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by JavieR / April 27, 2007 / 15:22
You didn't see that coming... or am I wrong? Well, the point is that I really haven't found a new Futurama Screen Saver (or Screensaver) in a long time, so I decided to create one of my own, but using this time Flash :). The result of what you'll find in the Screen Savers section is the Planet Express Spaceship Saver (or PESS if you wanna make it shorter :P). Features the ship appearing form the right randomnly sometimes down, sometimes up, like the little preview on this update. This one is a exclusive Futurama Screen Saver for the moment... so just go and grab yours today while is hot.
In other news, I recently noticed today that the subdomain is redirecting to the new TFP domain,, and not only that but it is (how do you say it?)... like cloaking the domain and is working with both addresses equally. I find this good news because some Futurama websites still have the old subdomain and I can not reach the webmasters because some of the sites were abandoned about a year ago. Thanks to Evan for that... however, I kinda recommend not to use the to often because I don't know if that address is gonna work all the time... at least until I know more about this.
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