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by JavieR / October 31, 2009 / 00:17
Halloween time here at TFP. This is why I was asking to you people to send your Halloween/Futurama fan stuff for a special feature today, and here we go!

It just won't stay dead
It just won't stay dead by TheFightingMoongoses
Created by TheFightingMongooses, this fanart features Bender trying to murder Dr. Zoidberg. Tried with a knife, a dart, an arrow and other obkects, but not it didn't acomplish his objetive. In the image, Bender is going to try with a classic element (as Bender would say) to murder someone, a power saw.

Fry's Nightmare
Fry's Nightmare by FuturamaFreak1
A work between FuturamaFreak1 (lineart) and El-Man (coloring) with zombie Leela and zombie Zoidberg attacking Fry. This fanart image has nice details and features a Leela with claws and fanks + Zoidberg with a madman expression!

All Hallows Eve + Evil Concept 1 + Evil Concept 3
All Hallows Eve by Mike Jessen (Kaspired) Evil Concept 1 by Mike Jessen (Kaspired) Evil Concept 3 by Mike Jessen (Kaspired)
Three halloween images with extrange concepts are the contribution of Mike Jessen (Kaspired) to this feature. The 1st one has a spider Leela attaking Fry. The 1st evil concept image features Evil Leela with an axe. The 3rd evil concept is interesting but disturbing for someone, Leela and Amy with no heads carrying Hermes and Zoidberg decapitated heads

Bender Pumpkin Carving!
Bender Pumpkin Carving by Aaron Chancey
These photos by Aaron Chancey where aded earlier over here, but is a great Bender work over a pumpkin that deserves a feature today. A very well done and detailed Bender!

Nightmare in NNYC + The Leelaven
2 Halloween fanfics by DSS for all of you to enjoy today. A Nightmare in NNYC is a Nightmare on Elm Street, Futurama style. The Leelaven parodies Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven", with Leela as the Raven
by JavieR / October 26, 2009 / 22:32
Blame my work and some other stuff, but now I'm back with some Amy and Kif plushie by Cinzia-channew Futurama stuff for all of you to enjoy. First, we all are going to enjoy 9 new pixelart images created by Cinzia-chan featuring some neat images featuring shippy images of Fry and Leela (chibi + shippy), and animated avatar of Bender, chiby and normal Fry images, chibi Amy with a Kif plushie (featured today), a Leela base doll, and a Leegola lying in the forest. Please take a look, you'll see nice pixelart over there!

Fry & Leela: Guitar love songs by nymiSome great fanart is also here. 8 new images by nymi featuring many interesting situations such as: Fry playing checkers with Leela, Zoidberg amused by a head-in-a-jar, Bender watching Fry watching TV (image inspired somehow by yume93 I pressume), an anime version of Fry, the Gender Bender, best friends + daydreaming mates: Fry & Bender, and finally the one featured today, Fry singing a song to Leela.

Don't forget that in October 31 I'll be adding all the Futurama Halloween fanart and other Halloween related fan stuff in a special update. If you have something for halloween you want it to be featured that day, just let me know using the contact form!
by JavieR / October 20, 2009 / 23:54
Well, time for a new update over here. Today we have many fanarts for all of you to enjoy. First, a new watercolor art by Jack, featuring Fry alone with an interesting/simple background and the neat watercolors. Another artist today is coldangel_1, that returns with a very sexy image called: Leela Striptease, is very well done so check it out!

Shower and Shock Collars (Bender, Fry, Leela and Zoidberg) by FuturamaFreak1The 3rd and final artist here today is FuturamaFreak1, that has created a very funny idea with the combination of a Shower and Shock collars, and that's exactly the theme of his last fanart, featuring Bender, Leela, Fry and Zoidberg taking a shower, but Leela is wearing a shock collar, and all of them get shocked. A very funny and sexy (with Leela there) image that you don't wanna miss.

And good news everyone! The Futurama Point is back on Google's Index after the problem the site had with some spammers/hackers that added unwanted crap on this site. Hopefully the problems are solved and I'll read you soon.
by JavieR / October 17, 2009 / 23:58
After another period without news, I'm back. Hopefully this is my last time dealing with the problems I had with spam over here. I've some interesting stuff for you today, starting with a brand new fanfic by a new person around here, she is Michelle Knight. The fanfic is called "The Creation of Robo-Christmas" and is about how the Robot Santa was created and of course Xmas as is known in the year 3000... so go ahead an take a read!

Pumpkin carving Bender by Aaron ChanceyThe other new stuff here today is in the Photorama section. Another new person over here, his name is Aaron Chancey, and I've added 3 nice photos from him. The first one is a Bender tattoo that only a truly diehard Futurama fan has, and the other 2 feature a pumpkin carving Bender, something neat for this Halloween time so near. In fact, there's gonna be a Halloween feature over here in October 31, so if you have any kind of Halloween/Futurama stuff, just submit it and it will be added that day for all of us to enjoy!
by JavieR / October 13, 2009 / 12:31
Futurama Complete Collection now available at Amazon!Get the Futurama Complete Collection (w/ Bender head case) for only $119,99 (best price)!

Ok, it was about time. If you haven't ordered yet, this is your chance to get the Futurama Complete Collection 2009 - 2009 at Amazon for $129,99 $139,99, that includes the 4 first Seasons and the 4 direct-to-DVD movies.. all the discs in and the clool Bender Head case with a deatachable anttena.

In case you didn't know, the original release was available exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con 2009, buying it from the Fox Store, with a price of $200. This time is less expensive and is perfect if you don't have all the DVDs yet, or if you're a die-hard Futurama Fan!

The advertised box shows a Bender head inside a jar (from the well known head-in-a-jar characters of the series), but is in fact the real Bender head, made of plastic, and with a back door to add all the DVDs. You can see images of the real Bender head and DVDs over here.
by JavieR / October 12, 2009 / 22:30
So, after this big delay + the Futurama news from the Futurama Panel + the David X Cohen panel at the Florida Animation Supercon, I'm gonna add some new fanart today. I would like to start with Sof-Sof, she has created 4 new images featuring a shippy situation of Fry and Leela, a kinda mad Fry, one of her wird Fry + Zapp situations and finally, one of herself hugging Fry.

Sad Leela, Suffering Fry by Zed 85 (aka ZedderZulu)The other artist featured today is, please welcome back, Zed 85 (aka ZedderZulu)! The latest two Futurama images he created are very detailed, with neat soft tones, shadows and great expressions, but somehow very sad ones in my opinion. The first one features Amy Wong laying in bed kinda like with her look lost in the void. The second one features Fry and Leela, Leela in a sad mood but Fry has a suffering expression.. kinda disturbing but an excellent work!
by JavieR / October 10, 2009 / 23:58
Well, I'm glad to be back. I'be been warned that this site has unwanted content, and thanks to that I realized that TFP was adding some spam at the end of each page, visible only by the googlebot and other bots (you can see how a bot sees the page over here).

It turns out that the site was kinda hacked by someone that think is cool to add spam to this site, why didn't I run into a person that can write something over the site and say something about the lack of security so I can check it out. The big question is how they got access to the host.. because I've no trojans/virus and I don't have my passwords written with a sticky note in my computer, and I don't think I have any old code to take advantage of...

Well, right now I'm hunting weird files from the folders inside the host, and the security is in beige alert... if you find anything wrong, like spam in the news or warnings about this site from your antivirus, please let me know ASAP to:


I'm sure this site is not harmful to you, but I need to say that in no way I'm going to approve that any of the visitors get any kind of spam from TFP... because I hate spam and I don't wish to stop updating TFP because someone is adding that kind of garbage. I had no knowledge of this behaivor in the site and I'll do my best in order to stop it.

Kind Regards,
by JavieR / October 6, 2009 / 23:14
Hi once again. Time for some new fanart, today from 2 different artists. I'm gonna start with Pong123 and 3 fanarts he made featuring.. Bender having fun with Fry (and Leela watching), a very mad Leela with a baseball bat, and a parody of Counter Strike with Fry and Bender called "Future Strike".

Hobos: Gus and Dandy Jim by TheFightingMongoosesThe other artist today is TheFightingMongooses, and I've added 8 of his fanarts!. You'll find different characters on each images, like Bender and Brian (from Family Guy) acting craaazy, Leela and Bender from the Bender's Game movie, a Fry and Leela shippy image featuring a rose, The origins of Scruffy (based in the first Season 6 spoilers from the SDCC 2009), Fry with Leela and Bender (from one of the Robanukah photos at the end of the episode 1acv05), Fry as a soldier trowing a granade, and my favorite (featured today), the one featuring a pair of Hobos, Gus and Dandy Jim, that appear in a few Futurama episodes.

Have fun!
by JavieR / October 5, 2009 / 22:06
Well, everyone is still watching the first 3 minutes of the Futurama Season 6, and then suddenly, FuturamaFreak1 has already created 5 amazing framegrabs based in that sneak peak footage. Yes, I'm talking about 5 brand new images that feature 5 scenes of the 1 episode of Season 6 (6acv01) video preview (previous TFP update).

Futurama Season 6 framegrabs by FuturamaFreak1

As you can see the framegrabs feature different situations. Fry asking the professor what about his hairdo. Later, Fry asying that "Mario is not responding". Leela warns the crew for an emergency landing. The Professor saying that his safety sphere has air conditioning. The last one features the Planet Express crew members bodies colgados behind a horror shield.

I've also added a couple of new photos in the photorama section. Wolich22 has this neat image of her wearing her home made Mars U sweater that you have to see. There's also another photo by Cinzia-chan that features her Fry and Bender Toynami figures that she recently bought.
by JavieR / October 4, 2009 / 16:03
Again, thanks to @technomensch, here you go the 3 minutes of sneak peak footage from the 1st episode of the new Futurama Season 6 that it will be on Comedy Central on June (10 perhaps), 2010:

The video is from the Futurama Panel at the Florida Animation Supercon!. I'll add more stuff over here later! In the meantime, enjoy!
by JavieR / October 3, 2009 / 16:39
Futurama Season 6 new spoilers at the Florida Animation SuperconOk, today from 4 to 5 pm was the David X Cohen Q&A at the Florida Animation Supercon. So, a great person at Twitter, @technomensch, tweeted all the mentioned spoilers of the new episodes of the Futurama Season 6. Here we go:
  • The 1st pisode (6acv01) of Season 6 picks up right where (Into the Wild Green Yonder) movie left off
  • Sadly for many people, the series will feature a "literal" rebirth of the characters
  • The original concept of the 1st episode was to take place in new universe where they were taken as prisoners, but Matt Groening said that it should be a rebirth instead (please don't boo Matt)
  • The 2nd episode (6acv02) will feature Zapp and Leela in a Eden-like planet (we knew that, but not the Eden-like part)
  • In the 4th episode (6acv04), the Hyperchicken will make appereance (we all love the Hyperchicken haha!)
  • The 2nd and 4th episode will be kinda more filthy than if they had been on FOX. "Comedy Central censors helped them push envelop of language" (that rises the question, what if they wanna put those 2 episodes on FOX later on)
  • The Space Pope will appear in Season 6. It involves Bender grave robbing in vatican.
  • There will be a "Anthology of Intrerest III" episode (the one with the "What if" machine)
  • According to David X Cohen, we will learn more about Nibbler and his powers. He also said that in the movies fans got a "Partial Nibbler satisfaction".
  • In an episode, we will see the future of the iPhone, that it will be implanted directly in your eye.
About the sneak peak footage. It was only of 3 minutes. David X Cohen said that "May show it tomorrow when whole cast is here"  The footage, according to @technomensch, is "Extremely raw, pencil drawn. He (David X Cohen) got it on thursday, didn't think it would be ready for today (saturday)"

There's also info about the production of Futurama. David X Cohen said that the new Season 6 will have less writers and some of the animation that was made in the USA now has been sent overseas (to Raft Drough Korea I assume..)
by JavieR / October 1, 2009 / 23:00
Well, after the news about the possible sneak peak footage of the new Futurama at the Florida Animation Supercon, is time to show you some love from the fans. Today, I've added fanart from 2 artist. The first one is Robot's_Best_Friend, and I've added 5 fanarts featuring Coilette, Fry scared, Leela angry, Zoidberg and Nibbler.

Bender with a turtle by MissusPatchesThe other artist today is the wel know MissusPatches, and she has 4 neat fanarts for you to enjoy. One features Bender with the Robot Devil (perhaps planning something), one of queen Fry (you guessed, dedicated to Sof-Sof), one that fetures Calculon and Bender stalking him (very funny) and the last one featured today, is the one of Bender showing his love for turtles, you know, because both can't get up if they fall in their backs.
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