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by JavieR / September 7, 2007 / 18:37
Blue Dr. Zoidberg Gift from Wizard Entertainment Finally, the ToyFare Futurama Series 1: Blue Dr. Zoidberg 'Universe 1 Parabox' is here in my house, Quito, Ecuador (click the image fo a bigger preview). I received my own figure thanks to A.H. Fierro from Wizard Entertainment, a BIG THANKS to him, because otherwhise I couldn't get it (the shipping doesn't reach country). If you go to the Wizard Universe's Store, you'll see that the Blue Zoidberg is still available, so hurry up because I don't think is gonna last so long.
In other news, I've uploaded a fanart featuring the figure, that you can find at JavieR's fanart page. I made a pop art image (inspired by the box of the new Futurama figures) with the box in it, so please take a look. I'm also working on the Wide Screen and Dual Screen versions of the Futurama Wallpaper I uploaded yesterday, so be sure to come back soon. I'm starving now, I've not eaten in about 8 hours, so that's all for today, read you later.
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