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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Nightmare in NNYC

Author: DSS
Email: zoomzoom30@comcast.net

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FUTURAMA presents:

A Nightmare in NNYC

[A Nightmare on Elm Street,Futurama style.]

(Warning:If you are no fan of horror fan fictions,then don't read this. It contains some material not made for minors.)

Chapter 1:Terror Dream

Leela was being chased! She ran like the wind,trying to avoid getting stabbed by a pair of gloves with knives for fingernails! She was now cornered in the boiler room.

Leela:(crying)Please! Don't kill me! What are you!?!

The figure smirked evilly at her as he put one of his blades under her chin.

Figure:Scruffy says I'm you're worst nightmare,SCRUFFY,THE JANITOR! And YOU should have thought of that BEFORE you killed Scruffy! MWA HA HA HA HAAAAA!


Scruffy then raked Leela across the chest!


She was in her bedroom,in bed upright with the sheets covering her nude and her hair draped over her shoulders. Leela felt sweat on her forehead. As she looked down she screamed again.


She had 3 gashes on her chest.

Leela:Oh crap! This can't be! He raked me in my dream! How could've I got the gashes in reality?!

Leela didn't go back to sleep afterward. She was too terrified to do so. This went on until dawn. Leela just sat up looking completely paronoid. She got ready for work. But instead of putting on fresh clothes,Leela put on the same clothes from yesterday. She didn't even put her hair in her usual pony-tail.

Chapter 2:Suggestion

Fry:Leela! What happened to you?

Leela:(lying weakly)Oh,nothing. I just had a rough night.

Leela had just walked into Planet Express late. She was talking to her boyfriend,Fry. Just then Zoidberg went by.


Fry had no choice but to slap Leela across the face to snap out of it.

Fry:LEELA! Relax,damn it!

Leela:Then explain THIS!

Leela lifted up her tanktop to reveal the gashes on her chest. Fry went wide eyed.

Fry:When did that happen?

Leela:In my nightmare,this guy named Scruffy raked me across the chest and I woke up like this.

Bender:(slight suprise)Oh your God! Leela,Scruffy was in MY nightmare the other night.

Leela:And what did he do to you?

Bender:He controled me like a puppet and disassembled me like a broken toy.

Fry:I have an idea to keep you calm,Leela:I'll sleep over at your place tonight.

Bender:Are you nuts!

Fry:Relax. It's not like I'm gonna die at her place.

Later that night,Fry and Leela were in their pajamas and they were sharing the bed. Leela was nervous again,but Fry convinced her that she was safe with him.

Fry:I promise you that.

Leela moved more closer to Fry. She rested her head on his chest.

Leela:Fry. Look at me.(Fry looks at her)Good. Now move a little closer to me.

So he did and Leela kissed him!

Leela:It's my new way of saying"Thanks"to you.

Fry:Thanks for what?

Leela:For being here with me.

Fry's face went bright red at this response. Leela laughed slightly.

Leela:Your cute when you blush,Fry.

Chapter 3:Death Suprise

Leela:Oh,Fry. This is very sweet of you to get some roses for me

Fry and Leela were at Central Park on a date. She look at Fry with a loving eye and she gave him a passionate kiss. Suddenely,Fry twiched in slight pain.

Leela:Fry? You OK?

Fry didn't answer. Leela watched in horror as he dropped DEAD on the ground with a gash on his back!

Voice:Seems that beauty killed Fry.

Leela turned to see Scuffy. He wore a janitor's hat,a skelaton sweater and he had clawed gloves.


Leela woke up sweating. Fry didn't wake up,though.

Leela:Fry! Wake up!

As she put her hand on his back,she withdrawn it to see...BLOOD.

Leela:No. No! NO!

She flipped him to see the same gash on his back.

Leela:(sobbing heavily)NO! NO! NOOOO!

But the terror was not over,Fry was still dreaming. Then the worst:Fry is picked up into mid-air and being pounded to death by an invisible fist.


Leela:(terrified)FRY! FRY!

She was still in a state of shock as Fry was then dragged on the wall to the ceiling. He had been badly bruised in several places


His body dropped on the floor---Fry...was dead. Murdered by Scruffy in his dream.

Chapter 4:Doing Time

Bender:Fry's dead!!! My buddy!!!


Bender:Oh your God! Not my friend! DAMN YOU SOME-GUY-WHO-KILLS-IN-DREAMS!!!

Leela had got to Planet Express and told everyone about what happened to Fry.

Amy:(quiezy)Oh! I think I'm gonna vomit if you mention more of this.

Just then,the peace officers,Smitty and URL,came in spoke severely to Leela.

Smitty:Ma'am,your under arrest for the brutal murder of Philip J.Fry.


URL:You heard us.

Then it came to Leela:Fry was killed at HER apartment,yet Leela wasn't responsible for his death,Scruffy was. Later on,she was behind lazer bars of the Maxi-Padlock prison,feeling so guilty about Fry.

Chapter 5:Maxi-Padlock Prison

The warden came by the cell later that afternoon.

Warden:Hey,you gotcha-self some visitors.


Warden:Beats me,look like freaks to me.

The visitors were Turanga Morris and Munda. They were suprisingly not dissapointed with Leela.

Munda:Oh,deary,how'd you end up here?

Leela:The officers think I murdered someone.


Leela:Fry(beginning to cry),oooohhh! Why him!?

She broke down crying. Munda tended to her.

Munda:Sweetie,we believe you didn't kill him.

Leela:(relaxing)You do?

Morris:Certainly yes. But who killed What's-His-Name,Fry?

Leela:A guy named Scruffy.

Munda and Morris were shocked!

Leela:You know him?

Morris:My God! We do! How could he be back?

Leela:What do ya mean"back"?

Munda:Leela. We never told you this before but....we killed him.

Leela was most shocked. Before she could speak,Morris interupted.

Morris:Let us explain. It began 36 years ago(a few years before you were born)...

Chapter 6:Origin-The Plan

Once upon a time,it was 2972 in NNYC. At Planet Express,a hard working janitor was adjusting the bolts on a boiler. His name was Scruffy. He seemed a nice guy. But he had a very tough life:he was bullied as a kid and he was abused by his partially crazy father.

Once in his late 20s,he became child murderer! To polices account,Scruffy had killed up to 19 kids within the last 2 decades. Vengeful parents such as the Turangas said...

Morris:This is the final straw! It's payback time!

Munda:Yes! But how are we to get revenge?

Finally,they had their idea:burn Scruffy to death. As Scruffy headed for work,the vigilant parents followed with a hammer,nails and planks. Scruffy went into the boiler room. The Turangas were the first to head inside. They snuck past the Professor and through the lounge room. There,the vigilants put the planks on the door and nailed them on. Then Morris saw their target:a heat controler. Munda slithered her tentacle around the little lever and to MAX HOT.

Chapter 7:Origin-The Death and Revenge

Meanwhile,Scruffy was mending the pipes when suddenly the boiler started to shoot out flames.

Scruffy:Scruffy says I see what the hell that problem is and fix it.

As he went to boiler,it shot a flame and lit him on fire! He screamed in agony as he ran upstairs. He banged against the door,lighting it on fire. He had finally reduced to bones. But then his skull began to talk evilly to Munda and Morris.

Skull:You two! You and others will pay for this...with your children's blood! And I'll strike where you can't protect them:IN THEIR DREAMS!

He skull turned to ash and it blew away in the wind...

Chapter 8:Home Coming

Munda:You must hate us for this,Leela

She began to cry. Morris put his arm around her to calm her down.

Leela:I understand and I forgive you.

Finally the day came for Leela to released from Maxi-Padlock prison. She had been there for over 35 days(originally for 1 year,but released early for good behavior). Leela was SO lucky to make it through those nights at prison,because as we all know,she was COMPLETELY exposed to the hellhole of Scruffy's invasion of her dreams.

Everyone was happy to see Leela when she came back. But Leela was still scared of dark to come later on that day. But this night she had a new plan to avoid Scruffy...

Chapter 9:Tough Night

It was 10:30 pm and Leela was still awake. Her plan was to drink anything with caffine in it. She drank Slurm and Espresso. She tried as hard as she could.

Leela:(to herself)C'mon,me! Stay up!

But she couldn't. She dozed. In her dream,Leela was in space and there floating in front of her...was Fry!

Leela:Fry! I thought Scruffy killed you!

Fry:Well. I guess he didn't kill my soul. C'mon,let's dance.

Leela:OK then.

They danced to several slow dances. Leela looked at Fry. She was about to kiss Fry when he suddenly transformed into SCRUFFY! Leela opened her eye just in time to stop.


Scruffy:Scruffy says you've mastered a dead dance,but can you handle one where you die?

Leela:Get the hell outta my dreams you...you living-dead bastard!

Scruffy:Scruffy says you set me off! Take this!

Scruffy raked Leela in the arm leaving a gash on it. Leela screamed in agony as she grasped her arm and woke up in her bedroom once more. She looked at her cut arm.

Leela:CRAP! He did it again!

There was pounding on the wall from a person in the nextdoor apartment.

Person:Will you just shut up!

Leela:Crap. What a tough night.

Chapter 10:The Dreamtron

Leela walked into the Conference Room with a bandage wraped around her arm. The Professor was the first to notice.

Professor:Is this guy really getting on your nerves.

Leela:Damn right he is! For the past several weeks he's been screwing with me! He scraped my chest,killed my friend,had me in jail and now cut my arm! I can't take it! I'm gonna get insomnia from this! Can't you put this to an end or something?

Professor:Ironically,yes. I've been building my lasted invention. Come here and let me show you.

Everyone when to see the nearly finished machine.

Professor:I call it the Dreamtron. You put your head in it and it scans your brain for any disturbances in your dreams and sucks it out into the real world. That's when we shall eliminate then.



Hermes:So let me guess,actually...I can't guess

Zoidberg:The female Leela's problem can easily be solved:we just put Leela's head into that whatchamicallit and pull Scruffy out into the real world and then destory him.

Professor:How'd you know I was gonna say that?


Leela:Alright then. Professor? Can you complete that thing by tonight?


Leela:Tonight shall be the final shodown...

Chapter 11:Scruffy's Dead

It was 9:30 pm. The Dreamtron was ready.

Professor:Now Leela,we'll be watching from the one-way mirror to see how you are doing. And if anything bad happens,we'll help however we could.

Soon Leela was in the Dreamtron,her brain being scaned as she drempt.

Zoidberg:Leela seems to be doing good so far.

Leela was in her subconcious talking.

Leela:C'mon,Scruffy. I right hear. Hit me with your best shot!

Suddenly she was being manipulated.

Leela:(grunting)What are you doing?!

Scruffy:Scruffy says I'm going to set you on fire and kill you.


She kick Scruffy so hard in the face,it caused the Dreamtron to eject Scruffy into the real world. Leela woke up to see him in front of her. Before anyone can get to the door,Scruffy put a chair under the knob blocking the way in/out.

Scruffy:It's just you and me now. Are you ready?


Scruffy scraped Leela's nose with his clawed glove and then sliced her plastic scrunchie. The crew was now getting panicked.

Amy:We gotta do something! Or Leela's a goner!

Hermes:I got an idea.


Soon everyone picked up Bender and used him like a battering ram(think of"Parasites Lost"there).

Zoidberg:Quick Leela! Use this grenade launcher!

He tossed her the launcher. She aimed at Scruffy.

Leela:Have a taste of your own nightmare.

Scruffy:(to himself)People these days.

Leela fired. The grenade went into Scruffy's belly button.

Amy:Everybody run!

So they did. Even Leela managed to limp her way out just in time BBBOOOMMM!! Scruffy was blown up without a trace of any piece of him left.

Leela:Scruffy's dead.

She blacked out.

Epilogue:A Happy End

Leela came to in a hospital room. Bender,Amy,Hermes,Zoidberg and the Professor were around her with anxious expressions.

Hermes:Sweet 3-toed sloth of ice planet hoth! She's awake!


Bender:You had the best black-out I've ever seen!

Amy:Plus you've permenantly defeated Scruffy.

Leela:Finally that murderer's out of anyone's as well as my own! What happened after I blacked out?

Zoidberg:Well,we called 911 and got an ambulance. You were wounded. And since you blacked out,the doctor managed to stich up those marks.

Leela was finally convinced that Scruffy was dead. The short,horrifying and violent reign of Scruffy was over. When she left the hospital weeks later,Leela found a hint of Fry's blood on her bed sheet.

Leela:Better clone him back.

She went to Planet Express and put the blood in it. Within minutes,Fry was back.

Fry:(grunting)Why am I naked? Did I miss someth---?

Leela grabbed Fry and kissed him. She was excited to have Fry back. Fry was embarassed to be in his nude in front of Leela.

Leela:I brought your clothes.


Leela:(in her mind)Well,I guess all nightmares could meet their ends at some point or another...


Based on the film"Nightmare on Elm Street",directed by
Wes Craven

Based on the characters created by
Matt Groening

Cast of Characters:

Turanga Leela
Philip J.Fry
Bender B.Rodriguez
Amy Wong
Hermes Conrad
Dr.John Zoidberg
Prof.Hubert J.Fransworth
Scruffy the Janitor

To my father:"A fan of Nightmare on Elm Street".


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