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by JavieR / June 16, 2011 / 10:41
Futurama Anime style!Hi. Is time for news, Futurama news. Thanks to the people from AnimationMagazine.net, we have some more info about the upcoming season. They interviewed David X. Cohen and there's some interesting info from his brain to ours:

"We also have some more experimental animation on tap in an episode called "Law and Oracle", in which Fry joins the future police force to ward off crime before it happens. It’s our homage to films like Minority Report and Tron - the animators at Rough Draft created a fantastic Tron-like sequence, which offers a gridline version of Futurama"

Interesting, it seems that episode "6acv16 - Law and Oracle" will have some neat stuff, and I was watching Tron and Tron Legacy yesterday.. hurray! Not to mention that Minority Report has some great concepts that would be great to see in Futurama.

UPDATE: Comedy Central Insider released a preview of the TRON-like scene.

"We will screen the anime portion at Comic-Con this year. Our supervising director, Peter Avanznio, did an amazing job of redesigning our whole world in three distinctive styles for just one episode. We even used jazz for the black-and-white section, licensed actual videogame music and anime scores for the episode."

If you're attending the San Diego Comic Con 2011, you can't miss this.. a preview of the Anime version of Futurama. I also like the fact they used authentic jazz, videogame and anime music for this 3 parts.

David also talked about the previous season 6, special guests that will appear this upcoming season and how Comedy central and the fans have a strong online social media (or something like that).. you can read a lot about that in the full article.

Source: Animation Magazine
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