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by JavieR / October 6, 2009 / 23:14
Hi once again. Time for some new fanart, today from 2 different artists. I'm gonna start with Pong123 and 3 fanarts he made featuring.. Bender having fun with Fry (and Leela watching), a very mad Leela with a baseball bat, and a parody of Counter Strike with Fry and Bender called "Future Strike".

Hobos: Gus and Dandy Jim by TheFightingMongoosesThe other artist today is TheFightingMongooses, and I've added 8 of his fanarts!. You'll find different characters on each images, like Bender and Brian (from Family Guy) acting craaazy, Leela and Bender from the Bender's Game movie, a Fry and Leela shippy image featuring a rose, The origins of Scruffy (based in the first Season 6 spoilers from the SDCC 2009), Fry with Leela and Bender (from one of the Robanukah photos at the end of the episode 1acv05), Fry as a soldier trowing a granade, and my favorite (featured today), the one featuring a pair of Hobos, Gus and Dandy Jim, that appear in a few Futurama episodes.

Have fun!
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