resurected Futurama with 13 new episodes, that will air along with the old ones in 2008.

Till the end of August, 2006, the site was doing fine. Sometimes I had no time for frequent updates, but nothing so unusual. In this period, the news about the return of Futurama appeared in many entertainment sites, and even a company called Speedbump Studios created a fictional spot about the return of the series with a great 3D animation of Bender (watch it here).

In September of 2006, TFP had his 7th birthday, celebrated with a design change, called Retrorama, and I changed many of the site's sections, ugrading them. After that, the site finally opened a fanfics section, adding some cool stories by new writers of site stories of the Series. One month later, December, the first official words about the return of Futurama appeared at Wizard Entertainment, where David X. Cohen talked about the production of the series and some new toys (interview here).

Til February of 2006, the site had no problems with the hosting or the domain. The site's domain was suspended because it was used to send nigerian spam (not that I were aware of)... The site then returned online the first days of March... and I tought everything was ok.

April 9th of 2007, it's true, everything comes to an end... sadly, the killbots.com domain was banned from the hosting that hosted TFP and MAAF. I understand that the problem was a contact form that (since it was a very old code) was used to send Nigerian Spam to many emails. Now, the site was temporally down the first time because of that... but then after the site was online again, even when I removed the supposed script with a hole on it, the domain sent again thousands of SPAM again, making the Company Server to be disconnected from the Internet for a while. I have nothing more to say that it was not my intention to cause that... because I more than anyone want TFP online all the time.

The site was offline for about 5 days, and in April 14th of 2007, the site opened again in a new host with a brand new host, www.slurmed.com. Unfortunately, the site lost many visitors because of the domain change. It took almost 5 days for me to upload all the content and downloads again.

Since May of 2007, the site had to regain the status lost with the banned killbots..comn domain, so the Futurama Returns! section was created in August, 2007, in order to keep track of the news about the new movies, multimedia and info about the DVDs. The info about the firs Movie, Bender's Big Score was updated almost daily with videos, images, news and the Futurama Returns Comic. By the end of november of 2007, the official site of the Futurama Movies, www.ILoveBender.com, was launched, a few days earlier than the launch of the 1st Futurama Movie, Bender's Big Score on November 27, 2007.

BBS sold very well, by December of 2007, the DVD sold almost 100,000 copies, grossing $1.97 million. By February of 2008, the 1st Movie won an Annie Award for Best Home Entertainment Production... in the next month, it won the Carbon-Neutral DVD of the Year in the Green Entertainment Awards.

In the middle of May, 2008, the official trailer of the 2nd Movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs was leaked in YouTube, and before the relase of the Movie at June 24, 2008, the color trailer of the 3rd Movie, Bender's Game was also available.

In the upcoming months, TFP informed about any small or big news about the 4 Futurama DVDs. At the same time, updates about the fans with stuf related to the new Futurama materials were added regularly. A week before the release of the last DVD movie, Into the WIld Green Yonder, Billy West (the voice of Fry) say something about a possible season 6.. and then an interview with Matt Groening and David X Cohen said that Futurama has a lot more to give if FOX decided to request a new season.

By February, 2009, TFP hosted a small contest and giveaway 3 DVD copies of Into the Wild Green Yonder..

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Thanks a Lot
To Evan Oliver from MAAF, Jason Baranabe from PR, Jason Peavey from AYNIF, Leandro Pardini from TLZ, Paul A. Metcalfe from FSAC, Marcelo Motalli from FLA, David McGee from FOscars, Ovi Demetrian from FOnline, Kevin Mac from AU,Andie Similon from CGEF, Jarnik from SSF, mArc from CGEF & PEEL, Graham from TLZ, Sean Blendon from SFPP, Aslate from TFH, Scott from CC (Sorry if I miss anyone, I've very bad memory)

To all the websites that support or supported TFP, all the people that sent their content to put here and all the Futurama Fans around the world. You're the reason why this site is still alive almost 9 years... and counting.

To Matt Groening and David X. Cohen for create the more amazing Sci-Fi Animation series EVER. Thanks to the Writers, Directors, Voice Cast and all the Rough Draft staff in USA and Korea, you people kick ass!

Thanks to Cartoon Network and Comedy Central for picking up Futurama, and show everyone that with a good timeslot and proper advertising the series can succeed.

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