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by JavieR / November 10, 2010 / 21:19
Bender at work by casebasketHello again. I've been not around, only posting stuff on the @slurmed twitter and in Tonight we feature some good new fanart, starting with a godd friend casebasket, and 2 of his latest Futurama images featuring Bender! One of the images has the lovable rascal drinking, smoking and with lots of money. The other is kinda similar, but is more artistic and somehow psychedelic. Check them out, you'll not be disappointed!

Fry sky high by SuperPrincessPinkThe other artist today is a new one. Please welcome SuperPrincessPink! She has a colorful style and some of the images are kinda yaoi (I always mention that as a warning). You'll find 9 images, most of them featuring Fry, double Fry and even triple Fry!! There's one of how to create your own frysona (from persona that means people) and the one featured today of Fry and the blue sky!

I'm really busy with my work, is kinda overwhelming sometimes that I get home and I feel very tired, so you haven't see me update lately over here. I do invite you to follow TFP on twitter and facebook for more immediate Futurama news.
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