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Author: FrysBabyGirl
Email: charly-babes_o0x@hotmail.co.uk

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Synopsis-This fan fic is more about a girl who lives in the year we live in now and is frozen and sent to the future exactly like Fry. It turns out in the future there are some twists and she gets to meet some very special and well known characters. The Futurama Crew! And let's just say that she has a crush on one of them but how will it turn out? Read this fan fic to find out!


Izziee. A twelve year old girl that lived in Britain, in the year 2008. Her life revolved around Futurama and yet, she wasn't a nerd. She did have braces but she looked good with them and in fact, she was one of the populars. Her life was great, until cryogenecists turned up at her school. Then, her life was amazing!

Izziee and her crew were walking in the direction of English. High School sucked! Why couldn't she just grow up already?! She walked over to her place and put her bag on the floor. She sat down, took her blazer off, made sure she looked good and then started talking to Jo.
"Oh my god. I wonder what Miss Stanley's gonna do today! Hahaa!" She turned to face the front and Miss Stanley announced they were going to an assembly that wasn't planned but it was quite important. She didn't have the slightest clue about what it might be about but hey, it was a free trip out of lessons. Woohooo!! They all filed into the main hall and sat down in rows. They chatted amongst themselves until the head teacher stepped forward.
"Today everyone, we have three cryogenecists here." That got everyone mumbling. No one had a clue what they were! "Settle down. These three men are people that deal with freezing people to send them to the future. Please give them applause." No one clapped. One person coughed....
"Hey Niamh listen! You can hear the crickets! Hahaa." Izziee whispered to Niamh Reller, the girl who was supposedly her best friend but due to some little quarrels and her being a complete bitch and slag, Izziee had some problems with the idea that they were best friends. Ohh well. The person who seemed to be the leader of the cryo...whatjamahooflips stepped forward.
"Thank you for your kind words Miss Marodee. Hi everyone. We are here today to promote our cryogenic tubes. I know right now half of you in here will be questioning what they are. Let me explain them. Have you ever felt so embarrassed that you just wanted to be able to freeze yourself and just travel into the future a thousand years so everyone just forgot about it. Put your hand up if that's how you've felt before." Basically every student raised their hand. Even most of the teachers. Izziee's hand was probably the first up. She had been so embarrassed that she wanted to curl up into a ball and die before so freezing herself wouldn't have been an issue! The cryogenecist began speaking again. "Yeah I thought so. Well these tubes can actually do that! Basically what you do is step into one of the tubes and turn the dial to however many days, weeks, months or even years you want to move forward. It's a positively 100% safe procedure. Whilst in the tube you can programme it to set an age that you would like to be at when you are unfrozen. This is how you would be when you naturally grew up anyway so that doesn't make much of a difference except you could grow up quicker." Izziee's eyes widened at that. Cha-ching! Just the answer to her prayers! "Also, as a bonus, any disabilities or illnesses you have would be cured whilst in the tube. So stuff would happen as if you were growing up normally! Isn't it great?! I mean even people with glasses, your vision will be perfect again, and people with braces, you teeth will be perfectly straight! How much more do I have to say?! We are giving away the chance for 10 students AND their whole entire family's to be frozen for however long! Sign up with your head teacher if you're one of those students!" This had caught A LOT of people's attention, especially Izziee's. She had been wishing for an opportunity like this to come along. Now it was here and she had to grab it with both hands and not let go. She signed up in the LRA, that's the library btw, after the 1st period. The whole entire day she was buzzing! She had to get home and give her parents the form that was given to her after she signed up. She had already skimmed through it herself, it was full of the "Parents consent" spaces.
Finally, the bell for the end of 5th period rang. It was such a relief! She said goodbye to all of her girlfriends and headed home with hope in her heart. The sun was finally shining in her little world of rain. I know I said Izziee's life was great but those times are only limited for everyone. Izziee was very unfortunate to get the short straw because she had a crap childhood. Oh my god, I swore!! Don't tell my mommy! Well, anyway, back to the story. Izziee had been speeding up the whole walk home and then finally she broke into a run. As soon as the key had turned in that door Izziee's mum had had the form shoved into her hands and Izziee was in her room quicker than you could say hi. Izziee dumped her bag on the floor and stuck on some music consisting of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jojo and a load of other great singers. She walked around the tiny space she had as a room and then got to the wall with her Futurama drawings. She studied each one of them carefully while Jojo-Too little too late was playing on her stereo. She came to her final and favourite drawing. It was of Fry and Leela kissing in that last scene in the last movie of Futurama; Into the Wild Green Yonder. She pressed her lips against Fry's face and kissed. It was immature she knew, she also didn't care. Fry was the sweet, cute guy that crept into her dreams each night. She was very aware of the fact she was crushing on a cartoon character but alike all the other aspects of her Futurama obsession, she was proud of it! Her mum brought her out of her fantasy world as she called her name from the living room.
"I'm going to talk this over with Paul and then we will all decide together as this is a MASSIVE decision to make because it will affect all of our lives. Just between you and me though, I want to go!" Her mum handed her the form and Izziee skipped happily into her room again. She was going to talk to Paul, her stepdad, about it! Omg! There was a giant possibility that she would be going to the future! Aaaahhhhhh!!! Sure she would miss all of her friends but it would cure whatever is wrong with Paul's foot and his skin disease. Izziee's braces would be gone and her mum would have a new start! That would be great. Even her Nan and all other close or distant family was allowed to be frozen too! How immence was that?! Izziee ran back into the living room and grabbed the phone. Once she was in the privacy of her own room and she was lying on her bed with Sugar magazine in front of her she began a massive calling spree. She had recently got this new phone which allowed you to phone up to 9 people all at the same time! She phoned Niamh, Jo, Dani, Lindsay and Morgan and waited until they all picked up.
"Hey guys! I know this is like, really big news but I might be going to the future in that tubey type thing that dude was on about in assembly today!"
"Omg! We'll well miss you babes!" Niamh answered. Aaawww, bless her.
"I'm not gonna miss you I will have a party! Hahaa, no jokes babe." Morgan. Uhh. Izziee wasn't really friends with her but she had to include her otherwise Morgan would get in her angry mode and when she gets like that you're better off dead. No joke! The conversation went on for another 2 hours and 49 minutes when her mum and Paul returned from the pub.
"Gotta go guys but you all think it's a great idea to move even though we will miss each other like hell, right?"
"Yeah!" They all replied at once.
"Okay bye guys. Mwah!" She hung up and ran into the kitchen where her mum and Paul were standing. "Sooo...what did you say?" She asked anxiously. She tried to act calm but her emotions were bubbling inside her. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please! Paul paused for a minute, did a drum roll on the freezer and said......
"We're going in three months!" Izziee screamed and fainted, she woke up in a hospital a few hours later but back to the point. She had three months to sort everything out. She was told she was allowed to take anything she wanted into the tube with her so she basically took her whole room. She used those three months wisely by spending as much time with her friends as possible. Finally, the day arrived and everyone was saying their sweet goodbyes.
"Bye Niamh. I'll miss you." She didn't reply. Izziee ignored it and carried on saying farewell to her friends. Only when it was time to be frozen Niamh said,
"I'm being frozen today too!" Izziee was stunned so she got frozen in the tube looking like a fish. Haha! Loser! Luckily she was able to set the age she wanted to be unfrozen at, 19. Anyway, a thousand years later, her family awoke to find technology soaring outside the window. The city was set out exactly like Futurama! Somehow they had ended up in New New York, the exact same location as in Futurama and I know this sounds crazy but, they were cartoons!

Izziee looked down at herself to find she looked like a sexy nineteen year old and she didn't have braces anymore. She was wearing a vest top, shorts styling her fabulously long legs and then on her feet was a pair of dolly shoes. Her long brown hair was straight and layered. She looked great! A man came up to her and her family and started explaining.
"Welcome to the world of tomorrow!! Hi, my name is Andy and I will help you with the future. In the year 2795 demand for meeting the actors that played cartoon characters sky rocketed so scientists decided to make all living humans cartoons. Now every cartoon character that ever lived, including the Simpsons even though they are yellow, is real. Also, we have tube transportation and flying cars." Wow! Izziee walked over to the window and admired the city; futuristic tubes were sucking up and shooting people all over the city. The cars were hovering, and buildings were very futuristic like. She turned to her mum and whispered,
"I'm home." Her mom hugged her back and told her to be on her way and they could meet up a few days later. On the way out Izziee was given a device that changed her accent and language to whatever she wanted. She chose American as she was in New New York. She asked for directions to the Planet Express building and was pointed in the right direction. Her feelings were building up inside her, this was the moment she had been waiting for all her life! She knew exactly what she was going to do, play dumb then fake realisation of who they were. Pheewwww, she stood in front of the red building for a minute and contemplated going in there. She opened the door and walked into the conference room with her head down.
"I'm sorry to intrude like this, I know it's rude but my name is Izziee and I was just unfrozen so I need a job. Are you hiring?" She looked up and put on her best fake realisation face. "Oh....my.....god! You're the Planet Express crew aren't you! Bender, Leela, Amy, Zoidberg, the Professor, Hermes, Scruffy....where ever Scruffy may be, and of course Fry." She turned to him. Wow, he was even cuter in person! "I was addicted to Futurama when I was a kid! Ohh please please please can I have a job!" They all looked at her and Hermes considered it, she looked at the Jamaican with hope in her heart. He turned to the Professor and the wrinkled scientist nodded.
"Welcome to the crew!"
"Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Oh my god you will not regret this!!" She was so happy! Her dream had come true! Bender stood up and walked over to her.
"Aaawww, nice to have another member here." He said as he hugged her.
"Well thank you Bender but umm, I have a problem. I want my wallet back....." He looked at her.
"You're not getting it. " He replied. She made a little face that kinda said oh yeah?
"Well then I guess you won't want this back?" She lifted up the alcoholic robot's wallet high in the air. The whole crew was now intrigued by what would happen. Bender answered after a few seconds thought.
"Meh, naaa."
"Well what about these then?" Izziee then lifted up several robot porno magazines. Bender's eyes widened.
"Gimme those! Here." He handed back the wallet and took his possessions. Izziee regarded him with a smug look spread across her face. The crew applauded her and the grumpy robot returned to his seat. Izziee still stood there, arms folded watching him, until she dropped her gaze and turned to Amy who had started talking to her.
"Well done! You just outsmarted a criminal."
"Yeah well, he will have to do better than that. I'm pretty smart." Their conversation then carried on as Amy complimented her shoes and fashion sense. Once finished Izziee walked over to Fry and said to him, "You know Fry, you were always my favourite character. I thought you were super cute!" A smile invaded his face. Then she moved over to Leela and carried on her speech thingy. "You were my second favourite. To be honest, I think I'm most like you." Leela looked at her with curiosity.
"Oh yeah? Why?" She asked.
"Because I'm very soft and sensitive on the inside. I have been hurt many times but piss me off and I'll kick your ass!" That intrigued her!
"Alright then. Lets fight, you and me." Izziee looked at her then pounced and Leela fell to the floor, after a few minutes of fist fighting Izziee had claimed victory. "I like your style! I think we're gonna be great friends!" Izziee had to smile at that, she had always wanted to be friends with Leela because they shared the same view on most things. She still couldn't believe this was happening. She had to celebrate!
"Come on girls. We're going shopping!" Amy's face brightened up but Leela's drooped. "Don't worry Leela. I like your dress sense so I won't patronize you." She sent some evils Amy's way but then mouthed "jokes" at her. Leela smiled and stood up.
"Let's go." Fry and Bender were still sitting in their seats moping about and Izziee really wanted to include them but they wouldn't enjoy shopping. She walked over and whispered in both their ears,
"Hey boys. Wanna get out of work? I'll buy you both a beer. My treat!" Fry shouted out "Yaahhoooo!!"  And they both rushed out the door. Izziee laughed and walked over to Amy and Leela and they set out on their shopping trip.

36 shops and $189 later, Amy, Leela and Izziee finally understood the meaning of shop till you drop! They sat in a bar with Fry and Bender and slurped back varying alcoholic drinks. Izziee was gonna go raving and get drunk! First she had to ask Fry something.
"Fry, would you mind if I stayed with you for a few months? I don't have anywhere to live." Fry shook his head and replied with an "Of course!" and then returned to his drink.
That night Izziee was at Fry and Bender's apartment with the privilege of the following day off. She started getting undressed and spotted Bender looking at her, she ignored it and carried on getting changed. Fry walked in and dropped the milk he was holding. "Woah! Are you alright? Here let me help with that!" She bent down in her bra and underwear. Big mistake! She forgot she had RRREEEEAAALLLLYYYY big boobs. She was aware of Fry and Bender staring at her "woman parts" but to be frank, didn't care. Once all the milk had been cleared up she carried on putting on her vest top and shorts she used for pyjamas. She set up a bed on the couch when Fry walked in and shook his head.
"No. A lady guest will always get the bed." He pointed towards his bed and she smiled at him. How kind. She dragged her duvet in there and settled down. What a day.

The next morning Izziee woke up feeling nauseous. She had a hangover, she rolled over and looked at her phone clock. Oh my god, 11am! She jumped out of bed ignoring the pounding headache as much as she could and got dressed. When she had her new clothes on she did her hair and makeup and strolled into the living room. Fry was still passed out on the couch and you could hear a faint snoring from Bender's room. She went over to Fry and stared at him. He was smiling. I wonder what he's dreaming about she thought. Izziee moved closer to him and pulled up his blanket, he moved and brought up his feet to underneath him. There was now a space on the sofa so Izziee sat down and again regarded him for a few moments, he began to move about so she quickly turned away in fear he would wake up. She searched for the TV remote but was unsuccessful so she grabbed the very new version of an iPod that she bought the day before and stuck on some of her favourite songs and buried her head in a book. At 12.30 Fry opened his eyes to be greeted by a friendly smile sent by Izziee, he returned it.
"Good morning sleepy head! Hahaa, how was your sleep, you look very uncomfortable."
"It was ok." He replied. Izziee apologized for sleeping in his bed. "I wouldn't have had it any other way!" He smiled one of his gorgeous smiles again.
"You know, while we're alone I thought I might tell you that.......I kinda had a crush on you when I got frozen, well actually it was a huge great big crush." She started blushing. She suddenly felt really awkward but the Fry just kept on smiling. She relaxed again and looked at him so lovingly, he sat up. He manoeuvred around a bit then looked at Izziee again.
"Errmm, Izziee please can you say that again." Fry surprised her by saying.
"Sure? I had a massive crush on you when I was frozen. I kind of still did when I met you." Wow! Now that was even more awkward than before. It was Izziee's turn to shuffle about now. Fry just looked at her and grinned, it seemed he could not keep that happy look off of his face. Once Izziee had settled down again she looked at Fry and he suddenly became more serious. They started moving towards each other when Izziee got caught on his foot and fell straight into his lap. She looked at him very embarrassed, she sat back up and he grabbed her and kissed her. Their lips met and the fireworks started, she could feel her insides burning! Love and lust filling her every bone, what she felt for him right now was nothing other than desire. She pulled away and they gazed into each other's eyes.
"Ahem?" Bender's voice startled them. Izziee was the first to drop the gaze and turned to face the now awoken robot. Embarrassing! He had seen everything! Oh my god. Fry started to break the silence by saying,
"Erm Bender, we were just uhh, ummm, well.............."
"Spit it out meatbag."
"I love Izziee." =O Izziee's mouth dropped open. Oh my god! He loved her, she had dreamt of this moment for so long! She was suddenly twelve again, her emotions ran like a rollercoaster.
"Oh Fry. I love you too!" She threw herself into his arms. Bender turned and walked away, muttering something about love.......and the countess. She had a sudden moment of realisation. She pushed herself away from Fry and looked at him. He sensed something was wrong and asked what it was. "Leela. Me and Leela won't be able to be friends now because she will get jealous."
"Leela, jealous? Yeah right, she doesn't like me remember?"
"Yeah she does! Every time you get a new girlfriend she gets jealous." Fry's jaw dropped. He looked at a photo of Leela then at Izziee.
"You know what? I love you now so stuff Leela and I'm sure you guys will still be friends."
"Thanks. So are we going out now?" He considered this for a moment and then replied,
"Yeah, I guess we are!" He flashed another one of his smiles at her and they embraced in another passionate kiss that Izziee wished could've lasted forever. That night Fry led her towards the bedroom and kissed her goodnight.
"See you in the morning." Izziee mumbled.
"How about right now?" Fry replied. He smiled and pulled off his shirt and pants. He jumped into his bed and they started kissing intensely. It was so obvious that he wanted to make love to her but this would be her first time and she didn't want it to rush past.
"Fry, I love you but I'm still a virgin." A stunned Fry looked at her.
"You're a sexy nineteen year old and yet you haven't had sex yet?!"
"No." She replied, "Remember I was only twelve when I got frozen." This made Fry realise exactly what she wanted.
"Izziee...." He lifted her chin up so she was looking him straight in the eye. "I love you and I want your first time to be as special as possible. This should be memorable, I don't want to have sex with you......I want to make love to you." Wow, she thought, he could be really smart some times. She nodded in agreement. Fry launched into another kiss, this one more luxurious and passionate that the last one. Izziee closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax a little. She pressed her lips harder against Fry's and pushed herself on top of him. He moved his hands up and down her body, ever so gently but enough force to keep the passion there. He lifted her shirt over her head and threw it on the floor, next the trousers and so on until she and him were pressed against each other, both the way God intended, nude. She felt herself burning from the inside out, she yearned for him. The rest of the night was a blur. The next morning they were lying side by side with Izziee's head resting on Fry's chest. Fry's eyes opened slowly, he looked over at Izziee and grinned. Izziee was then awoken tenderly by the feeling of Fry's lips on her forehead. When she saw his smile she could only smile back. She was so lucky! They both showered together, (that's a big surprise, it's Fry!!). They got ready and walked to work hand in hand, appreciating the smaller things in life. Today was her first day with Planet Express, she was pretty damn excited!

Ahead of them Fry and Izziee saw the red Planet Express building and Izziee's heart started to beat faster and faster. Just as they were about to walk in she stopped Fry.
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" She said. Fry nodded. She breathed slowly for a minute and began walking again, her hand still in his. Leela was standing ahead tending to the ship looking really pretty as usual. She chanced a quick look at Fry but it turned out he was looking at her. She blushed for thinking that he would betray her like that. Izziee smiled and carried on walking but Fry stopped and sat on the sofa next to Bender. She heard Bender briefly start a conversation.
"Leave ol' loveable Bender at his apartment why don't you!" She shook her head and headed towards Leela. Leela looked up at her and smiled.
"Welcome to your first day of hell." She joked. Izziee still felt very anxious about what she was going to say next.
"Erm, Leela, I'm dating Fry. Are you jealous because you usually are jealous when Fry gets a girlfriend?"
"Well to be honest. I am a little jealous but I won't let that stop me and you being friends." Izziee smiled and hugged her. She thanked her and went to sit on the couch with Fry. Bender looked at her as if he liked her but that was impossible because he was a robot and despised female manbot relationships or male fembot relationships. Fry put his arm around her and she leaned into his chest. Leela walked in and asked what type of job Izziee would want, she thought for a while and then proudly announced she wanted to work on the ship.
"What position would you like on the ship?" Leela asked, again Izziee had to think about this.
"Do you think I could become a pilot in training or possibly a lower position and I wouldn't mind working my way to the top?"
"Sure, I could teach you to be a co-pilot if you'd like."
"Oh my god! That would be great thanks Leela!"
"Hey wait a minute! I've been asking to become co-pilot for ages!" Fry moaned.
"Yeah but Izziee's brain is smart enough to handle it. I know you are quite smart when you put your mind to it. Maybe I will let you pilot the ship in the future." Fry nodded and sulkily turned back to the TV. Leela gestured for Izziee to follow her as she lead the way to the Planet Express Ship, Izziee trailing behind. Leela stopped and Izziee gazed in amazement at the space ship. Its magnificent shape filled the hangar. Leela once again led the way inside the ship. Wow! She thought. Leela introduced all of the controls to her, let's just say Leela had to explain roughly six times. Once all of this information had to been drilled into her brain she just had to learn had to use it. There was no deliveries to be made that day so once work was finished Izziee and Fry walked home and Fry explained all of what had happened in All My Circuits. Haha, Izziee thought, he really is stupid but to be honest, that's why I love him. He stopped and looked at her.
"Are you ok?" He asked, she looked at him and grinned.
"Yeah. Yeah I am." And they carried on walking. Izziee continued grinning the whole way home. "Fry, I love your six year old mind."
"Aawww." He said and then kissed her quickly. They reached Bender's apartment and he was waiting on the couch for them.
"Hello Fry. Izziee."
"Thanks for the great greeting Bender!" Izziee replied sarcastically.
"Well it's your fault my best friend is being taken away from me! Take a hike floozy!"
"Ah! You take a hike you waste of metal!" Well that got Bender mad.
"No! Have you seen the sign outside? ROBOT Apartments!"
"Fine! Fry, I'm sorry. I love you but if Bender is going to stand between us, we can't be together." She ran out of the room crying.
"Thanks a lot Bender! I loved her just as much as I loved Leela and you just drove her out of my arms!" Fry then ran out the room crying. Izziee was walking in the pouring rain not knowing where she was going. She looked at her watch, 9.30pm. Maybe Planet Express will still be open? Naahh, that would be crazy, she thought, I'll head to Leela's. She changed course to Leela's apartment with her makeup running all down her face and her hair a mess. She arrived at Leela's apartment minutes later. She pressed a button that let herself in and she ran to the apartment 1I and knocked on the door with tears streaming down her face. Leela opened the door, took one look at Izziee and pulled her inside.
"What's wrong hunny?"
"I had to break up with Fry because of Bender! Waahhaaaaa!!" Izziee cried.
"What did he do?! I think of you as a best friend and a sister so if he's done anything to you I swear to god I will hurt him!" Izziee recounted all of that evening's events to Leela. Her face grew more and more enraged with each word. "That's it! Tomorrow morning, he's gonna get it!"
Meanwhile at Bender's apartment Fry was still crying and Bender was desperately trying to apologize.
"Fry, I'm sorry buddy. I didn't mean for her to break up with you." Fry walked towards him screaming.
"You never mean to! But somehow you always do something wrong! I hate you, you evil metal thing! Ow!" Fry tried kicking Bender but it just resulted in his foot being broken. That night he had to sleep in pain, inside and outside.

To Be Continued......?
If I Get Good Ratings On This Fan Fic I Will Continue It =D

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