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by JavieR / June 28, 2011 / 12:37
Hello. Toynami has announced the exclusive Futurama figures for the San Diego Comic Con 2011. Don't forget to click the images for the full size of the pics!

UPDATE 2 @ July 13, 2011:
Mega Figure - Destructor

Futurama/Toynami - Robot Devil plush - San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive

Toynami announced the upcoming Destructor Mega Figure available for early-order at the San Diego Comic Con 2011. This awesome figure will be available for everyone at retail stores near Xmas, 2011. Here you go what toynamy wrote:

And in this corner, it's our new FUTURAMA San Diego Debut: the enormous Destructor! Bender's arch-rival in the wrestling ring will be available in stores 4th Quarter 2011, but you can get him early by ordering him at Comic-Con and we'll send him right to your house! You won't have to figure out a way to pack him on the plane -- let us do all the work!

Tey also answered some questions, including the possible price of $40 at the SDCC including shipping and handling:

it'll be $40 in the exclusive SDCC packaging, which includes shipping + tax

@Joseph - sorry, we won't be at NY Comic Con this year :(

@Jacob - the only way to pre-order the Destructor in the comic-con package is at our booth at SDCC, but the figure itself will be available at various retail stores this holiday season!

He's just under 12 inches! (30 cm) Totally in scale with the rest of the line

Robot Devil Plush

Futurama/Toynami - Robot Devil plush - San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive

This plush (or plushie) looks very cute, and it will be the second Toynami Futurama exclusive to be a plush instead of a figure at the SDCC, the first one was the Nibbler plush with a space suit.

The 3 Futurama/Toynami plushies available for everyone cost about ~$25 each, so this one could cost about ~$40 at the SDCC.

Futurama Tineez: Angry Bender*

Futurama/Toynami - Tineez line: Bender - San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive

*UPDATE: This is the Angry version of Bender from the Tineez line. Thanks to apexxx from PEEL!

This is weird.. I mean the figures are also "cute" but Tineez Bender (happy), Zodiberg and the Robot Devil are available for $25 + shipping at amazon.


What keeps me and many other fans wondering, is when we will be able to get the Futurama/Toynami action figures announced back in 2010, waves 10 and 11 featuring the Robot Mafia and Flexo, and also the deluxe figures: Morbo, Lrrr and Destructor.

I asked Toynami about the waves, and they mentioned this: "Javier: You'll see them all at Comic-Con, but we wom" ...minutes later, the message was deleted from their Facebook page.

SOURCE: Toynami at Facebook
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