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Turangaraptor Chronicle

Author: DSS
Email: zoomzoom30@comcast.net

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FUTURAMA presents:

Turangaraptor Chronicles

[On the world of Jurassic Planet,we shall follow Leela,a female Turangaraptor,her mate,Alcazar,and their pack on a series of events that will change their life forever.]

(Warning:The following story contains scenes of violence that some might find disturbing. Reader Descretion is Advised.)

Far out in the universe,about 1,800 miles away from our solar system,is a lost planet:Jurassic Planet. The planet inhabitants are dinosaur-like creatures called Futuramasaurs. There are many kinds of these amazing and bizzare creatures. Some are peaceful plant eaters while other are vicious predators. This story will follow the events of one the most horrific Futuramasaurs of all time...

(In a nearby forest,the shadow of a nimble Futuramasaur passes by.)

This is Turangaraptor Leelanolis. The name means"Purple Turangalila Lizard". A Turangaraptor can grow to be 13ft. long and 5ft. tall. The Turangaraptor's most striking feature is their one eye. This piticular one is an adult female,we'll call her Leela. She is the alpha female of her pack.

(She meets up with her pack in a clearing of the forest. Their,Leela sits down.)

Leela's pack has a total of 12 raptors. 4 males,5 females and 3 juveniles. Leela and mate,Alcazar,the alpha male,are the leaders of the pack and the parents of one of the juveniles named Robert. Leela is the eldest and most experienced of the females as well,being 34 years old. Over the years of the packs exsistance,there have been many conflicts. For example,2 years back,the pack original had 15 members. But on one of their hunts,3 of the raptors were killed by a rival pack.

But the Leela and the rest of the pack had managed to move on. Today,it was time to hunt again. The hunting method of the Turangaraptor is simple:the females would distract a herd. Then the males would then attack their prey and finally Leela and Alcazar would gut the prey when brought down and crush the windpipe.

(The pack runs through the forest and reach the edge of it. There,a herd of horned Futuramasaurs are feasting on ferns and shrubs.)

This is Philipceratops. One of the most dangerous Futuramasaurs around. Usually,a Philipceratops is mild-mannered,but they are built like rhinos and with a hide as thick as one,too. Compared to the raptors,the Philipceratops too big for them,but they are a primary source of food for the Turangaraptors. Much like rhinos here on Earth,a Philipceratops would charge at anything small startles them. They would not,however,charge at anything bigger than them.

Leela began to organize the rest of the pack for their attack using a remarkable feature only found in the females:their black crests and purple quills.

(The pack crawls up to the herd quietly as Leela raises her quills semi-erect. But just before Alcazar gives the signal to attack,the Philipceratops begin to run as a giant robotic beast chase after them.)

Bendersaurus Rex. The ultimate predator. With his huge jaws,he uses his bone-crushing bite to kill one the unsuspecting Philipceratops thus ruining the pack's hunt and chance for a meal.

(The B-Rex feasts on the carcass,ripping off one of the legs. The pack leaves and heads back to the forest. Nightfall comes later on and the pack settles down.)

Leela,Alcazar and the pack had failed to make a kill today and it is vital that they try to make one tomorrow.

(Time Lapse:Morning-7:55 AM)

The next morning,Leela is the first to awake.

(She begins grooming.)

The Turangaraptor,although being reptiles,have primative feathers. Suprising,they are more of a kin to birds than to reptiles. Its not clear what the feathers are used for exactly. They could be used to regulate body temprature of to attrach the opposite sex.

Also,Turangaraptors have up to 3 deadly weapons:their hand claws,sharp elbow talons and a sickle-shaped claw on the second toe of their feet...making this Futuramasaur clearly a leathal predator. The elbow talons and sickle toe claw are used to rip a victim's gut and let the victim's organs and life blood spill out on the ground.

7 minutes later,the rest of the pack woke when Leela gave the"wake-up"signal. The pack is still hungry,ecspecially Leela and Alcazar's juvenile,Robert.

(He walks up to Leela with an anxious face.)

Suddenly,a stomp is heard by one of the females. She heads toward the sound. The rest of the pack follow and stop at a game-trail in the center of the forest. In front of the pack was large crested duck-bill Futuramasaur. Amysaurolophus.

(The Amysaurolophus walks down the game-trail. Looking around.)

This lone female is foraging for leafy braches. But she unaware that hidden in the bushes nearby...is the pack! Just before the Amysaurolophus eats,she senses something bad and begins to walk away. For the pack,it's now or never!

(They launch the attack. The females circle the Amysaurolophus,trapping it were she stands. 2 males jump on top of her and use their toe claws to cause slashing wounds. The Amysaurolophus is quick to responed. She raises her body and comes crashing down on top of one of the male raptors,killing him instanly. Alcazar,enraged,jumps onto the Amysaurolophus' side and stabs her with his elbow talons,causing 2 wounds 2 2/3in. deep. It doesn't do much damges,other than bleeding. As the other 3 males jump onto the Amysaurolophus,Robert jumps into air toward the tail. The Amysaurolophus swings her tail hitting Robert hard. He hits the ground and lays there. Leela delivers the final blow and crushes the windpipe of their prey.)

The Amysaurolophus slumps to the ground...dead...and the pack begins eat their first meal in 38 hours. The pack was now beginning to feel a lot better now that their hunger is sastisfied. But for Leela and Alcazar,however,they run towards Robert's body. Leela sniffs him. He lies motionless....

Leela and Alcazar now realized to painful truth:their only offspring...was dead.

[Part 2.]

Leela was devestated. Robert,her only offspring,was dead. She sadly headed for the Amysaurolophus carcass and,to drown out her sadness,feasted on it. Alcazar was also saddened because,as well as Robert's death,the male raptor killed in battle was actually his brother,Christopher.

(Time Lapse:5 days later)

Several days had passed since the death of the 2 members of raptor pack. One of the females,Leela's younger sister,Layla,kept Leela company.

(Layla walked to Leela,sat down next to her and began to emmit low,soft growls.)

Family bonds in this pack are quite strong. These soft growls are a form of communication that helps relax depression. Eventually,Leela got over the whole event because she knows that 10 days from now would be rutting season. This is the time in which Turangaraptors find a suitable mate. Turangaraptors pair for life. Leela and Alcazar had been together for 5 years. Back then,he was new member of the pack who was desperate to find a mate. He met the alpha female,Leela,and were mates ever since.

(Time Lapse:10 days later-Rutting Season)

It was finally rutting season. The 3 males were in their prime. They are ready to mate. The females,however,are picky. They like a male who is smart,tough and brave. With only 3 males in the pack,its possible that other Turangaraptors are bound to appear. Layla was the most anxious. She had never had a mate before,nor had she ever actually MATED. The males show lots piticular interest in her.

(They start to show their different mating dances.)

In addition to having feathers,much like the Mallard ducks of Earth,males have blue-green feathers. The females have only purple feathers. And like Mallards,also,the males will then begin to compete each other and the winning male will earn the right to mate.

(Layla watches as the 3 males compete.)

And sometimes...these fights are vicious.

(The males size each other up and walk around one another. Finally,a young male jumps and out flanks the other male. He nips at his neck several times,making him bleed,while the third bites the other's tail. Blood drips from his tail.)

This young male is desperate. He finally goes for broke and hisses loudly at the other 2 males.

(He bellows at them and they back off.)

Layla is impressed. She choses the winning young male and they begin to mate. Meanwhile,Leela and Alcazar had just finished their mating. It'll now be just 3 weeks of waiting till Leela her clutch of eggs. Layla and her new mate(named Butch)are now mates for life and are anxious knowing they'll be parents soon.

(Time Lapse:3 weeks later)

Leela looks at her nest. She had layed up to 7 eggs,which will soon hatch into new Turangaraptors in just a few days time.

(She sniffs the eggs and looks at Layla,whoes checking her own eggs,too.)

Layla and Butch sat next to the nest. Turangaraptors have strong maternal instincts and chase away anything that tries to go for the nest.

(A small monitor lizard heads for Layla's nest. She nips at him and the the lizard runs away.)

In terms of how a mother raptor protects her eggs,its very difficult. In the day,the mother would have to,at some point,go and hunt to feed and keep herself alive,at the risk of a predator stealing her eggs. At night,its even harder. The mother would have to stay up at night and gaurd the eggs without distraction. However,tonight will be a complete madhouse for Leela and Layla...

(Time Lapse:Night-11:43 PM)

The pack sleeps in the darkness of the forest. Leela and Layla are gathering braches to cover their nests.

(They drop the braches onto the eggs.)

The branches would keep the eggs warm in the cold night. After that,they dozed off. An hour later,a giant flying creature lands nearby.

(The shadowed figure lands quietly and walks up to the nest.)

This is Zoidbergodon. A flying relative of Decapodions. They are not related to Futuramasaurs. Instead,they are creatures that share the same planet with them. With a thin,light-weight endoskelaton and a tentacled upper lip,Zoidbergodon is designed to catch fish from the water. The endoskelaton is for protection. It also owns a retcractible crest on it's head. But this male is scavanging. Carefully,he snatches and egg from Leela's nest. Leela wakes. She sees the Zoidbergodon swallow the egg whole. She attacks.

(Leela jumps onto the Zoidbergodon before he could fly away and uses her elbow talons to cut a huge gash in the side. Greenish blood spills everywhere,but the Zoidbergodon still stands.)

Layla wakens to see the fight. She jumps in to help.

(The Zoidbergodon now is battleing 2 raptors. Layla jumps onto the back and bites and slashes him repeatively. Leela decides to make one last effort:using the toe claw,she rips open the chest,pulls out the Zoibergodon's heart,and takes a huge bite out of it. Zoidbergodon still stands. She does the same move again and finally the Zoidbergodon's crest falls back and he slumps to the ground dead.)

Leela and Layla ahve killed the Zoidbergodon. They don't eat the carcass,instead plan to make it their infants first meal. Greenish blood stains the raptors lips and claws,but once again,doze into their sleep...

3 days from now...their infants will hatch and the packs numbers will be increased...



2 nights ago,Leela and Layla defended their nests. This morning,the eggs hatched. They both don't have to worry of leaving the nest for food for their young. They have the carcass of the Zoidbergodon. Leela takes a piece of flesh and gives it to her offspring.

(They start to eat the flesh while Leela and Alcazar watch.)

Proud parents,Leela,Alcazar,Layla and Butch know that when their young grow up,their numbers will be officially increased and they'll be the most leathal pack of Turangaraptors ever to roam Jurassic Planet.

(Time Lapse:1 week later-Night-8:45 PM)

The entire Zoidbergodon carcass was nothing but endoskelaton now. The pack knows they must out and hunt for prey. The sun was setting,but that isn't a problem for Turangaraptors. To them,night is a trusted friend. The raptors have strong night vision. They can kill their prey in the dead of night without having to worry about seeing clearly.

(It turns dark as the pack sets out to hunt. Leela and Layla make last minute checks on their young and hide them in the dense bushes near the nest. Then they join their mates and the rest of the pack. They wander through the forest to the open plains.)

Another herd of Philipceratops is grazing. The raptors focus their attention to an old male. The raptors launch their attack.

(They scare up the herd while Leela and Alcazar circle the old male. He seems weak,but he can still defend himself. He charges 2 of the female raptors head on and kills them both. Layla and Butch had just noticed and they jump onto the Philipceratops and start to slash him. He roars in pain as Leela,Alcazar and 3 more raptors attack. The Philipceratops still manages to kill 3 more raptors. But then,he falls to the ground.)

The pack has made their kill,having lost 5 more members in the fight. They feast on the carcass. All that's left of this pack now is Leela,Alcazar,Layla,Butch and the 2 older juveniles. But this time,it's not much of a great loss. They understand they have newly hatched youngsters back in the forest. The next morning,the remaining pack returns with some more food for the young.

(Leela and Layla call for their young and they drop Philipceratops flesh out of their mouths. The young run out of their hiding spots the moment they smell the food.)

When the young grow to be 2 years old,they won't need their mother's protection. Robert,the late offspring of Leela and Alcazar,was only a year old. The other 2 juveniles are 3 years old,but they still stay with the pack so they can have a better chance of survival. The Turangaraptors,even though being one of the deadliest predators around,have their rivals. Bendersaurus Rex is one example. This Futuramasaur can grow to been 46ft. long from nose to tail and be 16ft. tall at the hips. In most cases,not even a pack of raptors would dare attack such a Futuramasaur for 2 reasons. 1,he is obviously too big and 2,he is a surrogate source of prey for raptors[they can't consume metal].

(Time Lapse:2 days later)

The young raptors are now able to leave their nests. Today they practice their fighting methods. This is important because they'll need these moves when they big enough to take prey that can grow to be sometimes 10 times bigger than them. But for now,it's just play.

(The young jump around fighting and playing.)

But Leela,Alcazar,Layla and Butch weren't there. The 2 older juveniles were the only ones there keeping their one eye(s) on the young. They're unaware of approching danger. About 500 yards away...is a predatory Bendersaurus Rex! The juvenile Turangaraptors are no match for the B-Rex. The babies take cover into the bushes while the juveniles cry for help.

(They roar as loud as they can for the the pack as the B-Rex draws closer and closer. The B-Rex's foot comes crashing down front of the 2 juveniles. He delivers a loud,eardrum-rattling roar. The juvenile raptors make one more cry for help.)

The B-Rex leans down to bite one of the juveniles,but then out of nowhere,Leela jumps onto the B-Rex's side. The Turangaraptors teeth,elbow talons and toe claws are perfectly designed to bite through anything,even metal. She stabs him with her elbow talons. Soon the rest of the pack joins in.

(Alcazar grabs onto the tail as the B-Rex swung it. Layla and Butch bite the legs. And the 2 juveniles grabbed the head. The B-Rex was enraged! He roared and shoke off the pack except Leela.)

A B-Rex has 2 weakness. It's tiny arms are useless to help the B-Rex catch himself when he falls...

(Leela soon knocks down the B-Rex after ripping a chunk of metal from his ankle.)

...and when is vunerable antenna is damaged,it could end his life. Leela takes the opprotunity while the B-Rex is down,clamps down on it with 1,000 pounds of pressure and rips it off.

(The B-Rex's eyes roll back shades cover up his eyes.)

The pack has killed the B-Rex.

(Leela and Alcazar stand on top of the body and give a cry of victory.)

The pack has reclaimed the forest as their owner. The babies are safe as they come out of hiding. They reunited with their parents. The Turangaraptor. A creature so fast,so deadly,so caring for their young and so amazing. This creature is truly the most successful Futuramasaur...ever to roam Jurassic Planet.

(The pack walks away over a hill towards the sunset. Head towards...their awaited future.)


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