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by JavieR / April 22, 2007 / 23:21
Yeap, I've been checking out many of the Futurama sites still online these days, so I decided to ad a few more sites to the links section. Yo'll find now new sites in the englsih links, like Simpsons Zip (that has a Futurama section including the top Futurama sites), The Low-Bandwidth Futurama Site (old school stuff), Miss Ampere's Parlour (robot porn), Space Station Futurama (that I don't know why it was not there any more) and Futurama πk (many mathematical info related to the series). In the Spanish links I've added The Simpsons & Futurama > Robertuybrush's Page that has many info of the series in spanish. There's also a site in the French links called Futurama Planet, one of the survivors of this language. The Italian links was also created adding I don't know if the unique site in that language, Futurama.IT.
Check them out, and if you want to list any other decent Fuurama site in the links please let me know. I also have a question, does anyone knows jhot to contact the admin of this Korean site, cafe.naver.com/futurama486, because I can not read anything there.
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