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If you want to go elsewhere, there you go a list of the best Futurama Websites alive, and please don forget to place TFP in your favorites. To go to the website, click on the address or the screenshot of each site. If you want websites in another language, please use the menu.


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Can't Get Enough Futurama

Content: General
Status: Online | Updated

The most complete site about Futurama information is here. Even when is not frequently updated, if you're looking for fresh Information, this is the spot. Any information and reviews related to each episode or the DVDs can be found over here. There's also merchandise and some cool multimedia (Wallpapers, videos, 3d and so on.).

Futurama Madhouse

Content: General
Status: Online | Updated

Futurama Madhouse (Formally know as 'TLZ - The Leela Zone') is the oldest living Futurama Website. The stuff in this site is huge. Fanarts, fanfics, wallpapers, games, multimedia, merchandise, framegrabs, information and cool original sections. You don't wanna miss this one, trust me!!

P.E.E.L - Planet Express Employee Lounge

Content: Forum
Status: Online | Updated

Since the beginning of the series until today, this is the main Futurama forum for all the fans. P.E.E.L. has almost all the topics to discuss about Futurama, and also Off. Topic sections if you're interested. Is always aware of the latest news regarding Futurama.

The Infosphere

Content: Info & Wiki
Status: Online | Updated

The Infosphere is A Futurama Wiki, also named the Futurama memory bank, where registering, you can contribute adding more Futurama information.

Futurama - Comedy Central

Content: Info
Status: Online | Updated

The Official Comedy Central page of Futurama. Includes videos, info about the show and cast. There's also a forum of Futurama and the schedule of the Series.

Futurama Fan Forum

Content: Forum
Status: Online | Updated

This is a very new board that has already many threads and posts. You'll find lots of people here to talk about the series and more. You can also watch some Futurama episodes.

Futurama Express

Content: General
Status: Online | Updated

A new site from the creator of Futurama Online years ago. Features news about the series and also info about the movies, seasons, places, inhabitants, technology and comics.

Futurama-Rama - No Homers Club

Content: Forum
Status: Online | Updated

Futurama-Rama is a new Futurama sub-board dedicated exclusively to Futurama, inside one of the biggest Simpsons communities, the No Homers Club!

Bender Bending Rodriguez's Page

Content: General
Status: Online | Updated

This bilingual Futurama page, has a lot of information about the series but unfortunaltely for many of you, only in spanish. In english you'll only find the Alien Alphabets, Mathematics (a very cool section being translated) and Links to other websites.

I Love Bender - Official FOX Website

Content: Info
Status: Online | Not Updated (after the 4 movies)

The Official Website of the 4 Futurama DVD Movies. It has DVD info, cast & crew, gallery, downloads and more. The Flash design is simply awesome, featuring Professor Farnsworth's Lab.

Space Station Futurama

Content: General | Games
Status: Online | Non Updated

This is one of the sites that offers unique and cool content relate to Futurama. It has many interactive sections, like puzzles, flash games and the Millionaire game Futurama style. It also has the usual multimedia sections and iformation about the series.

One And Only Bender

Content: Characters | Bender
Status: Online | Not Updated

OAOB is one of the sites from the beginning of the Futurama Community. Now back online, it has info about the series, screengrabs, episode guides and Bender, Bender, Bender!

Zoidberg's Dumpster

Content: General
Status: Offline | Non Updated

A brand new website from the time when the Futurama DVD Movies arrived featuring Doctor John Zoidberg. YOu'll find info about the Character Bio, Decapod 10, ZOidberg and general fanstuff and the Azk Zoidberg section.

Futurama πk

Content: Info | Mathematics
Status: Online | Not Updated

This site focuses in the Mathematics on Futurama. Givews you a very good explanation about the jokes and facts of the Mathematics used. There's also a section of Futurama in the Classroom, where the series has been featured in real mathematic sites or articles.


Content: Info | Comics
Status: Online | Updated

A site dedicated to the Futurama Comics created by Bongo. Has info with the description and credits of each comic, reviews and media about the comics, and also another minor sections.

Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong

Content: Characters | Amy
Status: Offline (Online in a Geociites Archive) | Not Updated

The more complete site about Amy Wing is right there. It has original Amy sections like "What Amy Wears", "What Amy Says" and the Planet Express Spaceship section featuring all the Ship Blueprints and other curiosities.

Miss Ampere's Parlour

Content: Robot Porn
Status: Online | Non Updated

Believe it or not, this site features only one thing, robot porn. Yes, many dirty diagrams of your favourite fembot is available over here. There's also a match quiz where you can be directed to a compatible diagram by taking it.

The Turanga Pages

Content: Adult Content
Status: Online | Updated

I believe, the only Futurama website FOR ADULTS ONLY. Obviously, I can't describe all the stuff you'll find over there, but I think you got the point of this site.... is content for adults, but is also a Futurama site (there's no discrimination here)

Paul's Futurama Art Gallery

Content: Scans & Fanart
Status: Online | Not Updated

This is the home of Paul Metcalfe's Art. From the author of Futurama Scan Art Central, this gallery contains almost all the art that he made while he was a part of the Futurama Community, including scans and original arts.

A Big Piece Of Garbage

Content: Mercandise & Other Info
Status: Online | Not Updated

This site has a lot of information about the Futurama merchandise, conventions and print media. Check it out.

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