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This FanFics were inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use these at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Futurama: Behind The Scenes

Author: Leela's Loyal Slave

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(We zoom in to a head-in-a-jar)

Drew Carey’s Head: Hi, I’m Drew Carey’s Head! And welcome to a special behind the scenes look at “Futurama”. As you know, “Futurama” is being renewed by Comedy Central this summer. You may notice a few severe changes to your favorite Sci-Fi Sitcom starring those misfit gang of freaks. But don’t worry. It’s nothing intentional; it’s just what they were told…

Director: OK, That’s a wrap! Take 5, people!

Fry: (Takes a deep sigh) Man, that scene had me BEAT! I thought we were do for another take.

Leela: Maybe some dinner will make you feel better, pumpkin-pants.

Fry (Blushing): Leela, not on the set. The camera’s could still be rolling.

Leela: (Holding Fry close) Let ‘em roll.

(As Leela and Fry proceed making out, Bender walks in)

Bender: Oh, get a room you two!

Fry: Done and Done!

(Back in Downtown ToonTown, where Fry and Leela share a humble, little apartment, Fry and Leela are greeted by Nibbler and their son, Phineas F. Fry)

Fry: Hey there, sport! How goes the show with you and your buddy over at Disney?

Phineas: Irritating. We got a kazillion new episodes and The Mouse won’t air one until the summer starts.

Fry: Ah, don’t worry, champ. It’s a heavy burden being the only good show left on the network.

Phineas: How would you know?

Fry: How would I know? Prehaps you missed out, kiddo! Without me, your mother and our pals on the set of “Futurama”, Comedy Central would be nothing!

Phineas: But what about “Drawn Together”?

Fry: …No further questions needed. (To Leela) So what’s this special dinner you’ve going on and on about, Leela?

Leela: I thought you’d never ask. It’s your favorite!

Fry: (GASP) You don’t mean…

Leela: Yup, Anchovy Pizza! Dig in!

Fry: Don’t mind if I do…(Eats every last slice within 55 seconds) Man, am I glad we just act like these things are extinct on the set!

Phineas: What about the rest of us, Mom?

Leela: Well, I thought I had Turkey in the oven…

(Over to Nibbler, who devours the entire Turkey)

Leela: …OK, who wants some KFC?

(Later that night, Fry and Leela, after wishing Phineas good-night, step into their room)

Fry: Aaah…What A Day…I am BEAT…

Leela: I here ya…But y’know what? Everyday’s an adventure!

Fry: You mean by the fact we use actual weaponry and thousands of stunt doubles who get killed and/or injured daily?

Leela: …Well, there’s that…But otherwise…I’m married to the handsomest man in the world…

Fry: Aawww, Leela…

(After a long 5-second silence, Fry finally says something)

Fry: Funny thing is, we never thought it’d come to this from the day we met…

(Flashback into Futurama’s Pilot Episode Rehearsal, where Fry and Leela are arguing)

Fry’s Voiceover: Yes, believe it or not, we actually got off to a rocky start, almost as if our show was a reality…

Flashback Fry: You call that acting?! I’ve a better performance in “A Bug’s Life on Ice”

Flashback Leela: Oh, sure, blame me! You do realize I’m reading a script with ONE EYE!!

Leela’s Voiceover: Yeah, those were the days…Of course by time Season 2 kicked off, we grew more tolerable of each other…

Director: OK, “I Second That Emotion”, Take 3. And…ACTION!

Flashback Fry: Leela, you’re feelings for Nibbler are being transmitted to Bender! If you really care about him, STOP CARING ABOUT HIM!

Flashback Leela: I can’t! I love every living creature!

Flashback Fry: Even Me?

Flashback Leela: As a Friend…

Flashback Fry: Damn…

Director: OK, Cut. Good Job, Fry. We’ll use that for now.

Flashback Leela: I didn’t REALLY hurt your feelings, did I?

Flashback Fry: Nah, don’t worry. I like you as friend, too.

Fry’s Voiceover: And then came Season 3, where things got so intense, they actually wanted to shoot an episode on our Wedding Day…

Leela’s Voiceover: Oh, I remember that…“Time Keeps On Slippin”…

Flashback Fry: (Gagging on the bouquet)

Director: Cut and Print.

Flashback Leela: There! You got your scene! NOW can we go on our honeymoon?

Director: Sorry, Leela. We still need a few more scenes shot with you in the wedding attire…

Flashback Leela: UUUGGH!!

(The flashbacks end, cutting back to Leela and Fry in their Bedroom)

Fry: And…Well, here we are…A beautiful life together…A wonderful child actor of a son...And adoring fans waiting to learn the truth about us…

Leela: Indeed…Good Night…Apple of my eye…

Fry: Good Night…My lovely lady…

(And with a flick of the lights, Fry and Leela nod off to sleep together)


Futurama © 20th/30th Century FOX.

Phineas Flynn from “Phineas and Ferb” © Walt Disney Studios.

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