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by JavieR / August 21, 2012 / 00:15
Hi... long time no see. I'm sick, I've no time since I'm still recovering from my knee injury in December, 2011. I've mostly added reviews of the new episodes, but I had no time to add the last 2 episodes. Today, I wanna add some of the many fanart images I've not added (sorry to all the artists).

Nightwalks Futurama by Gulliver63I want to start with a guy named Gulliver63, and not less than 37 new images that he has created in al this time.. Many many funny situations. Movie parodies like Dirty Kif, Return to the planet of the Cyclops, Iron Amy, The Amy Bully, Leela as Han Solo, A Fistful of Futurama, The Bureaucrat Menace and more. Other are crossovers with other stuff, like Korean Kanbok Amy, Kiffa, Human Bender with Robot Leela and Amy, many Land of the Giants images, Momoids (Deltoids), some interesting Morgan Proctor parodies, and many more images that you'll enjoy!

I have added 9 new fanart images by Anichysaur64 featuring some original characters and some shippy images! Vimp has also created 3 images, featuring a regular Fry, a Fry (SuperPrincessPin style) and an Amy portrait.

Fry with Presents by SuperPrincessPinkFinally, I've 21 images created by SuperPrincessPink, featuring many characters and moments. As usual, she likes to create the double-headed Fry at the beach, drinking soda, with Pikachu, with Amy and Bender's OC daughter, discussing, dancing, chilling and more. Other images feature Fry giving Leela some flowers, Fry riding a pony, Fry cerberus, the crew watching some fireworks, gothic Amy, and a lot of Fry clones doing many different stuff at once! Have fun and enjoy.

More fanart is coming... I've a lot of sutff to add.

Episode "7acv12 - Viva Mar Vegas" airs on Wednesday 10pm/9c on Comedy Central, don't forget to watch it!!
by JavieR / August 7, 2012 / 13:50
Hi everyone. Sorry for not adding fanart these weeks. I'm very busy at my work, so I've only added news and reviews of the new episodes.

Futurama Season 7A - 7acv08 - Fun on a Bun7acv08 - Fun on a Bun

I think this is in fact the best episode of the season so far. It has the mix of big animation (battles and 3D ships takes), funny stories and a lot of heart (like I mentioned to someone on twitter) in a way only Futurama can deliver.

Fry manages to get drunk in a future Oktoberfest in Germany, were beer is served now in tiny tiny cups and no ones party like before. Meanwhile Bender enters a sausage contest.

Leela, upset with Fry drunk and embarrassing her trying to make her do the chiken dance with chicken hats, broke up with him (Fry didn't know they were dating until that point). Bender goes with Fry to find a frozen mammoth from the Neander valley to make the sausages, and while grinding the meat, Fry gets stuck in the gigantic grinder and he dies.

Bender classifies to the next round in the contest, and while Leela is tasting the sausages, they notice that Fry's hair and pieces of his clothes are in the meat. They all mourn the death of Fry, and Leela can't take it, so she goes and deletes all his memories of Fry (but some stuff like the color Orange or shapes like his hair made leela Sad). The Planet Express crew tries to not mention Fry, but is a fun and hard task.

Meanwhile, we learn that Fry saves himself from the grinder, after shattering all his clothes and part of his hair. He falls in a ice cave and hits his head. When he wakes up, some neanderthals save him. Fry has no memory and a bump on his forehead that made him look like them.

Bender is called to Germany for the final round of the sausage contest, and they all go, even when that could make Leela remember Fry. In the neanderthals cave, they found a hole to scape from they prison cave where they lived about 30.000 years. In his time there, Fry learns that Homo Sapiens are rude and starts to hate humans (he thought he was also a neanderthal) then encourage them to scape the cave and kill all modern humans. Notice that purple things also made Fry sad.

In the contest, Bender only gets the 3rd price, "The greatest injustice Germany has ever committed." according the robot. The neanderthals attack the humans in the contest and a battle develops, ending with Fry and Leela fighting each other, not remembering the other.

while they fight, they had hats. Leela the chicken hat that Fry gave her when they first visited Oktoberfest, and Fry had a skull hat from the neanderthals. Finally in the fight, both loose they hats and tell the other "Purple?" "Orange?".. "Do I know you?".. and surprisingly for all the fans, they kiss in the middle of the battle with great passion and is a great moment never seen before in the series (there have been previous kisses, but believe me, this is the shippiest one).

The neanderthals, while wining the battle, that not even Zapp Brannigan could stop with all the technology (specially against the sabretooth catapult), see the kiss and forgive Humans for exclude them in the past. Sapiens and neanderthals party in an 21th Century Oktoberfest way, and Leela ends up embarrassing Fry with the chicken dance that Fry wanted to dance at the beginning.

I wrote the whole episode because I think this episode worked in the old Futurama way. Perhaps some people don't like the the kiss, but the mix of stories, main and secondary worked very well, there was no rush in the story and the mix I mentioned at the beginning: hearth, action & fun is pure Futurama gold.

This episode was written by Futurama co-producer Dan Vebber. He has written: "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz", "The Route of All Evil", "Love and Rocket", "Obsoletely Fabulous", "Möbius Dick", "Cold Warriors" & "The Thief of Baghead".

1.009 million viewers saw the episode. Since this episode is next to episode "The Six Million Dollar Mon", that was fun and interesting in my opinion, I expected more viewers this time. Well, I've to say that you must watch this episode if you didn't, you'll not be dissapointed.

Source: TV by the Numbers
by JavieR / August 2, 2012 / 22:10
I'm a little behind the reviews of the Futurama episodes that aired in the past 2 dates. Today is the time for my impressions of last week Futurama episode, and hopefully tomorrow I'll add the one from the last night episode too.

Futurama Season 7A - 7acv07 - The Six Million Dollar Mon7acv07 - The Six Million Dollar Mon

This is a Hermes episode, and a very funny one. He decides to start upgrading his body with robot parts, and ends up being almost completely a robot in the process.

The episode has great moments, from the Cylon parts Hermes adds to himself, to Zoidberg collecting Hermes' human parts to create a ventriloquist doll and revive his comedy dream.

The twist of this episode was no that obvious, but when Hermes decides to change his brain with a robot one, we start remembering that Roberto was executed in this episode. At the end, the Professor can't operate due to LaBarbara interfering, and Zoidberg performs the operation, reviving the old Hermes (since he kept all his old parts), and the giant robot body to Roberto, that dies again (this time melted) since he tried to eat the spicy Hermes skin.

This part is kinda odd, because for continuity issues, many people want to se Roberto again, but he dies twice on this episode. My theory, all robots have a backup unit in the cloud remember, except for Bender. I think we will see Roberto in the future.

This episode was written by Emmy award winner and Futurama executive producer Ken Keeler. He has written many amazing episodes, like "The Series Has Landed", "When Aliens Attack", "Time Keeps on Slippin'", "Godfellas", "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (Emmy award), "The Prisoner of Benda" (Writers Guild of America Award), "The Tip of the Zoidberg" (2012 Emmy nomination), "Overclockwise" and 2 of the movies (the best 2 in my opinion): "Bender's Big Score" & "Into the Wild Green Yonder"

1.187 million viewers saw the episode, same people as the previous one, but I expected less sinc "The Butterjunk Effect" was not good to many fans, and for me it was a regular episode.

Source: TV by the Numbers
by JavieR / August 1, 2012 / 13:06
Futurama t-shirts 2012 by Ripple JunctionHi there! As you can see (well, you can see just 2 of them here), there's a new bunch of awesome Futurama designs that can be your new favorite T-shirts, thanks to Ripple Junction. All you've to do is answer this survey over here and give your opinion on each designs.

As usual, there are a lot of awesome designs, going from the Action Delivery Force, Hypnotoad, Pannucci's Pizza, Zoidberg, Mom Corp and Bender! Some of the m look great, some others.. I don't think they are gonna work, but that's my opinion, you have to give your in the survey.

Like in a previous time like this, Ripple Junction will be picking some people that answered the survey and they will win free T-shirts!

Also, don't forget that a new Futurama episode airs tonight at 10pm/9c on Comedy Central!
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