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by JavieR / November 29, 2010 / 01:57
Terrific Trio: Leela, Fry and Bender by  TheFightingMongoosesHi people. Like the title says, is time for some new Futurama stuff (specifically fanart) once again, and I would like to start with SuperPrincessPink, and 12 new fanarts she created. The images feature many situations including some weird couples like Fry and Bender and Fry multiplied up to 4 times. other images feature Leela hugging Fry, Fry sleeping, Fry thinking, the poster from a Futurama Comic, and two images featuring the Main Futurama characters... Fry, Leela and Bender.

Amy, General Sluttyness by TheFightingMongoosesThe other artist here today is TheFightingMongooses with 3 new great images featuring Leela posing with Fry begging dor help and Bender in the back, a neat Hallowen 3010 planet express crew in different disguises and finaly, the one featured today, Amy: General Sluttyness featuring of cours Amy with a bikini and laser rifle + featuring the uniform of the "Sith-al War" from episode "6acv06 - Lethal Inspection". Is a nice one that you don't wanna miss.

I've to sleep now, is 2 am and I've to work in a few hours.
by JavieR / November 24, 2010 / 12:24
Futurama/Toynami Series 9: Wooden Bender & URLHello people. Xmas is coming and what better than a Futurama gift for this holiday season! I'm amazed by the great stuff already available at Amazon and at great prices. I'm going to start with the latest Toynami / Futurama series 9 figures for $27,84 featuring Wooden Bender (from episode "Obsoletely Fabolous") and URL (Robot peace officer). Unfortunately, there's no Build-a-Bot figure this time, and is believed Morbo and Lrrr figures will be released as Deluxe editions (or something like that)

Futurama DVD and Blu-Ray deals in Seasons ans Movies at Amazon.comIf you want to renew or you don't have (shame on you!) the first 72 episodes of Futurama, this is your chance, you can get each Volume (from 1 to 4) at a very low price... Vol. 1, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 for $8,99 + Vol. 2 for $9,49. That's a total of $36,46 for all the 72 episodes (15 DVD discs!) ...sounds to me like something you can't get any cheaper.

The Futurama Movies are also a neat deal, each Futurama movie on DVD for only for $5,99 and the Blu-Ray of the last 2 Movies, "Bender's Game" for $8,49 and "Into The Wild Green Yonder" for $7,99 are sweet deals from Amazon if you ask me.

And finally, you can complete your collection with Futurama Vol. 5 (season 6) that dropped the price to $30,49 for the Blu-Ray set and $22,99 for the DVD set!

Remember that big sales are needed now in order to push Comedy Central to ask for more Futurama episodes after the 13 ones left that will air in 2011.
by JavieR / November 17, 2010 / 14:43
Hello people. Don't you forget that this Sunday, November 21th of 2010 a new Futurama episode will air on Comedy central at 10pm/9c. I'm talking about the "6acv13 - Futurama Holiday Spectacular" that marks half Production Season 6 (and the final of broadcast Season 6). This is the latest video released by Comedy Central with the Crew and Cast about this episode:

Don't forget to watch it, and please, you can check out more videos and images from the Futurama Holiday Spectacular at the Futurama's 12 Days of Xmas category at Comedy Central Insider!

Source: Comedy Central Insider
by JavieR / November 16, 2010 / 00:02
I Dream of Amy (Jeannie) by Gulliver63Hi once again. Time for some new fan stuff, fanart if you wanna be more specific. I'm glad to start with a great artist with a lot of imagination for crossovers and classic sci-fi, I'm talking about of Gulliver63, and 10 of his new images. Two neat corssovers of Futurama and Scooby Doo, featuring Amy as Daphne, Leela as Velma and viceversa. Another classic crossover is I dream of Amy (you get the idea) and other good ones. There's also the warrior Leela, Leela making fun of a mini Zapp, brain switching from episode "The Prisoner of Benda", Fashion Police (Amy world) and finally, a neat full portrait of amy wearing sandals.

The other artist today is Sof-Sof, and I've added her latest 4 Futurama fanarts featuring Fry hugging Zapp, Zapp crying, Sof herself with Fry and also a cute Fry portrait.

Don't forget that The Futurama Holiday Special will premiere this Sunday, Nov. 21th, 2010 at 10pm/9c on Comedy Central!
by JavieR / November 10, 2010 / 21:19
Bender at work by casebasketHello again. I've been not around, only posting stuff on the @slurmed twitter and in facebook.com/slurmed. Tonight we feature some good new fanart, starting with a godd friend casebasket, and 2 of his latest Futurama images featuring Bender! One of the images has the lovable rascal drinking, smoking and with lots of money. The other is kinda similar, but is more artistic and somehow psychedelic. Check them out, you'll not be disappointed!

Fry sky high by SuperPrincessPinkThe other artist today is a new one. Please welcome SuperPrincessPink! She has a colorful style and some of the images are kinda yaoi (I always mention that as a warning). You'll find 9 images, most of them featuring Fry, double Fry and even triple Fry!! There's one of how to create your own frysona (from persona that means people) and the one featured today of Fry and the blue sky!

I'm really busy with my work, is kinda overwhelming sometimes that I get home and I feel very tired, so you haven't see me update lately over here. I do invite you to follow TFP on twitter and facebook for more immediate Futurama news.
by JavieR / November 4, 2010 / 00:26
No playing Hookie (Fry + Bender + Hermes) by Y2WHi. When I said back to work, I don't only mean that I'm back to work at TFP. I'm also going back to work in my real work + that's the theme of the first fanart featured today. Y2W created this great image that I almost forget to include at TFP. As you can see, this image feature Fry and Bender watching TV at the Planet Express Lounge, but outside of the window you can see Hermes very mad.. they better get back to work! It has great quality and is a very big fanart.. be sure to check it out!

Futurama vs. Pinocchio by TheFightingMongoosesThe other artist featured today is TheFightingMongooses with 3 of his images. This time, he created an interesting crossover of Pinocchio and Futurama, featuring Fry as Pinocchio, Leela as the Blue Fairy and Bender as Jiminy Cricket. A neat colored version of LaBarbara Conrad posing as Farrah Fawcett (original sketch by Kaspired) and finally, a neat original poster of"Leela, Orphan of the Stars" Opera, from the outstanding episode "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings".

by JavieR / November 1, 2010 / 00:19
Hi hi hi everyone.. are you having a great Halloween tonight? Well, over here, I'm glad to feature some neat Futurama/Halloween fanart. I wanted to do it sooner but I was without an Internet connection... I would like to start with a neat artist that has created a very good and frightening series called "Lady Death". I'm talking about Kaspired and the images feature Leela, Amy and LaBarbara in a unique way that you'll really like:

Lady Death 1 (Leela) by Kaspired Lady Death 2 (Amy) by Kaspired Lady Death 3 (LaBarbara) by Kaspired

Next, another good artist, Gulliver63, created 3 interesting horror parodies, mixing Soylent Green, The Silence of the Lambs and The Shining with his versions featuring Futurama characters (and even Moe from the Simpsons) + a last minute addition of "El Día de los Muertos" (Halloween tradition in Mexico) in the images:

The Shining (Amy + Kif) by Gulliver63 Dia de los Muertos (Amy + Fry + Leela + Professor) by Gulliver63 The Silence of the Nibblers (Lambs) (Amy + Leela) by Gulliver63 Soylent Cola (Green) (Fry + Leela + Moe) by Gulliver63

As usual, I might missed some halloween fanart, and I've some other images to feature.. that I should add over here a month ago.... Enjoy the Halloween ones, and you'll see more in a near near future!
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