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by JavieR / March 26, 2010 / 17:02
Faux Futurama comic cover 3 by FuturamaFreak1Hello once again. I've been sick for more than a week and I've tried to update the site (seriously!). Today is time to feature some neat work from FuturamaFreak1. I've added 3 faux covers from his latest comic, "The Surrogate Mutant". The images feature: Leela opening Fry's mouth, a mix of different images with Fry and Leela watching that, and one of Leela chopping Bender in the middle (very awesome with an interesting double Star Wars Lightsaber). I've also added 2 images of Leela with different variations, the one you see below, and other one with her middle finger, that I think is great and shows Leela's attitude! These 2 last images are also available as Wallpapers!

Leela looking awesome wallpaper by FuturamaFreak1

The 2 images have different resolutions, the Fullscreen of 1400x1050, the Widescreen 16:10 of 1690x1050 and a Widescreen HD of 1690x951. Enjoy it!
by JavieR / March 22, 2010 / 23:14
Brain Spawn (Brain Freeze) by MissusPatchesThis sounds great. The great MissusPatches (creator of many fanart images and comics) decided to start a project called Futurama Character Countdown (FCC). The FCC project aims to create a different character each day until the start of the new Season 6... that's why today I've uploaded her first 5 fanarts about those characters, featuring the Trisolians (from episode "My Tree Suns" + a very funny image), Mrs. Mellinger (Fry and Robot Devil's holophonor teacher from "The Devil hands are Idle Playthings"), Countless de la Roca, the Native Martians and the image featured today, the Brain Spawn (this one with a Brain freeze)... Officer-1BDI said at deviantART: "I learned something today: brain spawn can actually be cute" and I can agree with that!

Amy & Zoidberg / Malfunctioning Eddie (Meatbag Edition) by MissusPatchesOf course that's not all, I've also added other images she made. This one is called the Futurama Pairings Palooza and is a single big image featuring many different couples, like Tinny Tim and Sally, Amy and Zoidberg (featured), Leela and Bender, Morbo and Linda and many more... some very cute, others very wrong. The last 3 images (yes, this is a big update about Missus) feature 3 robot characters in a meatbag edition, another neat idea she came up with. You'll see Malfunctioning Eddie (featured), Fanny (from Into the Wild Green Yonder) and Calculon, all of them with interesting versions if they were humans.

That's all for today, please take a look at the images, there's a lot of neat stuff created by Missus that you don't wanna miss, trust me!
by JavieR / March 22, 2010 / 00:20
War of the Collosal Leela (Beast) parody by Gulliver63I've been sick with a flu this past days.. but now is time to update TFP (aka slurmed =P + is near midnight..). I would like to feature an artist that has some neat ideas for Futurama fanart, his name is Gulliver63, and today, I've added no less than 11 new pics for all of you to enjoy!

The images feature many movie parodies, like The War of the Colossal Leela (Beast), Dr. No (a James Bond film), "Leela's" Odyssey, Avatarama and Dr. Cyclops (ft. Leela). 2 images feature Amy and Leela as giants. One as cheerleaders of the Colts, other of Gulliver himself with Amy and Leela. The last 2 are parodies of time, one is a Seampunk-o-rama and the other a band of the main crew from 1983!

There's a new fanfic here today thanks to Yubbles. Her latest fanart is called Beat the Ginger Day - Part 1 and you have to read it and tell me.. because I'm very sleepy and sick right now, so I've to sleep.
by JavieR / March 18, 2010 / 15:49
Futurama Season 6 possible episodes!Thanks to Svip, the man behind The Infosphere, The Futurama Wiki, we have more info about the upcoming episodes of Season 6. I'm talking about the possible names of the first 8 Futurama Season 6 episodes (apparently since those 8 ones are the only copyrighted in Dic-2009)
  • A Clockwork Origin: A parody of Kubrick's Clockwork Orange? Time travel episode?
  • Attack of the Killer App: Could reffer to the Twitter/iPhone episode (Killer App)
  • Inspector #5: N/A
  • Rebirth: The 1st episode of season 6, 6acv01
  • That Darn Katz!: N/A
  • The Duh-Vinci (Vince) Code: Like Svip said, this could be the episode of Bender + Vatican + Space Pope
  • The Late Philip J. Fry: Interesting title, could be an epic Futurama episode
  • The Prisoner of Benda: Benda.. something about a bending machines prision...
The name of these episodes where found in the Public Catalog from the United States Copyright Office website. Chech the Svip @ PEEL source for more info.

Source: Svip @ PEEL (more spoilers and info), Public Catalog (US Copyright Office)
by JavieR / March 18, 2010 / 09:21
Here you go the teaser trailer of the new Futurama season 6. This small video clip was shown yesterday March 17th, 2010 in the premiere of another neat series, Ugly Americans!

If you live in the UK or you can't see this video, check the video below the 1st one:

For the people from the UK and from other places that can't see the video above, here you go a YouTube version (kinda lower quality):

Source: Comedy Central Insider
by JavieR / March 17, 2010 / 15:40
Time for some new backgrounds once again. I've 2 wallpapers created by casebasket and his great style. The first one features Professor Hubert Farnsworth looking kinda sad, that's because he's missing Pazuzu, his gargoyle. The other wallpaper by him is one featuring Zapp Brannigan, with his classic smile after he said "Sexlexia... a very asexy disorder".

Zapp: "A very sexy mistake" by casebasket Leela face rub by FuturamaFeak1

The other artist with wallpapers today is FuturamaFreak1 (aka Freako). I have to say that I should have added these two images some time ago, but I use to mislead the fanart sometimes. The bacground feature Leela, one is called Leela face rub and the other Leela chest rub. If you see the 1st image, you can guess what's going on in the 2nd one.

I've to run, I have more wallpapers and fanart that I'll add very soon!
by JavieR / March 15, 2010 / 23:22
Leela Pin-up-a-Day: Sunday by KaspiredHi again, is time for some hot images created by two different artists here at TFP. The first one is Kaspired (Mike Jessen) and the image featured at the right is the Sunday image of a project where he draw one cartoon female character each day with the same outfit (the clone dress), colors and background. The project was named Pin-Up-a-Day (checkout Kaspired's deviantArt gallery for the rest of the days). Of course, Leela was the chosen one for the last day of the project, and I can assure you that this image worth to be seen in full size.

Captain Turanga Leela Pin-up by FuturamaDreak1 (Freako)The other sexy art of today comes from another great artist, I'm talking about Freako aka FuturamaFreak1. He created a very sexy Leela pin-up pose inside the Planet Express Ship, over the ship steering wheel to be exact. Freako used a new coloring technique with an airbrush that in my opinion makes that fanart look even more amazing and looks more realistic! This image also deserves a full size view to enjoy, so what are you waiting for? BTW, I've also added another fanart by Freako about the TV reaction guys Futurama style with with Fry, Leela and Bender.
by JavieR / March 15, 2010 / 11:49
Hermes Conrad and Brain Slug by VimpHello and sorry for the recent lack of updates, I've been working in some internal stuff of the site. TIme for a new fan update around here, and I'm gonna start some fanart by Vimp. His latest fanart features Hermes Conrad with the classic Braingslug over his head. Now this image is a PNG with transparency, so you can use it for a website design or something else, just don't forget to ask Vimp in order to use it.

Other artist today is Vickram101 and I've added 2 images he made.. one features the promo of "A Flight to Remember" with a title over it and the other is how Google would look in the year 3000 in Futurama!

The 3rd and last fan artist here today is GlaDOS, new in the fanart section (I previously added a neat wallpaper he made). I've added 4 of his images, featuring Leela, thief Bender and 2 images of Fry, one holding a party hat and some slurm, the other is a normal Fry.
by JavieR / March 12, 2010 / 15:42
Is time for some news about how the new Futurama Season 6 is progressing, and some other information that you might want to know.

Video Format & Quality:
Futurama Season 6: Widescreen + HDThe new Futurama Season video format it is Widescreen and in HD like the DVD Movies, according to a tweet from MeSmithyman (she works for Futurama)

The quality of Futurama will be the same according to the producers (link missing, sorry) and they said that some more work will be done overseas, that means, in Rough Draft Studios Korea.

Special Guests:
Futurama Season 6 Guests: Craig Ferguson, Katee Sackhoff and Al GoreFuturama has always invited some famous personalities to the series, and this time there's no exception.
Craig Ferguson was mentioned when Maurice 'Moe' LaMarche (Kif) added a mini video to his Facebook profile mentioning that he was in the recording studio that moment.

The other 2 guests so far are Al Gore and Katee Sackhoff ('Starbuck' from Battlestar Galactica), we know this thanks a tweet from NatalieAbrams (Staff Editor for TVGuide.com). These 2 Guests will appear apparently in the broadcast Season 8 since they are recording their audio in the later episodes..(the new Futurama Season is the broadcast Season 7, part of production Season 6)

According to MeSmithyman yesterday they watched the "first color screening of the season", and today, aimeekitty (she also works for Futurama) said that they "[..] watched the first #futurama color full-animation episode for season 6!"
by JavieR / March 10, 2010 / 15:02
Thanks to Quolnok from PEEL, is now official that the Futurama/Toynami wave (series) 9 will feature Wooden Bender + URL (Peace Officer) like it was mentioned before over here. Is now available for pre-order in the Big Bad Toy Store website. Here you go the official images thanks to Toy News International (click the images to enlarge):

Futurama/Toynami Wave 9: Wooden Bender + URL Morbo, the next Futurama/Toynami Build-A-Figure

Is kinda odd to change from Build-a-Bot to a Build-an-Alien figure (acording to the sources), in this case, Morbo. We know that Morbo is popular enough to be a build-a-figure, but I would have preferred another bot (like Donbot or the Hedonismbot for example). Perhaps the main reason why they added him as the next build-a-figure instead of another robot, is because Morbo is too tall to be a regular figure.

Is obvious that Linda should be one of the next regular figures to finish build Morbo, but we will have to wait and see what the next Futurama/Toynami waves offer.

Source: PEEL, Toy News International, Big Bad Toy Store
by JavieR / March 10, 2010 / 11:34
Bender the Snowbot by MissusPatchesHi everyone, I'm back from 2-3 days of heavy work but now I've more spare time. Like the title suggests, is time to see some photos from the fans, of course, Futurama related. The first photos in the Photorama section are from MissusPatches, with 2 images of Bender the Snowbot. She created a Bender with snow, and it looks very good!

Wood & Paper Futurama fans by KaspiredThe other photos here today are courtesy of Kaspired (Mike Jessen). He created some interesting Futurama handwork. The first stuff he made is 2 different kind of hand-held fans, one is made of paper (+ wood) and the other is made of wood sticks, both featuring the Futurama main characters (there's also other photo with both hand-held fans). The other clool stuff he made is a puzzle with the same image, that it was featured in the fan letters page of FuturamaFreak1's latest comic.

Perhaps you noticed a small change in the news layout. In the bottom left of each update, you'll now find the Go To Article button, and in the bottom right you'll still find the Share it! button, but more minimalist and only with the AddThis icon. The title of each news entry is now bigger and you can also click on it and go to that specific news (like the Go To Article button). These changes where made because I noticed many people link a specific news with the main page and not with the specific news URL.
by JavieR / March 6, 2010 / 23:23
Hi everyone. I think we are still excited because new Futurama will appear in about 3 months, that's why you'll see a countdown in the right side of this site, over there --->

The Kiss (w/ Fry and Leela) by Kaspired (Mike Jessen)Is time for some sweet sweet fanart, this time with 2 artist you already know. The first one is Kaspired (Mike Jessen), and I believe I forgot to add some of his fanarts (sorry Mike). The image featured is a parody of the painting called "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt featuring of course Leela and Fry instead. This image is very very well done and is truly a real painting. I've also added other 4 images like a chorus line headed by Zoidberg (along with Zapp, Kiff, Scruffy, Fry and the Professor), Amy and Leela vs The Odd Parents, and 2 other images that feature Granny Turanga (sweet old lady) and Granny Amy (crazy committed nut) that could be either interesting or shocking for you.. there's only one way to find out...

Nibblerina (w/ Fry and Leela pets) by Fer GaliciaThe other fan-artist today is Fer Galicia, and I've added 5 images he created. The first 2 images features the sketch and the color version of a commision he made that features Amy and Leela in bikini. The second 2 images are sketch cards of a very sexy Amy Wong and a sexy Turanga Leela. The final image (featured) shows Nibblerina with her nibbler-like-pets Fry and Leela.. that is an interesting idea of switching pets and humans.. or something like that.
by JavieR / March 4, 2010 / 15:41
Futurama Season 6 premiere dateAs you know, Comedy Central ordered 26 episodes to be produced as a new Futurama Season (if you didn't know, you're not following @slurmed on twitter). Recent news from Comedy central Insider confirm that Season 6 (Broadcast Season 7) will feature 12 of those 26 episodes

That's not all, an hour later, according to HitFlix's Comedy Central sources, the specific release date will be on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 @ 10 pm. Way earlier, we knew June was the target date of the premiere (later Phil LaMarr said in an interview that the release date could be near the Summer/Fall of 2010) so this was not entirely official until now.

Now we can wonder if Broadcast Season 8 (aka Season 7) will hold the other 14 episodes. or depending on how good Season 6 does, order more episodes.. pleeease.. In other early interview (sorry, link missing) David X Cohen said that perhaps Season 7 could premiere in 2011, but I think it all depends of Season 6 ratings.

[EDIT: March 5, 2010 / 09:28]
Svip from The Infosphere made me notice something. If this new Season has 12 episodes, the last one will air in September of 2010, giving us 2 months until December, and like CGEF contacts said, the 1st episode of season 8 will be an Anthology of Interest Xmas one that will air for the holidays.

What I wanted to say over here (I made the strike through paragraph confusing) is that depending on how good Broadcast Season 7 does (the first 12 episodes), Comedy Central could be asking for more episodes (Broadcast Season 9) even when Broadcast Season 8 has not started yet, because if they don't ask for more episodes soon enough, we will have to wait a long time (once again) for more Futurama.

Sources: Comedy Central Insider, HitFlix
by JavieR / March 3, 2010 / 09:38
The Surrogate Mutant, a fan comic by FuturamaFreak1 (Freako)Is here.. is here.. the latest fan comic by FuturamaFreak1 (aka Freako), I'm talking about The Surrogate Mutant.

This new comic has 36 pages (including covers, and funny extra pages) of Futurama goodness, and is the history about a casual delivery of the Planet Express crew after 1 year without an actual delivery mission. Things get complicated a lot when one of the professor's experiments is in the middle of the mission... So, that's all I can tell you about it, is very entertaining, and you'll find the extra pages very funny too.

Freako made an incredible work that required a lot of time, so if you wanna say something to him, visit his deviantArt page or send him an email (you'll find it in the comic).
by JavieR / March 1, 2010 / 21:40
everything is new today, the month, the fanart and the framegrabs. There you go, 200 new framegrabs from season 2 episodes 2acv04 - Xmas History and 2acv05 - Why must I be a Crustacean in Love... I wanted to add more but I've been busy with some other stuff on my PC. I'll try to create more each week until I finish them.. my deadline should be before the Season 6 episodes appear at Comedy Central in June.

St Valentine Eww (Fry + Zapp) by Sof-SofI've also added some new fanart. This time from 2 different artists. 2 new images created by Sof-Sof, featuring Fry with a Zapp plushie for St Valentines and other of Fry called "Melt". The other artist today is Vickram101 with 1 fanart featuring Leela + the FOX logo (not a winner combination according to the history between Futurama and FOX). Check that out and come back any time.
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