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Anthology Of Interest

Author: Professor Zoidy
Website: Save Our Express Ship

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[Professor Zoidy's Fan Fics] [Fan Fics MAIN]

Chapter 1: Fry's What If Question
It was a brilliant day outside the Planet Express office building during what would have been summer vacation from school for Reyna and Professor Zoidy, had they still been in the year of 2005. The crew was off on their own vacation for a change, lounging in the conference room, Fry and Bender playing chess, while Bender took bets at the same time on who'd win. Meanwhile, Professor Farnsworth, a 170 year old man, who was the only current living relative, unless you counted Cubert, and nobody did, that Fry had was tinkering with the What If machine, a device that could answer any what if question posed at it.
"There! All finished! Anyone want to try out my improved What If machine?" Farnsworth asked the crew, who obviously were enraged at Bender for cheating at the chess game and were trying to help Fry get loose of Bender's grip, since Fry found out about the cheating in the first place. " When you least expect it, I'll kick your ass, Fry!" Bender yelled at Fry, the delivry boy paying the least bit of attention, now that Farnsworth had asked who wanted to try it out first. " Ok, so any risk takers, er, I mean, anyone want to go first?" the professor asked, laughing manically after he was done speaking. Fry took the chance and spoke up. " Oh, oh, I do! What if me and Leela were together?" Fry asked excitedly, but quickly shut up after Zoidy gave him an evil glance.
The machine's glowing monitor started to give an illusion of sea waves flowing in a storm, violet in color and a picture slowly started to fade in subtlety, then showed Fry and Leela holding hands, walking down the streets of New New York and stopping now and again to look in shop windows. So far, Professor Zoidy was really peeved at Fry for asking this, but could also understand why he'd asked, since he's tried to win her heart so many times before. Her expression turned back into it's usual half-smiling self and she turned back to the screen to continue watching. The Fry on the screen had stopped moving, and that was when Zoidy and the crew were transported into the question itself, turing into ghostly figures that could only hover above the ground, but could not do anything to stop what they saw until it ended. To Zoidy, it was a nightmare. The Fry that the machine created seemed completely different from the Fry she knew. Of course, he was that way before the two had met, desparate for a date all the time. Fry watched with uncertainty of what would happen next. He was surprised when a thug came up to Leela and started gawking over her that he was rather muscular, like he had been when he had eaten the toilet sandwich a while back. Without any effort, the fake Fry beat up the guy and threw him to the ground, not leaving without giving him a threat first. Something, despite how Fry thought if he had a chance with Leela it would turn out like this, seemed off. It seemed as if the machine was playing off of his own fantasy, rather than coming up with it's own predictions. Since Fry had a one track mind, he put the thought aside and let the story play itself out for a while longer.
The image faded into a new place, this one, the Planet Express conference room. Fry was talking to Farnsworth and Zoidy about some useless junk he came up with that made no sense whatsoever when Leela walked in, and Fry got up to meet her halfway. The cyclops collapsed in his arms, and Fry flew into a panic attack, both the virtual and the real Fry. Professor Zoidy grasped his arm and slapped him. Despite them being ghosts, Fry yelped in pain, but still watched in quiet horror.

Chapter 2: Fry's Question Turns Tragic
Zoidberg and Farnsworth stood over Leela, whom Fry carefully laid down on the floor, bent over her, Zoidberg doing an analasis, and coming up with a way to put it was hard. Of course, the lobster didn't know anything about being a doctor whatsoever, so Fry could at least have some hope left over after Dr. Zoidberg destroyed it. " I'm sorry Fry, she's dead," the lobster said mournfully and burst into tears. " Hold on a minute you imbicil lobster!" Professor Farnsworth yelled at Zoidberg, who sobbed even louder at the anger Farnsworth had shown towards him. Farnsworth slowly knelt down next to the unconsious cyclops to make an accurate analysis. " She seems to be well, so I have no clue as to why she collapsed," the professor said, bewildered.
"Wake up you ignorant bitch!" Farnswroth yelled at Leela, whom awoke seconds awterwards giving Farnsworth quite a staredown. " Why the hell did you do that?!" Leela asked the professor, still glaring a little. " Well, if you weren't so damned..." Farnsworth said to her, but got cut off by Professor Zoidy, who had been aroused by the fighting and came down from the angry dome because the two were so loud. " Ok, enough already! I go to the angry dome to let off some steam about life, and I can hear you two, even though it's soundproof! Honestly, why bother fighting, especially when Leela will be victor?" The two glanced over at each other, Leela giving that " I told you so" look to the professor after Zoidy stopped talking. Fry jumped out of his chair and ran over to Leela, hugged her, and picked her up a full four inches off of the floor. "I thought you might have been dead! Zoidberg gave the report of you being dead, and Farsworth wasn't exactly helping either and.." But Leela cut off Fry before he could say anything more. Fry happened to casually glance over Leela's shoulder and saw Zoidy had a rather odd expresion on her face, as if in thought, yet, as if something else was on her mind as well. He let Leela's embrace end and he walked over to her, asking if something was wrong. Zoidy motioned silently for him to followed her to somewhere more...secluded from their crewmates. "Fry, I thought you loved me? Now, I respect your choices no matter what, but can we still be friends, right?" Professor Zoidy's face had gone from happy and brilliant to sad and gloomy in a matter of seconds, in fear of his answer, and her choice to be friends only. Fry smiled gently and stared at her. "What?" the professor asked, a slight tone in her voice that was humorous. She repeated the question after he kept staring. " While you were staring at me, the Professor said something that you might find to be great news or not. I'm.....going to be a father." Fry said excitedly. Professor Zoidy smiled kindly and hugged Fry. Her expression soon turned serious however. Fry could tell that she had news to tell, and it wasn't exactly the greatest. " Fry, the past few weeks, I know you've noticed I've acted...different. I didn't want to bother you, but you must know now that...Leela being pregnant has nothing to do with you...well, not fully. "How long has she been this way and she didn't tell me?" Fry asked, neither angry nor unforgiving. "She's been pregnant for about a month Fry.She requested I not tell you. She didn't even tell me until two weeks ago. Why else would I tell you? Had she not fainted, I don't think you'd ever have known until it was too late to keep it secret. Now if you'll let me give you the shocking news." the female professor took a deep, slow and quivering breath, and started." As you know, Leela is pregnant. Professor Farnsworth to you she only carried one child. Bullcrap. She's going to have twins. But here comes a truth you may not accept. Yes, indeed one oh Leela's children is yours, but..." Fry stopped Professor Zoidy mid-statement. "What do you mean one? The Professor said-" Fry was cut off by Zoidy. "If you'd have let me finish... One child she carries is our own doing, but somehow, by some freak of science in which even I can't fully comprehend, the other Zapp Brannigan's." Everyone gasped. Bender, on the other hand felt this was a moment to use a camera to capture Fry's expression on his face. " Until a few minutes ago, I didn't fully know this myself. Fansworth wasn' t the only one examining Leela you know. He's not exactly the most remembering type." Fry nodded, filled with so many emotions he was slightly confused. " I was taking one last look at the report we filled out, and I noticed something bothered me about it. I took closer examination into it and that pretty much tells you why I was in the angry dome. I couldn't live with myself not being able to tell you, so I yelled my guts out, then came down here to tell you about it. Fry didn't move. He looked frozen in time, in a face that showed pure rage, confusion and the urge to kill. Leela walked over to him to calm him. "Fry, I didn't tell you because..well, I really don't know why. Anyway you know now, so it doesn't matter anymore." The cyclops sat down at the conference table and swivelled her chair to look at Fry. "However he did it, he's gonna get an ass kicking courtesy of Fry's right foot and you can guess where it's going..." The real Planet Express crew was in awe of all the events that happened after that. The What If machine skipped to Zapp's ass being kicked, just like Fry had said. The real Farnsworth turned off the What If machine and pulled everyone's virtual gear wires out of the machine's ports. "That whole thing was a bunch of bull pies! Fry being physically and mentally able to kick someone's ass. Total crap! And Leela being pregnant with two different men's children at the same time..." Farnsworth ranted on as he pushed the new What If machine onto the floor and replaced it with it's predecessor. "If anyone else has a what if question, here's a more accurate turnout of how things would be." Farnsworth mumbled on about how the new What If machine worked horribly and kicked it before being fully satisfied enough with himself to shut up about it.

Chapter 3: Professor Zoidy's Question
Professor Zoidy stepped out about a foot in front of everyone and turned to directly face the What If machine. She pulled the microphone down a little and said into it:
"What if life was like a crime show?" Everyone oohed and ahhed as the screen changed colors and a black car and two people inside it showed up, both at the moment, unidentifiable. The car pulled out of the alleyway it was in silently, and the two people inside were Fry and Bender. The car was a black 1982 Trans Am named K.A.T.T., which stood for Knight Agencies Three Thousand and was used for restoring justice to city streets. Wilton Knight, the man who designed the car had passed away years ago, but Fry, KATT's driver, kept his job at the foundation. He felt he had to repay his debt for giving him his life back. Bender just happened to be the subject of his next assignment. One of Bender's closest friends was murdered, a girl by the name of Amy Wong, but by whom, or what, he didn't know. Fry kept asking questions about the scene none-the-less. "Look, all I know is the other chick she works with, Leela, has a hate going for Amy. I'm not sayin' she did it, but I'mnot sayin' she didn't either." Bender said, pulling out a cigar. "No smoking in the car or I'll eject you out the sunroof." KATT said to Bender. "Don't smoke da blah blah blah blah.." Bender mocked back. "Alright, stop it, the both of you. You're acting like children." Fry said, smiling to himself. They pulled into the scene of the crime, the Planet Express corporation, a company that shipped packages around the globe from other companies. Fry and Bender got out of the car and walked into the building. Fry looked back at KATT and whispered to him. "Keep your scanners peeled for anything unusual, ok buddy?" Fry asked. "Of course, Fry." KATT replied back. The glowing red scanner located between KATT's headlights lit up and swept back and forth with a swoosh-like sound that went silent a few seconds later. Fry and Bender came to a locked door that looked suspicious. Fry looked inside his coat pocket and found what he was looking for - a lock pick. He inserted it into the door's lock and it clicked almost soundlessly when it opened. Fry quickly put the tool back in it's case and back into the inside pocket of his coat and continued walking towards the place Bender had described. Following Bender's direction, the two ended up in the employee's lounge, which had been left a mess by the killer. "It looks like the killer was looking for more than someone to stab. Did any of you own anything valuable that you kept here at the office?" Fry asked Bender, who shook his head no. "Not that I'm aware of, but the entire staff always had those secrets nobody knew but them. The bastards.." Fry rummaged through some of the piles of clothing, empty drawers and whatever else was in a pile, and found only one clue: a small gun, possibly the one used to kill Amy. Fry pocketed the gun and told Bender to come with him. The two exited the building swiftly and Fry ran towards KATT at a jogging pace, opened the door and sat down in the driver's seat. "KATT, I need you to run a scan on this gun and tell me everything about it." Fry said, a serious tone in his voice. KATT used his built-in analyzer and quickly gave a reply. "Fry, I've accuired all the information. The gun was a limited-edition Railblazer that cost about $250,000 and was only sold in select stores across the Earth. The owner of it is a man named Hermes Conrad, age late thirties to early forties, about six foot in height. He lives in this area." KATT stated."Where? I think we need to have a little talk with this "Hermes" and see if he knows anything. We also need to talk to a female named Turanga Leela. Bender said she had a grudge against Amy." Fry took the gun out of the analyzer and put it safely in KATT's glove compartment as KATT gave directions to both of the possible murderer's adresses. First, however, KATT suggested they drop Bender off at his apartment so he could be "safe". "You just didn't want him to mess with you." Fry said, smirking childishly. "To be honest, yes. He's quite annoying. That, and you usually do that to keep the person, or in this case robot, away from the crime scene." KATT said. "Well, yeah, I guess I do. Today ya beat me to it." Fry smiled as he thought about the two fighting earlier." I think we should stop by Leela's place first." Fry said as KATT turned left onto a street full of apartments and houses that looked almost brand new, as if they'd only been there maybe a year or two. They stopped in front of a grey house near the end of the street and pulled over to the curb and parked. Fry got out and walked to Leela's door, warning KATT to look for anything out of the ordinary in the neighborhood while he was talking to the woman. Fry knocked on her door and she kindly let him in and asked his name. "My name is Fry Knight and I work for the Foundation of Law and Government. Nice to meet you, Leela." Fry smiled at the cyclops and she made a face that asked how he knew her name. "Bender told me about what happened and I came to ask you some questions." Fry said to answer her facial expression. " I never killed her. When I came into work that morning she had already been dead for who knows how long." Leela said, her tone suggesing her emotions were about to get the best of her, despite her hate for Amy Bender had told him about. Fry took her in an embrace and she let her emotions flow. Tears fell from her eyes as she held onto his embrace. The embrace ended and Fry rubbed her shoulder in a comforting manor and said it would be best for her to come along with himself and KATT so the police couldn't jail her. " I think I know who killed Amy. It had to be Hermes. Why else whould he evade police?" Leela asked inquizitively. "Maybe Hermes is innocent and someone else did it. So far I've had no leads, but we have to find Hermes." Fry told the cyclops woman. Just seconds after Fry had stopped talking a car raced down the road at about 90 mph. "KATT, go into pursuit mode and see if you can catch the liscense plate number on that car!" Fry yelled as he pressed the pursuit mode button on KATT's dashboard. "KATT? Who's KATT?" Leela asked. "KATT, meet Leela. Leela, KATT." Fry distractedly yelled as he pressed the gas further down to the floorboard."Hello, Leela. I am the Knight Agencies Three Thousand. K.-A.-T.-T- KATT if you prefer." KATT said to Leela. The car took a hard right and disappeared from KATT's scanners."I'm sorry, Fry. He's literally disappeared from my scanners." Fry cursed as KATT said this to him. " A talking car that's actually nice to you. Now I know I've lost it." Leela said faintly.

Chapter 4: Go Man, Go!
"Do you have any new leads, Fry?" Professor Farnsworth, head of the FoL&G
( the Foundation of Law and Government) asked over KATT's telephone. "No, Professor, none yet. But KATT did get some licensce plate numbers from a car that was evading something and us when we started to go after him. KATT's sending them now. The plate number is 19II-DECM. "It seems this car was stolen by Hermes Conrad. But another name comes up as well. Scruffy." Farnsworth said grimly. "Well whoever it was, I'm gonna find them and I'm gonna put 'em in jail. " Fry stated curtly. He walked out in his usual walking style and hopped into KATT, started the engine and drove off, leaving smoke behind from the tires. He just remembered something. He had to go back to Planet Express and check the lounge one more time. If he remembered Scruffy correctly, he had once worked at the Foundation but quit to work at a delivery company. Farnsworth had never said which one, but Fry had a feeling it was Planet Express. "Fry, I took some pictures from the other night when you and Bender went to the crime scene. I found some articles of clothing left behind by the murderer. A brown hat among other things was near the doorway and left in a position suggesting it fell off of the person's head after he left." KATT said to Fry. "Yeah, but if he shot Amy, wouldn't his fingerprints be on the gun?" Fry inquired. "Not necessarily, Fry. Someone can kill a man and put the gun in his hand, pull the trigger with the dead man's fingers and clean his hands afterwards to makes sure his fingerprints weren't left behind. I looked into it and the reason we cannot find Hermes Conrad is because he died the same night Amy did, but nobody knew because the body wasn't left in the Planet Express employee's lounge. "Good work KATT!" Fry said to the intelligent car. "Anytime, Fry." KATT replied. Fry jumped out of the car, flung open the door to Planet Express and raced to the employee lounge. The hat was lying on the floor, just like KATT had stated on their way back for another look. He picked up the hat and found Scruffy standing in the doorway. "Scruffy did kill them people. Now Scruffy has to deal with you so you won't talk and Scruffy can remain a free man," the janitor said menacingly in his rough voice. Fry punched a button on his wristcom and whispered into it. "KATT, block the doorway and call the police. I just found the murderer." the red-haired man said. "Right away Fry. Please be careful." KATT said in response to Fry. Scruffy pulled a knife from his pocket that still had bloodstains on it from the last two murders. He stabbed at the air between Fry and himself, daring Fry to try and hit him.
Fry put his hands up in front of him, his palms not made into fists. He awaited the right moment to seize the knife and punch Scruffy in the stomache to stun him. Scruffy lunged with the knife, nearly missing Fry's head, and Fry retaliated by grabbing Scruffy's arm, twisting it so his hand would drop the knife, and then throwing Scruffy to the ground. Sirens could be heard outside and the police came rushing in, immediately taking Scruffy in handcuffs.
"I'm so glad Scruffy was taken into custody. Even if Amy and I didn't et along all the time, I can finally rest knowing nobody thinks I killed her. Thanks Fry.You're a regular knight in shining armor."Leela said gleefully as she kissed him. "Well, goodbye, Leela. Maybe we'll see each other again," the red-head halfway yelled to her from the curb. "Goodbye Fry. Goodbye KATT! It was nice to meet the both of you." Leela called back as she waved. "As it was nice to meet you. Goodbye." KATT said, a new tone filling his voice synthesizer. The two rode off into the evening and back to the Foundation, where their next mission would be awaiting them when they got back.

Chapter 5: One Last Question From Zoidberg
"Wow, that was just like that show Knight Rider!" Fry said, amazed. "That's because it was Knight Rider, only we were in it you moron." Leela retorted back. "Oh you two, stop fighting. One last question for the What If machine. What about you Zoidberg? Do you have any what if questions?" Farnsy asked the crew. "In fact I do, Professor," the lobster said. "What if I was in a Broadway Musical?" the doctor asked the machine. The screen turned colors one last time as a stage appeared with elaborate sets and lighting. There Dr. Zoidberg stood, almost completely alone in the spotlight, except for a lone female actress that played the love of his life in his hit Broadway musical, A Crustacean Love: The Dr. Zoidberg Story. "Why must my life be filled with such mysery and so many patients having strange fluids gushing out of their bodies?!" Zoidberg cried out into the air, the audience in total silence. The crew was, to simply put it, extremely bored. "BO-RING!" Fry yelled to the screen as Bender attempted to toss an empty Slurm can he took out of his chest cavity at Dr. Zoidberg for asking such a stupid question. "Get a job, you jackass!" the robot yelled. The lobster instantly started crying and ran out of the room with his claws covering his face. The two friends left soon after Zoidberg did. "So, Fry, how do you think Calculon'll end up in his near-death situation this time?" the robot casually asked as he and Fry walked to the employee lounge and sat down on the couch. "I dunno. Probably one of those near-fatal crashes into the next dimension again... As if that wasn't already cliched." Fry replied back. As soon as the door opened to the lounge, Zoidberg could be seen sitting on the couch, no longer sobbing, but rather just sitting there and staring vaguely, like a zombie. " Hey, Dr. Jerkberg, ass off the couch. Now!" Bender yelled. Zoidberg let out an "aww" and slowly scuttled off back to the What If machine. Upon arriving, everyone else started to shuffle out of the room. Zoidberg had been gone about half an hour, and the crew painstakingly sat through the What If machine's story since Professor Farnsworth gave them two options: stay there and watch it, or be experimented on and possibly lose an organ or ten. "What happened? Did I become a famous lobster like my uncle Harold Zoid?" Zoidberg inquired Hermes, who had been filing paperwork moments before the lobster walked in and started wasting his time. "Look what ya made me do, ya lousy freak of a lobsta! Ya made me mis-count me income tax refunds! Either get out or go ta hell!" Hermes yelled angrily at Zoidberg as he attempted to chuck a phone book at his red, bald head. "Wroo-oo-rooo!" Zoidberg screamed as he dodged the book. He happened to overhear Amy as she walked away from the machine. "Spleesh, what a loser! First of all, hello, he can't sing! Second, what kid of downfall was that? I mean, guh, you need to have no dignity.." Amy said to Leela, who pretended to pay attention. "Aww, don't feel bad Zoidberg, you can't suck anymore than you already do! Ah-hahahaha!!!" Bender said, walking in on his way to get another 32 pack of beer. "Awww..." Zoidberg sighed. "Maybe someday, Zoidberg will show his fellow crewmembers he can do something!" the lobster stated as he scuttled off to his newly found home: an assortment of pizza boxes and cans taped together quite poorly.

Chapter 6: Zoidberg Strikes Back
When Zoidberg arrived at his makeshift home of the week, since that was about how long he lived in one place before he had to move again due to various reasons, he grabbed an ink bottle, a piece of lined paper and a quill pen. The lobster stuck the ink bottle into his shirt and pulled it out a few seconds later, full of ink. He dipped the quill into the ink and started writing....

"Dear Planet Express friends,
I'm moving on, I am. Tease Zoidberg and Zoidberg will show you what can be done.
I am leaving to become what I've wanted to be: a theater performer. Maybe someday I can finally work at the famed Apollo Theather and not get booed offstage!
Goodbye friends,
Dr. John Zoidberg"

"AH-hahahahahahaha!! So, that jerk finally decided to leave? Who ever thought he had the courage? That damned lobster ran away after I chucked only one lousy phonebook at his head. How can he even start to think about being in a play?" Bender said outraged and amused at the same time after he read the letter aloud. Leela threw a brick at Bender's metal face, whacking him right between the eyes and knocking him over. "Ouch! Why the hell did you do that Leela!?!" Bender yelled, the flooring somewhat muffling his words. "Because Bender, first of all, who cried he was scared when he became a were car? Second, who cares if Zoidberg left to attempt to prove himself to us?" the cyclops stated to Bender with an annoyed tone in her voice. "Damn straight! If ya ask me, I tink it's for da betta of tings." Hermes said to the crew, looking up from his papers from the crew's conference table. "Well, if you're all done arguing over something that I've forgotten what it was, I need you to wash the Planet Express Ship, then go look for Dr. What's-his-face." Professor Farnsworth said to the crew in his moody voice. "Aww, crap..." Bender said. "Once again, the robot does all the work." The bending unit grumbled a few more inaudible sentences and walked to the docking bay with Fry and Leela.
"Lousy work. I don't get paid to do this! I get paid to be on my ass and drinking beer all day." Bender said. "Shut up and scrub." Leela yelled to Bender, since she was at the other end of the ship trying to buff out the many inappropriately childish drawings of the many things they loved to make fun of and some stuff they liked. You two morons should be buffing this out, not me. Leela thought to herself as she wore a frown on her face, from both having to press rather hard on the buffing machine to get the ink off, and because once again, Fry and Bender were being hard-headed and idiotic. Leela heard something that sounded like "you shut up, sir" from Fry, who was now fighting with Bender, with both words and the water hose and sponges they were using. Leela looked back at the two after a few moments of devotion to cleaning, she noticed that they had begun using sticks to poke each other. "Ok, stop with the feelings you two..." Leela said. The two abruptly stopped and threw the sticks to the ground. "Now come on. We've gotta deliver a package to..." Leela paused to look at her list stuck to her clipboard. "... the dance theater? Well, that's not far away. We can walk to it and.." Just at that moment, Fry and Bender let out their "crap-do-we-have-to-be-unlazy" groan and drug their feet along the ground, Bender's causing sparks to fly off the cement every time he moved forward.
The ship fired up and took off in a blue haze of light, and then landed now two seconds later almost right across the street from the Planet Express building. "Well, it was either waste darkmatter fuel or make you carry it, and since you two are the lazier people I've ever known, I figured flying would be the only compromise." Leela said as she shrugged her shoulders. The trio walked to the cargo hold and Leela flipped the switch to lower the platform the package was sitting on to the ground. The three then jumped onto the platform and hauled the package to the door. Before they opened the door, Zoidberg came running out, sobbing. "Oh, why does everyone hate Zoidberg? The tomato throwing Zoidberg can handle, but not the bricks!" The lobster sat down and sobbed by the trash cans. Fry felt for him and walked over. "Hey Zoidberg. Why don't you just come back with us?" Fry asked. "Why should Zoidberg, after how you treated me?" The lobster put his head back on his claws. "Uhh, because, at least you get paid...?" Fy said. Zoidberg thought this over for a moment. "Fine, but Zoidberg wants a raise he does. And less with the fat jokes from Bender would be nice." Zoidberg said, staring Bender down for a few seconds. "Fine, but don't expect me t quit forever." Bender said, angrily accepting the deal. "Hooray, I'm loved!!!" Zoidberg said as he climbed onto the ship. "Hey, you come back here lobster!! You got a lotta cleaning up to do after the way you trashed the stage!" the manager of the Apollo theater yelled at Zoidberg. "Uehhh uehh uehh!!" Zoidberg yelled as he rushed into the ship even faster and hid in a closet. "I think that's our cue to get lost... Let's blow this crapshack!" Bender said. The trio raced onto the ship and fired it up again, flying back to Planet Express.

The End

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