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The Futurama Signs is an [TFPos] original section. These signs are like traffic signs, but futuramaized. One more thing, please don't use them in your website.

Author: JavieR (javoec)
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Website: You are Here :)

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futurama nibblonians crossroad futurama warning tentacles! futurama blinds crossing futurama no dark matter
futurama popplers zone futurama suicide booth 10m futurama senile parking futurama skateboarding zone
futurama fool running futurama buggalo crossroad futurama head museum futurama bending units only
futurama lobsters crossroad futurama mermaids

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     SHOWING 114 OF 14 ITEM(S) [Signs MAIN]

If you wanna create your signs and send them to TFP, you should use these templates, the rest (design, colors, anything else) is up to you!
If you wanna create Pixel Art signs, go ahead!
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