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by JavieR / June 21, 2011 / 00:31
Realistic Amy Wong by CMS Illustration (aka Cristian)With less than 3 days away for the Futurama premiere of Season 6B, is time to check out some new fanart from some of the fans around the world. I would like to star with someone from Spain, that has created 3 very nice realistic versions of the Futurama characters, please welcome CMC Illustration (aka Cristian). His arts feature Hermes, Amy and Professor Farnsworth, and the images are very interesting realistic takes on the characters, I really recommend you to take a look. The 3 images also have a sketch version.

Another art over here was created by mej073, Known for the kinky style, I've added the 3 futurama ones, featuring Morgan Proctor submitting Leela, Lois (from Family Guy) dancing with Leela and my favorite, a Tron and Leela crossover that looks great.

Leeler strip (Leela and Bender) by MissusPatchesThe final artist of today is named MissuPatches. Is nice to see her back with new Futurama fanart. Today I've added her latest 3 images, starting with one of Fry and That Guy (Steve Castle) from episode "3acv21 - Futurestock" dancing 80's style, Fry scared with Bender holding him and finally, 4 Leela and Bender kinda shippy drawings like the one featured today.
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