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by JavieR / June 28, 2011 / 12:37
Hello. Toynami has announced the exclusive Futurama figures for the San Diego Comic Con 2011. Don't forget to click the images for the full size of the pics!

UPDATE 2 @ July 13, 2011:
Mega Figure - Destructor

Futurama/Toynami - Robot Devil plush - San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive

Toynami announced the upcoming Destructor Mega Figure available for early-order at the San Diego Comic Con 2011. This awesome figure will be available for everyone at retail stores near Xmas, 2011. Here you go what toynamy wrote:

And in this corner, it's our new FUTURAMA San Diego Debut: the enormous Destructor! Bender's arch-rival in the wrestling ring will be available in stores 4th Quarter 2011, but you can get him early by ordering him at Comic-Con and we'll send him right to your house! You won't have to figure out a way to pack him on the plane -- let us do all the work!

Tey also answered some questions, including the possible price of $40 at the SDCC including shipping and handling:

it'll be $40 in the exclusive SDCC packaging, which includes shipping + tax

@Joseph - sorry, we won't be at NY Comic Con this year :(

@Jacob - the only way to pre-order the Destructor in the comic-con package is at our booth at SDCC, but the figure itself will be available at various retail stores this holiday season!

He's just under 12 inches! (30 cm) Totally in scale with the rest of the line

Robot Devil Plush

Futurama/Toynami - Robot Devil plush - San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive

This plush (or plushie) looks very cute, and it will be the second Toynami Futurama exclusive to be a plush instead of a figure at the SDCC, the first one was the Nibbler plush with a space suit.

The 3 Futurama/Toynami plushies available for everyone cost about ~$25 each, so this one could cost about ~$40 at the SDCC.

Futurama Tineez: Angry Bender*

Futurama/Toynami - Tineez line: Bender - San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive

*UPDATE: This is the Angry version of Bender from the Tineez line. Thanks to apexxx from PEEL!

This is weird.. I mean the figures are also "cute" but Tineez Bender (happy), Zodiberg and the Robot Devil are available for $25 + shipping at amazon.


What keeps me and many other fans wondering, is when we will be able to get the Futurama/Toynami action figures announced back in 2010, waves 10 and 11 featuring the Robot Mafia and Flexo, and also the deluxe figures: Morbo, Lrrr and Destructor.

I asked Toynami about the waves, and they mentioned this: "Javier: You'll see them all at Comic-Con, but we wom" ...minutes later, the message was deleted from their Facebook page.

SOURCE: Toynami at Facebook
by JavieR / June 28, 2011 / 10:54
Hi everyone. I've read by now, many reviews and opinions of the 2 first episodes of the new Futurama Season 6B that aired on Comedy Central the past Thursday. So I decided to talk about the 2 episodes, perhaps as a type of personal review (I'm not usually write this kind of stuff so don get mad if you see something wrong)

6acv20 - Neutopia

Futurama - 6acv20 - NeutopiaThis was a nice episode, but not a very strong one for a series premiere. It has a lot of laughs and disturbing (funny) scenes, though it is not what you'll call an awesome Futurama episode. It has more a feeling of easy visual and verbal jokes, and perhaps the reason why Comedy Central decided to air this episode first it was to aim another kind of potential new fans. (I don't think CC is underestimating die-hard Futurama fans).

Like many people said, the plot is not so fluid, and well, it would be great to see more situations of the crew in exchanged gender, even when the scenes of the relationship between Hermes and LaBarbara is interesting to watch because it shows us that they love each other no matter what.

6acv17 - Benderama

The second episode of the premiere was a stronger one, and not only because of the many Benders around, but because it was a more structured story and had more mixed jokes between easy and smart ones.

Futurama - 6acv17 - BenderamaWhile I think the writers are overusing Bender quite a bit (it is overused in Futurama merchandise too), and this is a heavy Bender episode, it is great to watch those mini Benders do many fun stuff and being Bender. The start of the episode has no link the story until the end of it, when we see a nice animated battle. It has laughs for everyone in my opinion, so this should be used as the first of the 2 Futurama episodes aired in the premiere.


I think that the producers of Futurama would have aired the episodes in the production order, but I guess is not their call to decide the order of the aired episodes on Comedy Central. I would like to see the original order because that way the continuity of the series is not affected (hopefully).

I enjoy every Futurama episode, no matter what. I just needed to write my point of view since I've seen many mixed reviews of these two episodes.
by JavieR / June 21, 2011 / 00:31
Realistic Amy Wong by CMS Illustration (aka Cristian)With less than 3 days away for the Futurama premiere of Season 6B, is time to check out some new fanart from some of the fans around the world. I would like to star with someone from Spain, that has created 3 very nice realistic versions of the Futurama characters, please welcome CMC Illustration (aka Cristian). His arts feature Hermes, Amy and Professor Farnsworth, and the images are very interesting realistic takes on the characters, I really recommend you to take a look. The 3 images also have a sketch version.

Another art over here was created by mej073, Known for the kinky style, I've added the 3 futurama ones, featuring Morgan Proctor submitting Leela, Lois (from Family Guy) dancing with Leela and my favorite, a Tron and Leela crossover that looks great.

Leeler strip (Leela and Bender) by MissusPatchesThe final artist of today is named MissuPatches. Is nice to see her back with new Futurama fanart. Today I've added her latest 3 images, starting with one of Fry and That Guy (Steve Castle) from episode "3acv21 - Futurestock" dancing 80's style, Fry scared with Bender holding him and finally, 4 Leela and Bender kinda shippy drawings like the one featured today.
by JavieR / June 16, 2011 / 10:41
Futurama Anime style!Hi. Is time for news, Futurama news. Thanks to the people from AnimationMagazine.net, we have some more info about the upcoming season. They interviewed David X. Cohen and there's some interesting info from his brain to ours:

"We also have some more experimental animation on tap in an episode called "Law and Oracle", in which Fry joins the future police force to ward off crime before it happens. It’s our homage to films like Minority Report and Tron - the animators at Rough Draft created a fantastic Tron-like sequence, which offers a gridline version of Futurama"

Interesting, it seems that episode "6acv16 - Law and Oracle" will have some neat stuff, and I was watching Tron and Tron Legacy yesterday.. hurray! Not to mention that Minority Report has some great concepts that would be great to see in Futurama.

UPDATE: Comedy Central Insider released a preview of the TRON-like scene.

"We will screen the anime portion at Comic-Con this year. Our supervising director, Peter Avanznio, did an amazing job of redesigning our whole world in three distinctive styles for just one episode. We even used jazz for the black-and-white section, licensed actual videogame music and anime scores for the episode."

If you're attending the San Diego Comic Con 2011, you can't miss this.. a preview of the Anime version of Futurama. I also like the fact they used authentic jazz, videogame and anime music for this 3 parts.

David also talked about the previous season 6, special guests that will appear this upcoming season and how Comedy central and the fans have a strong online social media (or something like that).. you can read a lot about that in the full article.

Source: Animation Magazine
by JavieR / June 14, 2011 / 00:46
Werecar vs Leela by KaspiredHi again. I'm not a workaholic, but as you know.. sometimes "you gotta do what you gotta do". Today I would like to start with some new fanart created by Kaspired. I've added 7 new images, the first to featuring the main characters in real ink (that Mike made as a practice, but they look fairly good to me). Other include Leela catching a sphere, Fry and Kif as slaves of a cannibal Amy Wong, a very very sexy Leela nude pose, Kaspired's version of Scruffy as Raquel Welch (inspired by the upcoming episode "Neutopia") and featured today, Leela fighting the original Wherecar from episode "2acv18 - The Honking"!!

The second artist here today, returning after many time is Lee Roberts. I've added an image he created, based in a Futurama comic, that features Amy as a heroin kicking a pink bear's ass!

Leela, a sweet morning by MissFuturamaThe third and last artist of this night, is MissFuturama with 7 of her latest arts. She has a particular style of coloring that looks great. You'll find fanart of Amy trashing Bender, a sketch of Fry with robot Leela from episode "6acv01 - Rebirth", a classic dominatrix Leela, a sweet image of Victoria (a real person) with a tiny Fry in her hand, 2 versions of Fry and Leela as a quite elegant couple (one without a painting in the back) and finally, a beautiful Leela portrait just waking up with her hair all messed up and Fry in the back with a rose.

Have fun, I've to go now!
by JavieR / June 5, 2011 / 15:52
Back from being away because of a flu, nut not completely if you are a fan on facebook or following @slurmed on twitter. Today, I've many stuff to add to the site, that I don't know where to begin.

Scary Door - The Movie by Gulliver63I'm going to start with some fan comics.. sounds cool right. The first 2 ones were created by Gulliver63 and feature as the main theme... The Scary Door. I really like this Twilight Zone parody, because you can create unthinkable normal situations and make them also funny. The comics feature 2 Scenes of The Scary Door - The Movie: Delivery to a Quiet Town and The After Hours.. check them out!

Another artist today with a new comic is Alanquest, and he created a mini Futurama comic #1 called Fry's Ball, that features Leela and Fry in a quick funny situation.

Cute Amy by SuperPrincessPinkWhat else for today... let me see, oh right.. I've added 6 new images by SuperPrincessPink, featuring a 2 double Fry weird situations, a double headed Fry, Fry with Bucket head, a handmade portrait of Fry, and a very cute portrait of Amy Wong.

Another artist here today is Sof-Sof with her latest 3 images. You'll see an image of Fry and Leela, one of the awesome friendship of Fry and Bender, and Fry as a girl inspired by the preview of the Neutopia episode that will air this June 23.

The final one is Gulliver63 with 18 new images.. many of them parodies like one of Zapp and Leela as Star Trek characters, 2 images of the characters in the Flinstones style, Morgan Proctor as the goddess of efficiency, Leela as a gladiator, Amy as a pink pirate, and many more,, even a Futurama version of the Led Zeppelin IV album. There are also 2 images of the fanfic Amy Wrong, Zapp and Kif as party animals, Amy in anime style and some other more.
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