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by JavieR / November 4, 2010 / 00:26
No playing Hookie (Fry + Bender + Hermes) by Y2WHi. When I said back to work, I don't only mean that I'm back to work at TFP. I'm also going back to work in my real work + that's the theme of the first fanart featured today. Y2W created this great image that I almost forget to include at TFP. As you can see, this image feature Fry and Bender watching TV at the Planet Express Lounge, but outside of the window you can see Hermes very mad.. they better get back to work! It has great quality and is a very big fanart.. be sure to check it out!

Futurama vs. Pinocchio by TheFightingMongoosesThe other artist featured today is TheFightingMongooses with 3 of his images. This time, he created an interesting crossover of Pinocchio and Futurama, featuring Fry as Pinocchio, Leela as the Blue Fairy and Bender as Jiminy Cricket. A neat colored version of LaBarbara Conrad posing as Farrah Fawcett (original sketch by Kaspired) and finally, a neat original poster of"Leela, Orphan of the Stars" Opera, from the outstanding episode "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings".

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