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by JavieR / September 6, 2007 / 13:24
Drink Slurm Naked - Futurama Wallpaper Hello once again, and sorry for the delay around here. I'm almost done in the website I'm working on right now, but since I'm kinda bored I decided to add a few new cool stuff around here. First, you might noticed the banner at the top, well, is because I really need some support to maintain TFP, because of the hosting mostly. Second, a cool fanart created by SonicPanther, featuring Fireslurm, an anthro character based on Fry. Third, two new fanfics created by Steve Gurman featuring So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It: Part 3 and the final So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It: Part 4, I'm sorry because I didn't add descriptions, I'll do it later. The last part of this update features a new Futurama Wallpaper I created, called Drink Slurm Naked. Made from a movie promo glicee, this one (featured today) shows the Planet Express crew playing Volleyball Naked (but with some clever censorship). Enjoy it, is available in the usual resolutions, and if you surf around deviantART, comments and +favs about the wallpaper at dA are always welcome. I almost forgot, Bofr@ recently send my a cool scan featuring my birthday (that was this past August 22th, in case you didn't knew).
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