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by JavieR / April 19, 2007 / 19:14
Like I said, I did make it (I had until this fryday :P), restoring all the stuf from all this (almost 8) years of many people that gave me the chance to show their fan spirit to Futurama. The site is the same as you can see, is the host and domain that are new over here. You can check the downloads, if something is missing don't doubt and email me.
I couldn't let the official reopening of the site without uploading something new around here... that's why today I also start updating TFP once again. First, I've uploaded 5 new arts created by InsaneInDaMainframe, and this time she has featured Fry, Leela, Amy as zwinkies, and a pic of Amy & Leela perparing for Leela's wedding. Also, featured today, a new pixelart image by Professor Zoidy that features Leela in a different cool style.
In other news, some new links were added, in the buddies on the right, and inside the Links section. Check them out!
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