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by JavieR / October 5, 2009 / 22:06
Well, everyone is still watching the first 3 minutes of the Futurama Season 6, and then suddenly, FuturamaFreak1 has already created 5 amazing framegrabs based in that sneak peak footage. Yes, I'm talking about 5 brand new images that feature 5 scenes of the 1 episode of Season 6 (6acv01) video preview (previous TFP update).

Futurama Season 6 framegrabs by FuturamaFreak1

As you can see the framegrabs feature different situations. Fry asking the professor what about his hairdo. Later, Fry asying that "Mario is not responding". Leela warns the crew for an emergency landing. The Professor saying that his safety sphere has air conditioning. The last one features the Planet Express crew members bodies colgados behind a horror shield.

I've also added a couple of new photos in the photorama section. Wolich22 has this neat image of her wearing her home made Mars U sweater that you have to see. There's also another photo by Cinzia-chan that features her Fry and Bender Toynami figures that she recently bought.
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