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The Fan Fic(s) showed here was(were) inspired by Futurama, but for no reason that means that TFP wants you to stop watching the show. Please, if you wanna use this(these) at your website, as permission from the respective authors.

Author: Red_Line
Website: Red_Line's Futurama Fan Fic Stash

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Eight Hours to Earth
On a long flight home, Leela comes to terms with her feelings for Fry.

Learning Curve
Picks up where Eight Hours to Earth left off and follows the first few days of Fry and Leela's new realtionship and it's first challenges, both large and small.

Terminal Velocity
A delivery to a war zone, Fry's cuckoo clock, and Bender's magnetic personality keeps life interesting for the PE crew.

Event Horizon
A boundry ... beyond which ... communication is impossible.

Fault Line
In deep space, it pays to have live friends and dead enemies.

Das Schiff
Hermes wants to send Fry on an inconsequential courier run to a backwater world, but Leela gets wind of it and won't let Fry go alone. After she "convinces" Hermes to let her go along, a seemingly simple job quickly gets much more complicated than anyone bargained for.

The Acid Test
Bender hatches a scheme to make a fast buck and a waitress at the Pub sets her sights on Fry.

The Ride of a Lifetime
Fry has a new love and a new job.

An unscheduled stop...

Ten Years After
A painfull separation, a painfull reunion.

The Evening
What might have happened the evening before The Morning (by coldangel_1).

In A Pig's Fry
An experiment of the Professor's turns Fry into a guinea pig and Leela gets stuck taking care of him.

Critical Mass
Set in the aftermath of Bender's Big Score and Beast With A Billion Backs, Fry and Leela have some issues to work through. The very first post-BWABB fan fic.

Michelle Shock
Fry and Leela have been happily married for almost three years and are expecting their first child. But when a pregnant Michelle shows up at Planet Express claiming Fry is the father, it falls to Bender to try to prove his innocence.

The Planet Express crew are in for a busy night when an incident with a package causes Fry to leave a trail of duplicity and confusion.

Collision Course
This fic is based on the end of Overclockwise where Fry and Leela are reading about their future and they get angry and slap each other.

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     SHOWING 116 OF 16 ITEM(S) [Fan Fics MAIN]


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