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Master Kidnappster - Part 2

Author: Professor Zoidy
Website: Save Our Express Ship

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Chapter 4: All Hope is Lost
Something suddenly struck the Planet Express ship along the side of it's sleek, flawless exterior. Whatever it was had obviously hit the fuel line, because at that precise moment, the fuel gauge hit empty and the ship slowed down quite a bit. Everyone heard the engines powering down, and they knew at that moment, they were boned. Again, something hit the helpless ship, only this time it hit with less impact. Professor Zoidy ran to the storage room and grabbed an assortment of guns, and a few lightsabers so they could defend themselves if need be. Professor Farnsworth had invented these items, and put them into storage, since he never actually needed them for any reason. She handed everyone their weapon of choice and they waited. Something had docked with them a few moments after and the door slowly slid open, revealing a rather tall, sinister looking man. " Who the hell are you?!" Bender and Reyna asked simultaneously. "I am Dr. Julius Chives and I'm here to take Professor Farnsworth and this bending unit with me. I plan on destroying you desolate planet, and with some reasoning, I think the two of them will do as I say, and so will you." he said, in a rough voice.
Professor Zoidy pulled out her lightsaber and held it, ready to strike. Fry stepped out in front of her, pulling out his own lightsaber. " You want them, you'll have to go through me first!" he yelled at Dr. Chives, a determined look on his face, and tone in his voice.
" Gladly," Dr. Chives said, as he pulled out a lightsaber from his belt's holster. He swung it at Fry's head, Fry barely moving in time. An all out war began between the two, and Fry wasn't looking too good. He was eventually backed into a corner, now facing certain death. " Well, it looks like I've won. Nobody to defend you now except an old man, a lazy robot, and three girls that can't do squat." Chives said with a smirk on his face. " You'd think that, wouldn't you..." Professor Zoidy said, distracting Chives long enough to give Fry the advantage. He pushed the man aside and stood next to Leela, Professor Zoidy, and Reyna, all of which now totally angry with the man. He scowled angrily at them and hit one of the ship's pipes and cut it free from the wall. Luckily, the pipe was virtually useless anyway, as it was for the air cooling unit, which had no use now anyway with the ship's main power gone.
Dr. Chives laughed evilly and swung the steel rod at Professor Zoidy, and it hit her square on the head, causing her to drop her lightsaber and fall unconsious. Her life was now flashing before her.
Professor Zoidy hadn't always been called that. Her real name was Rachel, but she had always hated being called that. She had met Reyna in the 4th grade, and ever since then had become friends and gotten through life and it's hardships together. They ended up in the cryogenics lab and both fell into a tube, where they froze, until one thousand and two years later. Unfrozen, they had nobody to turn to, and set out on a mission: to find a job. Reyna found a job working as a nurse, but ended up hating the job, seeing how her boss was a jerk. Rachel, however went to college and got the title of professor, and Reyna became an offical college dropout. After Rachel had finished college, she decided to seek working somewhere she'd be useful and somehow came upon Planet Express, a small business run out of Professor Farnsworth's home. Reyna had come along the first day of Professor Zoidy's new job and got a job herself. They fit in quite well, and soon after, Zoidy met Fry, whom she admired for his comedy, even if it was unintended. Reyna, on the other hand, admired Bender's style of life.
Professor Zoidy awoke sometime later, everyone standing over her, worried expressions covering their faces. " Wh-what happened?" the confused Professor Zoidy asked. " You got hit over the head with that steel rod and got knocked unconsious. Not too long after that, Dr. Chives escaped with Bender and Professor Farnsworth, and left us all here." Fry said to Professor Zoidy, who was now standing up. For the first time, Professor Zoidy saw Fry in a different perspective than she usually had: lazy, somewhat stupid, and funny because of it. But now, she saw him as someone who really cared for his friends, despite his stupidity. She smiled and hugged Fry and then got back to more urgent concerns. " So, that bastard took Bender and the Professor, eh?" she asked, half angry, half of her mind still pleased by the hug she'd just recieved. " Yes," Leela said, " and he made sure we had no means of getting home." Zoidy noticed their weapons were still there, including hers, and Fry's, which was now broken. He'd obviously tried to defend her after she had fallen, and it got chopped in half in the process. " Well, at least we're still alive. I bet we can make some makeshift parts to use for now, and if there's any cargo that's made of metal, we can patch up the fuel line to get it working again, at least long enough to get us to a planet where they have fuel, and a place to buy spaceship parts. Everyone nodded approvingly.
Soon, everyone was at work. Fry and Reyna were bringing everything made of metal that was lying around that had no use back to Leela and Professor Zoidy, who were each welding them together to make one giant pipe. " Thank God there aren't any holes other than the fuel line outside of the ship. We barely have enough to repair what little damage absolutely needs to be tended to." Professor Zoidy said, wiping the sweat from her forehead for the tenth time. Lucky for them they had a welding torch handy, and it didn't need any of their precious fuel, or power, to use it. Once finished welding, the remainder of the crew put on spacesuits, and headed out into the vast, star-filled space to fix the ship. " This job would be a lot easier if Bender was holding onto something so we could get in position to weld, and not worry about objects floating off." Fry said, a little annoyed. " This pipe is so damn heavy!" Reyna yelled out in her microphone that was attatched to her helmet. " Oww! Not so loud Reyna!" Professor Zoidy said. " Besides, how can that possibly be heavy? We're in space!!" Fry asked Reyna in a quizical tone. Reyna laughed nervously and picked her end of the pipe back up, fearing someone may hit her upside the head for her stupidity.
The four crew members carefully placed the pipe in its proper place on the ship's exterior, and started welding it on, sparks flying and staying aloft in the weightless zone. " Well, I think we did a pretty good job of making a temporary part for the ship." Fry said, wiping his hands together, getting the small, rusty particles left behind from the makeshift pipeline. With that done, everyone slowly floated back towards the ship's door to climb back inside. One at a time, each crew member climbed up the ladder leading to the open doorway.
After many minutes, the crew was back in action, the fuel gauge back online, and the engines powered back up and online, ready to blast them to Dog Doo 7, the closest planet to their present coordinates, and even that was hours away. " We should have just enough fuel to get to Dog Doo 7 if we don't run into any problems and keep from wasting too much fuel using lights we don't absolutely need. Reyna took that as her que. She went around the entire ship, turning off every light they didn't need to see with, unless in that certain place at that time, and returned a few moments later. Professor Zoidy sat next to Fry on the ship's couch, staring out the windshield, thinking to herself. We've already lost track of Bender and Professor Farnsworth. Not much else could make this day worse...

Chapter 5: A New Hope Arises
Professor Zoidy had been thinking for quite a while about that day's events, and had fallen asleep, her head on Fry's shoulder. Fry felt sorry for her. She had worked so hard to stop Dr. Chives, yet lost the battle, and ended up getting wanged in the head, Bender and Professor Farnsworth captured. He took off his jacket, wrapped it around Professor Zoidy and slowly got up, making sure not to wake her. He then walked out into the hallway to talk with Leela and Reyna about the day's happenings. " It all happened so fast..." Reyna said, wondering what was happening to Farnsworth and Bender at that moment. She tried her hardest, but couldn't help thinking the worst. " Well, we'll be landing in a few minutes to get food and fuel for the ship, along with repairs." Leela said, looking at her wrist computer. Several hours had passed since they had repaired the ship, and the crew was getting hungry. Even if they were in space, repairing the ship took lots of concentration, which in turn, took a lot of energy.
The ship landed moments later, Professor Zoidy waking up, to find Fry's jacket covering her arms. She got up from the couch, and found Fry, handing him his jacket back. " Thanks Fry. That was really kind of you." Professor Zoidy said, kissing Fry on the cheek. She walked out of the ship last, making sure it was securely locked once again, and followed Leela to a nearby Fishy Joe's. It wasn't fancy, but it'd do. Professor Zoidy felt like she'd eat anything, so long as it wasn't poisonous. They walked in and ordered, then sat down with their food and ate it with hardly and manners whatsoever. Fry was accustomed to this, so it didn't bother him at all, even when most people started staring at the crew with disbelief. Reyna went back up to the counter and ordered more food for their dinner, and another day's worth, in case they didn't have time to stop elsewhere later.
Reyna carried the food out the door to the ship, the rest of the crew following. Now to get the ship to a repair shop.. Leela thought to herself. There were many on Dog Doo 7, but some were not ones worth thrusting a hover car, let alone a huge spaceship. Walking only for 30 minutes, the found a mechanic worth trusting, and left their ship to get repairs. While they waited, Fry and Professor Zoidy headed over to the local mall to stop by the many stores in seach of a new lightsaber for Fry.
As they walked through it's glorious entrance, the curious professor asked Fry the one question that was bugging the crap out of her. " How did your lightsaber break?" she asked, not looking directly at Fry, but around the mall, searching for the right shops to look in first.
" After you got hit with that rod and got knocked out, Leela and Reyna distracted him again and I attacked Dr. Chives. I tripped on your leg, and my lightsaber struck his, and sent it flying. He then retrieved it , swung his lighsaber at me, missing and snapping my lightsaber in half. He left with Bender and Professor Farnsworth a few seconds later. He was scared of my raw power!" Fry said in a gallant way. While Fry was talking, Professor Zoidy had found the shop they needed and directed Fry in that direction. The shop was rather bright once they got inside, and they had to shield their eyes for a few seconds while they adjusted. A portly man walked up to the two, smiled, and kindly asked what they needed. " We just need a new lightsaber for my friend here." Professor Zoidy said to the salesclerk." Of course. We just got some new ones in a few hours ago. What kind will you need?" he asked, walking behind the counter. " Oh, one that'll replace this one.." Professor Zoidy pulled out the once useful saber and handed it to the man, who stared at it, in awe. " Do you know what kind of lightsaber you've broken?" he asked. "No, why?" Fry asked the salesman confused. " You've broken one of the most sturdiest of all sabers like it was a twig! It may not be the rarest, but it would have gotten you a few dollars on secondhand market, at least eight hundred now that you've gone and broken it." the man said. " Holy crap! I'll let you have it, in exchange for a new one, good quality. See, he was fighting this guy, Dr. Chives.." Professor Zoidy started saying, but the man stopped her. " I've had a lot of people coming in with the same story. Say no more." With that, the man walked into the back storage room of the little store and came back a few seconds with a new lightsaber. " This is even better than the one you broke, and it comes with two, one for you, and one for your girlfriend here, free of charge." the clerk said, winking. The two were taken aback by the generosity of the man. " Thank you, sir! If you ever need help, please don't hesitate to ask..." Professor Zoidy said, happy and shocked at the same time. " It was no trouble at all. You need not repay me. I've worked here many years, and seen many who have sought evil. I know they need all the help they can get." the man said, and walked back into the store room smiling happily to himself. "Gee, that was nice of him to do that for us.." Professor Zoidy said. " Yeah, wait'll we tell the rest of the crew!" Fry said happily, holstering his new saber in him pocket, the saber sticking out and making his jacket making a weird shape.It had golden metal around it's ends and was absolutely stunning. The saber itself was a brilliant shade of orange, the exact color of Fry's hair. Professor Zoidy's was also orange, but was more the color of Fry's jacket. She had no use for her old one now.
Fry spotted Reyna and Leela walking towards them, smiling back at them. " So, any luck at the mall?" Reyna asked. " Well, don't look into it, but you get my lightsaber now." Professor Zoidy said to Reyna. " Why?" she asked in reply. "Because, after we found the shop we needed, we walked in and the nice salesman gave me and Fry free sabers in exchange for his broken one for some reason. He said he'd been doing that sort of thing for years, and I wasn't one to argue. I searched it up and down for any trickery after we left, but, even after scanning it with my own wristcom, I discovered nothing out of the ordinary.
" Well, now we'll have a fighting chance." Leela said, continuing on after saying this." The ship's fully repaired, so we'll be leaving in a few minutes." With that, they headed towards the mechanic to climb into the ship, and fly off to save Bender and Professor Farnsworth.

Chapter 6: Saving Farnsworth and Bender
The crew boarded the ship and took off, Dog Doo 7 fading in the night sky. Here we come Bender, Professor Farnsworth. Professor Zoidy thought to herself. Leela had sat down to pilot, while the rest of the crew took a break. Everyone was tired, and they took turns piloting and sleeping. Luckily for the crew, Professor Zoidy had heard Farnsworth say something about putting a tracking device in his right hand, the career chip being in his left hand. " I think I know how we can save the Professor." Zoidy said to everyone that was awake. " He said he installed a tracking device in his right hand, and that it was around 157,000 mega hertz in radio wave lenghts. That's not too far from where our current coordinates are, so we can probably pick up the signal any second now." The moment Professor Zoidy finished, the familiar sounds of the tracking signal could be heard. She rushed over to the radar screen and stared, finding the blip instantly on the screen. " He's northwest of where we are, and appears to be on Tweenis 12." Professor Zoidy said, a slight twinge of surprise in her voice. She then retook her seat on the couch next to Fry, and stared into the vastness of space. She took out her lightsaber and looked it over, glancing back up on occasions just for the heck of it. The handle gleamed in the artificial lights in the ship, giving it a pewter-like color.
"We're now entering our quadrant of the universe, guys." Leela stated to the crew. " This is the worst part, the calm before the battle.." Professor Zoidy said, now getting anxious. "Won't they detect our ship when we get within a few hundered thousand miles of Tweenis 12?" Fry asked curiously. " Well, yes, if we keep the ship's power on. We can glide in that far and land with the manual gears. It may be more work on our part, but it'll save us a lot of trouble in the end." Leela replied, shutting off the lights that remained on. Professor Zoidy then handed Fry and Reyna their lightsabers, and they readied themselves for battle, putting on the gear nessecary for war. The green outfits were a little bit heavy, but all in all were very well equipped with basic supplies. As Professor Zoidy slipped on her helmet, her heart skipped a few beats. It was exciting to go into battle, but at the same time, terrifying. Neither her nor Reyna had ever battled, but often wanted to use a real lightsaber, even though they weren't actually around in their time. Fry seemed to be having a hard time getting his helmet on. " Damn arms!" Fry yelled out, more to himself than to anyone else around him. " We'll be landing in a few minutes." Leela said to the crew, putting her own helmet on. Professor Zoidy stared out of the windshield, thinking about her life, and how this could be then end. The end for her, and the end for the rest of the crew. She walked over to Fry and wispered in his ear before he had a chance to throw his helmet on the ground in frustration. " Whatever happens out there, know you've got friends to help you. I want you to know that... I love you Fry." Professor Zoidy, who was now crying, kissed Fry and walked off, heading towards the cargo bay to see the ship that made her heart leap, possibly for the final time.
Zoidy sat down on a crate next to the makeshift chess table once again and stared at the pieces lying in the box on the floor. She reached into the box and pulled out one of the pieces, slowly turning it in her hand. It was her favorite, because it was a dragon for one thing, but also because Fry had given it to her on her birthday, along with a ray gun which she often used for shooting pictures of her enemies she had pasted on empty Slurm cans. The door that led into the cargo bay suddenly opened, Fry walking in. " You're afraid aren't you?" he asked in a gentle tone, trying to encourage Professor Zoidy. " I feel..." "As if you don't belong here?" Fry finished for Zoidy, who nodded. " I've gotten used to the fact everything in my old life's gone. In fact, I've never been happier!" Fry said, smiling. " I suppose it's better, and it's not so much the fact that I don't fit in, it's the fact that we're about to go into battle. I've never faced seeing somebody die, and I don't feel like starting today." Professor Zoidy said angrily. " Who said anything about dying?" Fry asked her, somewhat bewildered at the negative statement. " Well, I nearly got killed myself after getting hit with that pipe upside the head.." the worried professor stated. " So? We've got helmets now so that won't happen. Besides, we've got the upper hand. They're in hiding because they're scared of our raw power!" Fry said, confidence building up inside him. Professor Zoidy laughed at this, and hugged Fry, the ship landing on the ground. Fry held onto Zoidy's hand and started talking to her." I want you to know that I suck at battling, so you'll need to protect me.." Professor Zoidy laughed even harder at this. Fry laughed himself and stating that he was joking after that. The two walked to the front end of the ship, and awaited Leela's orders. " Dr. Chives is somewhere nearby in this building. Looking at the radar, the professor and Bender seem to be somewhere on the west end of said building. The scanners detect a lot of security, so we'll have to go through it. I can't disable it without it's silent alarm warning Chives about intruders." With that, Leela finished her speech, and ended it with a kurt " Good luck" and they headed out into the open, the battle approaching ever closer.
The crew silently crept off the ship and walked over to a nearby rock, where they sat and waited while Reyna scouted the area with her binoculars. She saw only two guards, which could easily be taken by the four. They got up and crept over to the guards and stood quicetly behind them. They never noticed anyone behind them until it was too late. By the time they noticed, they were already tied up and were hidden behind the rock. The building looked like it used to be some sort of factory. It's odd yellow border on the top and bottom of the building suggested it to be an old toy factory of some sort. " Well, nothing is coming up on my heat scanner, but that doesn't mean anyone else is inside." Leela said, making sure her wristcom was turned off after she finished using it.
They walked inside, seeing many cobwebs it the top corners of the surprisingly low ceiling. It wasn't dark inside at all. The lights were on in the building, though a few here and there were burnt out. The brownish-gray walls seemed to close in as they walked through the maze of hallways. Professor Zoidy was using her own wristcom to seek where the Professor and Bender were. Suddenly, another blip of light appeared, and it was heading in their direction, and at an alarming rate. " Uhh, I think we'd better hide now!" Professor Zoidy said panicking. She pointed out the new blip to the crew and they ducked into a nearby room, and found boxes to hide in. No sooner had they settled in, they heard someone walk by, luckily not stopping in the room the crew was currently in. The sound was familiar. The sound could only have been made by Dr. Julius Chives himself, the familiar rythm of his shuffling made it clear he was in a hurry, possibly to kill Bender and Farnsworth. " We've got to attack now before they're dead." Fry wispered, getting out of his box. Everyone else climbed out of their own boxes as well and agreed upon Fry's plan. For once, he'd actually come up with a decent plan.
The four snuck out of the room, Professor Zoidy on constant alert, staring down at her wristcom now and again to make sure they weren't being followed. They soon found themselves outside a gargantuan door that read " Prisoner Holding Chamber". Leela blasted the small lock on the door with her laser and it came right off, the door swinging open to let them in. Professor Zoidy softly called out into the semi-dark room. " Professor Farnsworth? Bender? You guys in here?" A weak "help" was all the reply she got. Reyna figured out where the two were and lead the rest of the crew to a single cell, holding both Bender and the Professor, both looking like they had nearly been tortured to death already. " Are you guys alright?" Reyna asked, reaching into the cell's old-fasioned bars to grasp Bender's arm in hopes to find he hadn't powered down completely yet. When Reyna did this, she got a weak reply which asked for booze, which Reyna was happy to give to him.
" Oh thank your god. Booze!" Bender yelled, pouring in into his mouth, his power cells back to normal. " Here Professor Farnsworth. Something to eat and to drink. Lucky you we wore these army suits." Professor Zoidy said, handing him a bottle of water and a small portion of random Fishy Joe's food the crew had from their trip there earlier that day. " Thank you." Farnsworth replied. " You'll need to get us out of here fast. Chives comes around midnight every night to torture us more." Farnsworth said, strength returning to his weak body. " If that's the case, why hasn't Bender bent the bars by now?" Fry asked. " Can't you tell they aren't actually made of metal? They're actually made of the same stuff as Farnsworth's fishing line." Reyna stated to Fry. " What about this lightsaber? Can it break the bars?" Reyna held out her lightsaber while Farnsworth examined it. " No, it's not good enough. We need a stronger one." Professor Zoidy pulled her own lightsaber out. " What about this one?" she asked. The Professor was stunned. " Where did you get this lightsaber? It's the best around! These cost a lot of money, and unless Bender stole them, how the hell did you get the cash for it?!" Farnsworth asked. " We got 'em for free at the mall on Tweenis 12. Chives broke Fry's old one, so we went out seeking a new one. Ended up getting two out of the deal." Professor Zoidy winked. " Who has the other one then?" Professor Farnsworth asked. Fry pulled out the lightsaber, Farnsworth clearly surprised with the choice of who she gave it to. " Why the hell did you give the other one to Fry!?" Farnsworth asked, now angry. " He saved my life..." Professor Zoidy began. " Right..." Farnsworth replied, still halfway blinded with anger. " I didn't finish... When we were fighting Chives to get you and Bender back, he cut a pipe from the ship and hit me over the head with it. Fry defended me, but broke the old saber doing so." Zoidy said to Farnsworth. The Professor stared at Fry, the idiot who usually screwed every mission up, was actually doing something right.
" Well, if your done gaping, I'm going to cut these bars before we get caught. You might wanna stand back.." Professor Zoidy said as she ignited her saber and slammed it's blade into one of the bars. The seconds passed by slowly as she gradually put more force into cutting the bar. It took roughly a minute to cut it, but with Fry now helping, it'd take half the time to get them out. Every since Reyna and Zoidy had met the crew, they always seemed to be active, and Fry was getting into really good shape again. Professor Zoidy herself had never been stronger and more in shape than now. The last bar fell with a clank to the floor, and the two prisoners escaped, along with the other four. They managed to make it to the door before around fifty guards and Julius Chives blocked their only means of escape.

Chapter 7: A Fight to the Death
This is it. thought Zoidy. The battle had begun. " You're surrounded by fifty of my best guards and myself. You've got nowhere to turn now." Chives said, laughing. He pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it, it's yellow hue reflecting on the metal walls of the prisoner hold. " Shut up and fight, dumbass." Professor Zoidy said, brandishing her own saber and igniting it, glaring at Chives with anger. The red-orange mixed with the yellow made the walls look to be made of fire. The rest of the crew ignited their own sabers, Fry standing beside Zoidy, ready for action, which seemed an unusual sight to Bender, who had know Fry to be lazy and stupid.
"Why did you capture Bender and Professor Farnsworth!?" Professor Zoidy asked, enraged. " You know why." Chives spat, as he continued. " Farnsworth can easily make the most dangerous doomsday devices in the galaxy, while Bender can bend anything I want him to, once I "persuade" him..." Chives said, smirking at the anger Professor Zoidy and the crew expressed, especially Fry. Fry cursed at Chives as loudly as his voice would allow. " Hmm.. Never knew he was smart enough to know foul language, much less English at all..." Chives said. Julius Chives seemed to know just how to get each member angry at the right moment. Fry lept forward, but Professor Zoidy and Reyna caught him before he could get two feet from his original position. " Let me go! I can fight for myself!" Fry yelled, his anger almost totally controlling him now. " He's just trying to get you angry, Fry, you should know that. Don't let it get to you..." Leela said, Fry's face returning to it's normal emotion. Chives laughed at Fry, then turned to Leela. " Such wisdom from such a fine lady... It'll be a shame to kill you. You could have made a fine wife for me.." Chives said, fake pity in his voice. Leela made a face that showed utter disgust at the gesture Chives had just made. She held her saber and state to him "Go.." She twirled her lightsaber and continued. "..yourself."
That did it. Chives rushed forward, heading for Leela. " Next time, show me respect!" Chives yelled. Before he could strike her however, Fry's and Professor Zoidy's sabers blocked his attack. Chives refocused his attention to the two who had blocked his attack. Chives yelled out to his guards while staring at the two. " Leave this battle to me!" he yelled, and the guards filed out, leaving the seven to fend for themselves. " Hmm.. Shoulda expected such a predictable move from such a stupid person..." Zoidy said, throwing his lightsaber off hers and Fry's. " This is where it gets personal..." Chives said, attacking Zoidy, the professor blocking it easily. " If that's all you've got, I'm soon to get bored.." Zoidy said, beaming from behind the red-orange light. " So you command, so it shall be.." Chives put forward a new effort Professor Zoidy had never seen. He was a worthy opponent, and she would soon tire if she didn't figure out his strategy. Their sabers clashed again and again. They were an even match, but Chives had the upper hand. Chives had had rigorous training and constant exercise, and Zoidy, while clearly not totally lazy, had had only that day to prepare for the worst. " Getting tired I see..." Chives said, Zoidy who was clearly a bit winded from the nonstop battle that was raging onwards. " Not on your life." Zoidy said, but her face showed different. Sweat rolled down off the bridge of her nose, and she was breathing heavily. The two circled and Fry rammed into Chives, and caught him off guard. Chives lept up with deadly speed and attacked Fry, knocking his saber clear across the room. Reyna and Leela watched in pure horror. " They'll kill themselves for sure.." Reyna said, in somewhat of a shock. Chives seized the moment in a heartbeat. He grabbed Fry's jacket and nearly choked him with it, putting the lightsaber to his throat. Fry made choking noises, showing Chives had indeed yanked his jacket too hard. " Let go of him now!" Zoidy yelled. She ran at Dr. Chives, and he countered, striking her right arm clean off. " You are lucky that's not the arm I use most often!" Zoidy yelled as she struck again, Reyna and Leela taking this as their cue to help out. Leela and Reyna attacked nonstop, Fry helping Zoidy up from the ground. Zoidy was really angry now. Not only had Chives abused her friends and nearly killed them all, now he had slashed her arm off. " Are you ok?" Fry asked, a concerned look on his face. Zoidy shook her head. She got up, with a little help from Fry and kept fighting.
Chives seemed to be the one who was tiring out now. He could easily handle one person, but the two nonstop attacks and the quick defending shots he needed to pull off were slowly becoming less acurate. Leela and Reyna seemed to be showing no sign of tiring at all. They kept up their attacks, Fry joining along with Zoidy. Fry vowed to get Julius Chives back for what he had done. " Let me finish him off." Fry said, angrilly, staring at Zoidy with determination, the concern for her still in his eyes. Chives happily obliged. " Good. Now I get to kill the idiot who was always in my way.." Chives said gleefully, a somewhat mental likeness in his voice. He attacked, but rather sloppily, since he was clearly still enjoying the fact that Fry would sacrifice himself for another. Fry had noticed this, and took advantage of it immediately. Fry attacked with deadly precision, Chives laughing so hard, he barely blocked the attacks that were thrown at him. Leela, Reyna and Zoidy watched as Julius Chives slowly went seemingly insane for a moment and turned back to Fry, who now had total confidence. Chives had hoped he'd fall for this, but his plan had a huge flaw. It had not only given Fry confidence but total advantage. Fry slashed away, hitting Chives's right arm, Chives's lightsaber flying across the room. Fry slashed again and again, managing to hit his other arm, leaving him totally defenceless. " Hmm.. Looks like the idiot won.." Fry said, smiling broadly. He looked back at his defeated friends one last time and decided what must be done. There was no turning back. Fry stared at Chives with a menacing glare, Julius begging for Fry not to kill him." This is what you get for trying to murder us.." Fry said, bringing the blade over his head,and turning it so the blade faced down. He brang it down in what seemed to be slow motion and struck Chives in the heart, killing him in an instant. It was over. The Planet Express crew had won. Fry immidiately turned his saber off and ran over to the crew. Everyone hugged Fry in happiness. For once in his life, Fry had accomplished something he'd never though possible : fighting to protect those in which he cared about. Fry turned to Professor Zoidy, the others headed off to free Bender and Farnsworth. " Thanks Fry, you know, for everything." Zoidy said, a single tear of joy rolled down her face. Fry and Zoidy kissed, and Bender, who had just walked over, yelled in disgust " Ewww... Get a room you two!" The two went red in the face at that point, and they both agreed to never do that in Bender's prescence again.

Chapter 8: The Almost Happy Ending
Professor Zoidy still had one thing, despite how much joy Fry had given her within a matter of minutes, on her mind. Her right arm. Dr. Zoidberg, who was thankfully around for a change, said her arm had been damaged, and she'd have to get a robotic one. Bender wasn't too happy about the news, sensing somehow he would end up giving her the arm needed. " No offense, Dr. Zoidberg, but I don't trust you to put a new arm on me." Dr. Zoidberg made a sad purring noise and walked out. " Lousy future. How come Fry's lost almost every limb he has, including his head, and somehow it gets reattatched, but not my arm?" Zoidy asked, a bit peeved at Zoidberg's news. " Lightsabers deal major damage. Your arm can't be replaced as if it was just cut off with a laser or something of the sort. They cut the arm so jagged, it's easier getting a robotic arm than suffering if you have a doctor who can't put your arm back the right way." Leela said. " You could always get a robotic arm that looks like a real arm..." Reyna said.
The Planet Express ship had taken off around two hours ago, right after Fry and Professor Zoidy quit bonning. Zoidy was still bummed about the idea, yet she knew that her new arm would be better, seeing as how her right arm and hand was completely useless for writing or doing anything for long periods of time. Zoidy got up from the small bunk in her room and walked out, heading straight for the couch to stare at the empty skies. Fry, who sensed her downcast mood sat next to her. Professor Zoidy looked down as soon as he sat, staring at the blank space that once would have contained an arm. " Still a bit bummed about the whole arm thing, huh?" Fry asked, sympathy in his voice. " Just a bit." Zoidy said. Bender walked over to the two with a new catalog full of robot parts. " I found the most awesome arm for you, and it's not mine!" Bender said, pointing to one that was fashioned in an exactly perfect human form. Professor Zoidy thought it was great, and immediately told Bender to order it. Bender went right to work on filling out the order form, especially after Leela and Zoidy had threatened him to do so or else.
Ordering something was one thing, but awaiting it's arrival was another. Professor Zoidy was rather impatient, though it was only a few hour's wait. Sitting now in Zoidberg's office (this time with a more suitable doctor) Zoidy watched in both curiosity and horror at what was being done to her. When they finished putting the arm on, they poked certain points to make sure reflexes were normal and they were. Fry came running into the office, almost completely out of breath, and smiled as soon as he caught the professor's eye. Zoidy hopped off of the table and hugged Fry with both of her arms now, and knew that this was truly the best point in her life.

The End

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