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by JavieR / October 10, 2009 / 23:58
Well, I'm glad to be back. I'be been warned that this site has unwanted content, and thanks to that I realized that TFP was adding some spam at the end of each page, visible only by the googlebot and other bots (you can see how a bot sees the page over here).

It turns out that the site was kinda hacked by someone that think is cool to add spam to this site, why didn't I run into a person that can write something over the site and say something about the lack of security so I can check it out. The big question is how they got access to the host.. because I've no trojans/virus and I don't have my passwords written with a sticky note in my computer, and I don't think I have any old code to take advantage of...

Well, right now I'm hunting weird files from the folders inside the host, and the security is in beige alert... if you find anything wrong, like spam in the news or warnings about this site from your antivirus, please let me know ASAP to:


I'm sure this site is not harmful to you, but I need to say that in no way I'm going to approve that any of the visitors get any kind of spam from TFP... because I hate spam and I don't wish to stop updating TFP because someone is adding that kind of garbage. I had no knowledge of this behaivor in the site and I'll do my best in order to stop it.

Kind Regards,
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