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by JavieR / November 24, 2010 / 12:24
Futurama/Toynami Series 9: Wooden Bender & URLHello people. Xmas is coming and what better than a Futurama gift for this holiday season! I'm amazed by the great stuff already available at Amazon and at great prices. I'm going to start with the latest Toynami / Futurama series 9 figures for $27,84 featuring Wooden Bender (from episode "Obsoletely Fabolous") and URL (Robot peace officer). Unfortunately, there's no Build-a-Bot figure this time, and is believed Morbo and Lrrr figures will be released as Deluxe editions (or something like that)

Futurama DVD and Blu-Ray deals in Seasons ans Movies at Amazon.comIf you want to renew or you don't have (shame on you!) the first 72 episodes of Futurama, this is your chance, you can get each Volume (from 1 to 4) at a very low price... Vol. 1, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 for $8,99 + Vol. 2 for $9,49. That's a total of $36,46 for all the 72 episodes (15 DVD discs!) ...sounds to me like something you can't get any cheaper.

The Futurama Movies are also a neat deal, each Futurama movie on DVD for only for $5,99 and the Blu-Ray of the last 2 Movies, "Bender's Game" for $8,49 and "Into The Wild Green Yonder" for $7,99 are sweet deals from Amazon if you ask me.

And finally, you can complete your collection with Futurama Vol. 5 (season 6) that dropped the price to $30,49 for the Blu-Ray set and $22,99 for the DVD set!

Remember that big sales are needed now in order to push Comedy Central to ask for more Futurama episodes after the 13 ones left that will air in 2011.
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