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by JavieR / September 28, 2007 / 13:04
Futurama Trailer at the Fantastic Four Silver Surfer DVD Hi, this is a quick update, because I read it at DVD Talk a few minutes ago and is about 01H00 GMT -5 around here. According to them, the DVD of The Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer, that will be released on October 2, 2007, will carry some trailers on disk 2, including the anticipated trailer of the first Futurama Movie: Bender's Big Score. You can read the whole review at the F4 DVD Talk Review. Please, if anyone gets that DVD soon, please upload the Trailer to YouTube or upload it somewhere because all the Futurama Community wants to see it. I've also added that news in the Futurama Returns section, just in case.
by JavieR / September 22, 2007 / 23:29
Scarface Zoidberg by Brd Hovde Hello to everyone once again. I had some problems earlier trying to login to the FTP of the site, but now I'm back over here and I've some nice stuff to share with you. First, I've 4 new fanarts created by Yume93, the images feature 2 oeaki Frys, one shippy pic of Leela coocking Fry (sounds weird I know) and a handmade fanart of fry as a superstar. Next, another great artists that has comeback around here is Brd Hovde, with two great Zoidberg images featuring one, a Scarface parody, and the other of the lovely lobster searching for food (guess where). Finally, there's a new poster created by coldangel_1 called 'Blame It To The Brain', that is a teaser of the next and final fanfic by coldangel_1. Enjoy it meanwhile, now I have to go.
by JavieR / September 12, 2007 / 18:22
3D Bender Render by Stephen Allred Yes, I'll be out of town for a week, starting today (is about 2 am around here, I'll travel at 9 or 10 am.) I've been busy searching amazing Futurama art at deviantART, so since I got a 1 month subscription, I've added 2 Futurama features there, that you can see going to futurama features 1.0 and futurama features 2.0. If you have a dA account please comment, or you can create one fast and comment. Today I've to add some great stuff that I forgot to add, and also some new one. First, a cool new fanart by ProfessorZoidy featuring a hand drawn Leela in a yellow dress. Next, coldangel_1 surpirses us with three new images featuring Leela in an action pose, a hand colored art of the crew, and a cool image feturing the three main mutants, Dwayne, Raoul, and Vyolet. At last, 2 amazing 3D images from a new artist around here. Please welcome Stephen Allred and his amazing Bender 3D render, one without and the other with a very cool enviroment (featured today). Please check it out, is a great image that you don't wanna miss.
by JavieR / September 7, 2007 / 18:37
Blue Dr. Zoidberg Gift from Wizard Entertainment Finally, the ToyFare Futurama Series 1: Blue Dr. Zoidberg 'Universe 1 Parabox' is here in my house, Quito, Ecuador (click the image fo a bigger preview). I received my own figure thanks to A.H. Fierro from Wizard Entertainment, a BIG THANKS to him, because otherwhise I couldn't get it (the shipping doesn't reach country). If you go to the Wizard Universe's Store, you'll see that the Blue Zoidberg is still available, so hurry up because I don't think is gonna last so long.
In other news, I've uploaded a fanart featuring the figure, that you can find at JavieR's fanart page. I made a pop art image (inspired by the box of the new Futurama figures) with the box in it, so please take a look. I'm also working on the Wide Screen and Dual Screen versions of the Futurama Wallpaper I uploaded yesterday, so be sure to come back soon. I'm starving now, I've not eaten in about 8 hours, so that's all for today, read you later.
by JavieR / September 6, 2007 / 13:24
Drink Slurm Naked - Futurama Wallpaper Hello once again, and sorry for the delay around here. I'm almost done in the website I'm working on right now, but since I'm kinda bored I decided to add a few new cool stuff around here. First, you might noticed the banner at the top, well, is because I really need some support to maintain TFP, because of the hosting mostly. Second, a cool fanart created by SonicPanther, featuring Fireslurm, an anthro character based on Fry. Third, two new fanfics created by Steve Gurman featuring So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It: Part 3 and the final So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It: Part 4, I'm sorry because I didn't add descriptions, I'll do it later. The last part of this update features a new Futurama Wallpaper I created, called Drink Slurm Naked. Made from a movie promo glicee, this one (featured today) shows the Planet Express crew playing Volleyball Naked (but with some clever censorship). Enjoy it, is available in the usual resolutions, and if you surf around deviantART, comments and +favs about the wallpaper at dA are always welcome. I almost forgot, Bofr@ recently send my a cool scan featuring my birthday (that was this past August 22th, in case you didn't knew).
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