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A cool section where you can find Futurama Games made by fans, and for fans. Please ask for the respective permission if you wanna use these games in your page as content. If you wanna send something related with this section, just let me know.

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Futurama Brain Blast
The game features Zapp & Kif destroying the Brains in space. You'll even have to evade stars and meteors while you listen to Zapp's stupid but funny quotes.

Download [3000 KB]
ZIP File - Freeware

Author: Kevin Karstens
Email: karcreat@icehouse.net
Website: Karstens Creations Art

futurama brain blast

Futurama Pong
This cool game features the classic Pong game but this one actually has a storyline... Features Fry (you're the human one) Vs. Bender, both getting away from a Brainslug (ball), although Bender should be kinda inmune.

Play [247 KB]
SWF File - Freeware

Author: angry tubby
Email: angry_tubby@hotmail.com
Website: Bring Back Futurama

futurama pong

Futurama Ship Game
This is a classic game that features the Planet Express Spaceship destroying the Omicronian Spaceships. Is kinda dificult, since you've to pick up munitions to kill all the enemies. Every level is faster and with more difficulties.

Download [1170 KB]
ZIP File - Freeware

Author: MakeMan
Email: mike305@gmail.com

futurama ship game

Invaders! Possibly from Space
A great re-make of a classic arcade videogame, Space Invaders. The aim is to defeat waves of aliens with a laser cannon and earn as many points as possible. This game also features audio and images inspired by the Futurama episode Antology of Interest II.

Download [16384 KB]
ZIP File - Freeware

Author: Oktay "Shinobi" Akbulut
Email: shinobi@shinobis-place.de
Website: Shinobis-Place

futurama invaders! possibly from space

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     SHOWING 14 OF 4 ITEM(S)


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