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This a very old page that used to feature the awards and ratings that TFP received. Doesn't matter much now, but back in those days when TFP was beginning, those recognitions meant a lot. That's why I decided to keep this page, no matter how old those awards could be.

Rated Excellent at The Futurama Nerve Centre (museum)
Rated Excellent at Planet Roadmap (museum)
Rated Excellent at The Futurama Oscars (museum)

28.FEB.2000 » Page of the Week at Cartoon Central
03.MAY.2000 » Page of the Week at Toon Space
05.JUL.2000 » Page of the Week at The Futurama Oscars (museum)

Evergreen Terrace (2000)

Atributed to the sites that have a quite future on the Web. Thanks ET.

Daily Dose of Futurama

Atributed to the best designed site award. Thanks DDOF (down site)

Kenny's Hall of Death

This award is atributed to the sites that have agreat future on the Web. Thanks Stevo.

Futurama Center Award

This award is from the Futurama Center (later "Futurama Center Unlimited"). Thanks Matt.

Cloud's Final Fantasy Website

This award is from Cloud's Final Fantasy Icons Website. Thanks Cloud.

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