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by JavieR / October 3, 2009 / 16:39
Futurama Season 6 new spoilers at the Florida Animation SuperconOk, today from 4 to 5 pm was the David X Cohen Q&A at the Florida Animation Supercon. So, a great person at Twitter, @technomensch, tweeted all the mentioned spoilers of the new episodes of the Futurama Season 6. Here we go:
  • The 1st pisode (6acv01) of Season 6 picks up right where (Into the Wild Green Yonder) movie left off
  • Sadly for many people, the series will feature a "literal" rebirth of the characters
  • The original concept of the 1st episode was to take place in new universe where they were taken as prisoners, but Matt Groening said that it should be a rebirth instead (please don't boo Matt)
  • The 2nd episode (6acv02) will feature Zapp and Leela in a Eden-like planet (we knew that, but not the Eden-like part)
  • In the 4th episode (6acv04), the Hyperchicken will make appereance (we all love the Hyperchicken haha!)
  • The 2nd and 4th episode will be kinda more filthy than if they had been on FOX. "Comedy Central censors helped them push envelop of language" (that rises the question, what if they wanna put those 2 episodes on FOX later on)
  • The Space Pope will appear in Season 6. It involves Bender grave robbing in vatican.
  • There will be a "Anthology of Intrerest III" episode (the one with the "What if" machine)
  • According to David X Cohen, we will learn more about Nibbler and his powers. He also said that in the movies fans got a "Partial Nibbler satisfaction".
  • In an episode, we will see the future of the iPhone, that it will be implanted directly in your eye.
About the sneak peak footage. It was only of 3 minutes. David X Cohen said that "May show it tomorrow when whole cast is here"  The footage, according to @technomensch, is "Extremely raw, pencil drawn. He (David X Cohen) got it on thursday, didn't think it would be ready for today (saturday)"

There's also info about the production of Futurama. David X Cohen said that the new Season 6 will have less writers and some of the animation that was made in the USA now has been sent overseas (to Raft Drough Korea I assume..)
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