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by JavieR / September 12, 2007 / 18:22
3D Bender Render by Stephen Allred Yes, I'll be out of town for a week, starting today (is about 2 am around here, I'll travel at 9 or 10 am.) I've been busy searching amazing Futurama art at deviantART, so since I got a 1 month subscription, I've added 2 Futurama features there, that you can see going to futurama features 1.0 and futurama features 2.0. If you have a dA account please comment, or you can create one fast and comment. Today I've to add some great stuff that I forgot to add, and also some new one. First, a cool new fanart by ProfessorZoidy featuring a hand drawn Leela in a yellow dress. Next, coldangel_1 surpirses us with three new images featuring Leela in an action pose, a hand colored art of the crew, and a cool image feturing the three main mutants, Dwayne, Raoul, and Vyolet. At last, 2 amazing 3D images from a new artist around here. Please welcome Stephen Allred and his amazing Bender 3D render, one without and the other with a very cool enviroment (featured today). Please check it out, is a great image that you don't wanna miss.
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