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by JavieR / August 2, 2012 / 22:10
I'm a little behind the reviews of the Futurama episodes that aired in the past 2 dates. Today is the time for my impressions of last week Futurama episode, and hopefully tomorrow I'll add the one from the last night episode too.

Futurama Season 7A - 7acv07 - The Six Million Dollar Mon7acv07 - The Six Million Dollar Mon

This is a Hermes episode, and a very funny one. He decides to start upgrading his body with robot parts, and ends up being almost completely a robot in the process.

The episode has great moments, from the Cylon parts Hermes adds to himself, to Zoidberg collecting Hermes' human parts to create a ventriloquist doll and revive his comedy dream.

The twist of this episode was no that obvious, but when Hermes decides to change his brain with a robot one, we start remembering that Roberto was executed in this episode. At the end, the Professor can't operate due to LaBarbara interfering, and Zoidberg performs the operation, reviving the old Hermes (since he kept all his old parts), and the giant robot body to Roberto, that dies again (this time melted) since he tried to eat the spicy Hermes skin.

This part is kinda odd, because for continuity issues, many people want to se Roberto again, but he dies twice on this episode. My theory, all robots have a backup unit in the cloud remember, except for Bender. I think we will see Roberto in the future.

This episode was written by Emmy award winner and Futurama executive producer Ken Keeler. He has written many amazing episodes, like "The Series Has Landed", "When Aliens Attack", "Time Keeps on Slippin'", "Godfellas", "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (Emmy award), "The Prisoner of Benda" (Writers Guild of America Award), "The Tip of the Zoidberg" (2012 Emmy nomination), "Overclockwise" and 2 of the movies (the best 2 in my opinion): "Bender's Big Score" & "Into the Wild Green Yonder"

1.187 million viewers saw the episode, same people as the previous one, but I expected less sinc "The Butterjunk Effect" was not good to many fans, and for me it was a regular episode.

Source: TV by the Numbers
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