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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Pool Party Shock

Author: DSS
Email: zoomzoom30@comcast.net

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[A follow-up to A Shy Fry. Planet Express is having their first Pool Party. Everyone is excited,especially Fry and Leela. But the both of them will soon find themselves in an embarrassing situation that they hope no one will see!]

(Note:Fry and Leela are going to sing a bit from Nickelback's "Gotta Be Somebody".)

Professor:Good news,eveyone! We are going to have a Pool Party starting tomorrow!

(Everyone cheered. Fry and Leela were the most enthusiastic.)

Fry:Man! This is gonna be fun!

Leela:Yeah! I just love swimming!

Fry:With the BBQ,nice cool water,the sun and friends,nothing can go wrong for this week!

(Bender overheard Fry and began thinking. He was still mad at Fry and Leela because 2 days prior,they had pulled a prank on him by replacing his beer supply with Slurm and mineral oil.)


(Fry and Leela are giggling. Leela's face was bright red.)

Fry:Oh god,Leela! This is gonna be hilarious.

Leela:(giggle)I know!

(Bender walks into the apartment and Fry and Leela are acting nonchilante.)



Bender:Damn! I need a beer.

(He goes to the fridge and,to his shock,there's only Slurm and mineral oil.)

Bender:Where the hell is the freakin' beer!

(Fry and Leela started cracking up.)

Bender:You dumbasses are so gonna pay for this!

*Flashback Ends*

Bender:Yeah,they're gonna get it!

(The next day,the crew arrived just in time to see the in-deck pool open up and the cool water to be seen. All of them are wearing their traditional bathing suits:Fry is wearing red swim trunks,Leela,with her hair let down,is wearing her swimsuit with the hole around the naval,Hermes is wearing swim trunks as well,Zoidberg wearing an old-fashion striped swimsuit,and Amy wearing a pink bikini.)

Leela:Well,what are we waiting for?

Fry:Dive in!

(All except Bender went in. He was still making his plan. Fry and Leela were splashing water at one another and laughing.)

Fry:(laugh)C'mon! Stop!


(Suddenly,Leela made a brief scream as something touched her foot. It was Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg:I'm treadfully sorry,Leela. I was just scuttling. Didn't mean to bump into your foot.

(Later that afternoon,they were all enjoying the BBQ. Fry was eating a burger.)

Fry:Man! This is is one good-tasting burger!

Zoidberg:You said it!

(Bender was back in his beach chair later on. He suddenly heard 2 familer voices from the building:Fry and Leela. He made a little satillite come out of his anntenna and listened.)

Fry:I've never had so much fun,Leela!

Leela:(soft)Ya know,Fry. There is one thing I want just you and I to do tonight.


(She whispered something that made Fry shiver with shyness and nervousness.)

Leela:(whisper)To swim with no one else around and"hang out".

Fry:(nervous)Oh my! Why?

(She kissed him. Bender finally found his idea.)

Bender:Finally! Vengance shall be mine!

(Later that night,Fry and Leela snuck out as everyone else watch the SuperBowl. Bender was in the water disguised as the floor of the pool. He watched Fry and Leela come into the water. Leela still had her hair let down over her shoulders. She started to sing.)

Leela:(singing)Tonight,out in the street out
In the moonlight...

Fry:(singing)And damn it,just feels
To right...

Leela:(singing)It's just like Deja Vu...

Fry:(singing)Me standing here with so I'll be holding
my breath,could this be end...

Leela:(singing)Is that moment when I find the one that
I'll spend forever with?

Fry:(nervous)This is great.

Leela:Your so cute when your nervous. I like a shy guy.


(Then,quite shockingly,both were pulled under as if a shark attack was happenning. Seconds later,they both came to surface gasping for air.)

Fry:What the hell was that?!

Leela:I don't know but----WHAT THE--?!

(She felt her hip and realized that someone or something had taken her swimsuit. Fry's swim trunks were gone,too. They both screamed now that they both realized...they were going to have get to they're lockers,naked,to get they're clothes without anyone seeing!)

Leela:Oh! This is not good!

Fry:This is embarassing! Who did this?



(They climed out and just when they thought they were going to have a tough time sneaking around,Leela found a keg of vasnishing cream.)

Leela:Fry. Dry yourself up and rub this stuff on you.


(So he did,so did Leela. Soon they were invisible. It worked,they made it to their lockers.)

Fry:We made it!!!

(Bender suddenly heard and got a bucket of water. He dumped it on Fry and Leela and called to the others...)

Bender:Hey,everyone! Look at this!

Both:Oh no!

(Everyone saw them and they first gasped,but then started laughing.)

Fry:You think this is funny?! Then why don't you take a picture? It last longer!

(Suddenly,lights start flashing.)




Leela:I'd like to have a word with you after I get dressed.

(Once dressed,Bender came downstairs.)

Leela:What in God's name were you thinking? If this is revenge for us pulling off that joke on you,this isn't funny!

Bender:It was,Leela. It was revenge. Heh,heh.

(Bender left without another word. Leela tossed a wrench at his head and said...)

Leela:You better screw some sense into that little microchip of a brain or else!

Bender:OK! OK! Jeez!


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