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by JavieR / June 28, 2011 / 10:54
Hi everyone. I've read by now, many reviews and opinions of the 2 first episodes of the new Futurama Season 6B that aired on Comedy Central the past Thursday. So I decided to talk about the 2 episodes, perhaps as a type of personal review (I'm not usually write this kind of stuff so don get mad if you see something wrong)

6acv20 - Neutopia

Futurama - 6acv20 - NeutopiaThis was a nice episode, but not a very strong one for a series premiere. It has a lot of laughs and disturbing (funny) scenes, though it is not what you'll call an awesome Futurama episode. It has more a feeling of easy visual and verbal jokes, and perhaps the reason why Comedy Central decided to air this episode first it was to aim another kind of potential new fans. (I don't think CC is underestimating die-hard Futurama fans).

Like many people said, the plot is not so fluid, and well, it would be great to see more situations of the crew in exchanged gender, even when the scenes of the relationship between Hermes and LaBarbara is interesting to watch because it shows us that they love each other no matter what.

6acv17 - Benderama

The second episode of the premiere was a stronger one, and not only because of the many Benders around, but because it was a more structured story and had more mixed jokes between easy and smart ones.

Futurama - 6acv17 - BenderamaWhile I think the writers are overusing Bender quite a bit (it is overused in Futurama merchandise too), and this is a heavy Bender episode, it is great to watch those mini Benders do many fun stuff and being Bender. The start of the episode has no link the story until the end of it, when we see a nice animated battle. It has laughs for everyone in my opinion, so this should be used as the first of the 2 Futurama episodes aired in the premiere.


I think that the producers of Futurama would have aired the episodes in the production order, but I guess is not their call to decide the order of the aired episodes on Comedy Central. I would like to see the original order because that way the continuity of the series is not affected (hopefully).

I enjoy every Futurama episode, no matter what. I just needed to write my point of view since I've seen many mixed reviews of these two episodes.
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