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by JavieR / March 12, 2010 / 15:42
Is time for some news about how the new Futurama Season 6 is progressing, and some other information that you might want to know.

Video Format & Quality:
Futurama Season 6: Widescreen + HDThe new Futurama Season video format it is Widescreen and in HD like the DVD Movies, according to a tweet from MeSmithyman (she works for Futurama)

The quality of Futurama will be the same according to the producers (link missing, sorry) and they said that some more work will be done overseas, that means, in Rough Draft Studios Korea.

Special Guests:
Futurama Season 6 Guests: Craig Ferguson, Katee Sackhoff and Al GoreFuturama has always invited some famous personalities to the series, and this time there's no exception.
Craig Ferguson was mentioned when Maurice 'Moe' LaMarche (Kif) added a mini video to his Facebook profile mentioning that he was in the recording studio that moment.

The other 2 guests so far are Al Gore and Katee Sackhoff ('Starbuck' from Battlestar Galactica), we know this thanks a tweet from NatalieAbrams (Staff Editor for These 2 Guests will appear apparently in the broadcast Season 8 since they are recording their audio in the later episodes..(the new Futurama Season is the broadcast Season 7, part of production Season 6)

According to MeSmithyman yesterday they watched the "first color screening of the season", and today, aimeekitty (she also works for Futurama) said that they "[..] watched the first #futurama color full-animation episode for season 6!"
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