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by JavieR / April 30, 2007 / 20:25
Hi people. I've been not around the site this days because I was dealing with some other stuff, but now I'm back to update the site once again. I received an email from a new guy called Alan, that sent me a new Flash Animation that features Fry and Bender inside a suicide booth. He told me that he made this animation for a birthday, so go check it out.
In case you didn't notice, the Alien Language section was updated a little bit, but because I forgot to do that when I uploaded the site to the new host. I'm thinking about a revamp of the Futurama Museum, but I'm gonna need more time so I guess that is gonna take a while. Nothing more tonight, I'm gonna sleep now...
by JavieR / April 27, 2007 / 15:22
You didn't see that coming... or am I wrong? Well, the point is that I really haven't found a new Futurama Screen Saver (or Screensaver) in a long time, so I decided to create one of my own, but using this time Flash :). The result of what you'll find in the Screen Savers section is the Planet Express Spaceship Saver (or PESS if you wanna make it shorter :P). Features the ship appearing form the right randomnly sometimes down, sometimes up, like the little preview on this update. This one is a exclusive Futurama Screen Saver for the moment... so just go and grab yours today while is hot.
In other news, I recently noticed today that the http://tfp.killbots.com subdomain is redirecting to the new TFP domain, www.slurmed.com, and not only that but it is (how do you say it?)... like cloaking the domain and is working with both addresses equally. I find this good news because some Futurama websites still have the old subdomain and I can not reach the webmasters because some of the sites were abandoned about a year ago. Thanks to Evan for that... however, I kinda recommend not to use the tfp.killbots.com to often because I don't know if that address is gonna work all the time... at least until I know more about this.
by JavieR / April 25, 2007 / 17:21
I've been working in some other stuff in this past few days, but don't you worry, I'm here again to update the site with some nice content. I few days back, I received an email by Red_line, and he decided to submit all the Futurama fanfics (or fan fiction) that he made over here. Now, I know that this fics are not brand new, but is a great collection that you must check out I've you haven't read it. I've uploaded the eleven (yes... 11) stories:

Eight Hours to Earth, Learning Curve, Terminal Velocity, Event Horizon, Fault Line, Das Schiff, The Acid Test, The Ride of a Lifetime, Interlude, Ten Years After, & The Evening (this last one is the story of what happened before The Morning, created by Coldangel_1).

You want more, just wait, I've some really nice stuff that I'm working on... just hang on, and come back in no time.
by JavieR / April 22, 2007 / 23:21
Yeap, I've been checking out many of the Futurama sites still online these days, so I decided to ad a few more sites to the links section. Yo'll find now new sites in the englsih links, like Simpsons Zip (that has a Futurama section including the top Futurama sites), The Low-Bandwidth Futurama Site (old school stuff), Miss Ampere's Parlour (robot porn), Space Station Futurama (that I don't know why it was not there any more) and Futurama πk (many mathematical info related to the series). In the Spanish links I've added The Simpsons & Futurama > Robertuybrush's Page that has many info of the series in spanish. There's also a site in the French links called Futurama Planet, one of the survivors of this language. The Italian links was also created adding I don't know if the unique site in that language, Futurama.IT.
Check them out, and if you want to list any other decent Fuurama site in the links please let me know. I also have a question, does anyone knows jhot to contact the admin of this Korean site, cafe.naver.com/futurama486, because I can not read anything there.
by JavieR / April 19, 2007 / 19:14
Like I said, I did make it (I had until this fryday :P), restoring all the stuf from all this (almost 8) years of many people that gave me the chance to show their fan spirit to Futurama. The site is the same as you can see, is the host and domain that are new over here. You can check the downloads, if something is missing don't doubt and email me.
I couldn't let the official reopening of the site without uploading something new around here... that's why today I also start updating TFP once again. First, I've uploaded 5 new arts created by InsaneInDaMainframe, and this time she has featured Fry, Leela, Amy as zwinkies, and a pic of Amy & Leela perparing for Leela's wedding. Also, featured today, a new pixelart image by Professor Zoidy that features Leela in a different cool style.
In other news, some new links were added, in the buddies on the right, and inside the Links section. Check them out!
by JavieR / April 18, 2007 / 15:35
The site is I think 80% uploaded... I've finished uploading the Futurama fanart section, and I think the Wallpapers pages have no errors now. Another sections now available are: stamps, buddie icons, pixelart, flash animations, fanfics, framegrabs, and all the info section but the Futurama Museum. Some sections like the cursors, icons, games, software, fonts and others... are online BUT I've not added the downloads of that sections, so don't worry if you can't download anything yet.... and please have patience.

About the new domain, I must say that is difficult to gain all the visitors this site had in only a few days. I've emailed again some of the webmasters that have Futurama/Simpsons sites that have a link to TFP with the old subdomain, I hope they will change the address of the site soon. (some of them already changed their links, thanks a lot for that)

Another method that I've been using is to spread the word thru StumbleUpon. If you go to the TFP domain at StumbleUpon, you can tag the site or put it in your SU Favorites if you're registered there (that is very easy and you can help me a lot).

I think the site will be just fine mostly this friday... I'll make everything I can to make that happen.
by JavieR / April 15, 2007 / 15:34
Hello everyone, and welcome to the new home of TFP :: The Futurama Point, and the more important, the new address, www.slurmed.com. As you'll see, NOT all the content is available yet, but some of the sections are already working (3D, Wallpapers, Banners, Alien Alpahbet, ASCII Art, Bios, Links and The Comic Maker). I decided to have the site open rather than just leaving the splash page for more time.

Is very important that you help me spreading the new domain, because is hard after 6 years with the old subdomain (many sites could think the site is death & TFP has lost many unique visitors per day). Many sites that links to TFP are now lost, and the search engines and directories take a while to gather all the info ot the site again. So, if you see a site that has a link to TFP and has the old subdomain, [tfp.killbots.com], please let me know or email the webmaster and tell him/her about the new domain.

I really need to find out HOW TO update the TFP entry in the Yahoo Directory, because I can't find a "Update Listing option" like in the dmoz directory, where I already requested the update of the site's address. If you know how or have any suggestions to spread the domain fast, please let me know. Send an email to javoec.tfp[AT]gmail[dot]com
by JavieR / April 14, 2007 / 12:30
Hi there. TFP has finally a new host and a brand new domain:
This is the new home of TFP, but this site will stay updated until I upload all the content (that is gonna take a while).
by JavieR / April 9, 2007 / 08:23
Sadly, the killbots.com domain was banned from the hosting that hosted TFP and MAAF. I understand that the problem was a contact form that (since it was a very old code) was used to send Nigerian Spam to many emails. Now, the site was temporally down the first time because of that... but then after the site was online again, even when I removed the supposed script with a hole on it, the domain sent again thousands of SPAM again, making the Company Server to be disconnected from the Internet for a while. I have nothing more to say that it was not my intention to cause that... because I more than anyone want TFP online all the time.

The solution to this problem will be to get a new host and this time with a domain... that I'll be announcing in a couple of days I hope. This new domain will require that everyone can spread the word that TFP has now a new home... please help me with that... I'll email almost everyone that I know that have the old tfp.killbots.com subdomain as a link to TFP, but I can not reach everyone if that address had been used for the past 5 years.

At last, I give you the stupid email that ended TFP's domain: Read
by JavieR / April 4, 2007 / 15:45
Ok, what's new around here... aparently not a lot. I'll be leaving town for the next 4 days, so I'll be back this coming monday. Today I had to update the site because obviously is gonna be on hiatus for this small vacations... so, I've uploaded seven new Pixelart sprites created by Luke, yhis time, featuring many caracters like Mom's kids... Ignar, Larry and Walt, Elzar, Lrrr, the Neutral Ambassador and the Brainspawn. Check them out... I like the Walt one the most! See you this comming Monday!
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