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From where did the name "The Futurama Point" came from?
I really don't know. I think I named the site in that way, because it was supposed to be a site that concentrates a lot of Futurama content from all over the world. Later I made original content and decided to leave the site with that name.

Why is your page in English if you speak Spanish?
TFP is in english because I wanted to learn more that language (1999) and, I think that a site in English is more accessible to all the people around the world. I tried to make this site in Spanish but since there isn't not a lot of Latinoamerican Audience that really cares about Futurama, I decided not to continue with it.

Can I submit content to TFP?
Any kind of content (desktop, media or other) will be received if is yours and Futurama related. You can send it to javoec[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll try to upload it right away. I can create a new section if your content is not related with any of the actual sections. Of course you'll get the respective credit.

What's the meaning of [TFPos]?
[TFPos] means "The Futurama Point - Original Section". I decided to add this in all the sections that were first time made. Of course that I don't know if another cartoons sites came up with those ideas first.

What graphics programs do you use?
The graphics programs that I use are Corel Photo Paint, Paintbrush (very useful), Gif Movie Gear Animator, Axialis IconWorkshop, Paint Shop Pro and Macromedia Flash MX.

What Computer(s) do you use?
Intel Pentium 4 - 3.00 Ghz, 1 TB SATA + 250GB SATA + 160GB IDE, 4GB RAM, LG W2243S Full HD, NVIDIA GForce 7600 GT - 256 MB, DVD±RW LG, Creative Labs Speakers, and a 128/64 Kbps ADSL
Compaq Presario 5023 (1998), Intel Celeron - 300 MHz, 10+6GB IDE, 160MB RAM, Samsung SyncMaster 753DFX - 17 Inches, 12x4x32 Iomega CD-RW, 56K Modem (I know is not the best, but it works!)

What Programs do you use to make the site?
I use both Notepad and Dreamweaver MX (but just in the coder mode)

Who is your favorite character?
Boxy would be the first favorite, just because is a very fun robot that only beeps.
the second favorite is Bender "Bending" Rodriguez. I think he's great because of his attitude and because he can bend anything, even unbendable girds :P

How do you make your scans?
I used to use Paintbrush to make scans (always useful but don't ask about the process), and in the last scans I've been using Flash. Scans are made re-drawing the original framegrabs and then painting the image. You can even create new clothes and backgrounds.

Why do people ask you about yourself instead of Futurama?
Because this in a TFP FAQ, not a Futurama FAQ.

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