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by JavieR / October 26, 2009 / 22:32
Blame my work and some other stuff, but now I'm back with some Amy and Kif plushie by Cinzia-channew Futurama stuff for all of you to enjoy. First, we all are going to enjoy 9 new pixelart images created by Cinzia-chan featuring some neat images featuring shippy images of Fry and Leela (chibi + shippy), and animated avatar of Bender, chiby and normal Fry images, chibi Amy with a Kif plushie (featured today), a Leela base doll, and a Leegola lying in the forest. Please take a look, you'll see nice pixelart over there!

Fry & Leela: Guitar love songs by nymiSome great fanart is also here. 8 new images by nymi featuring many interesting situations such as: Fry playing checkers with Leela, Zoidberg amused by a head-in-a-jar, Bender watching Fry watching TV (image inspired somehow by yume93 I pressume), an anime version of Fry, the Gender Bender, best friends + daydreaming mates: Fry & Bender, and finally the one featured today, Fry singing a song to Leela.

Don't forget that in October 31 I'll be adding all the Futurama Halloween fanart and other Halloween related fan stuff in a special update. If you have something for halloween you want it to be featured that day, just let me know using the contact form!
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