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by JavieR / March 28, 2012 / 01:12
Kim Possible / Futurama crazy crossover by mr35mmHello fellas. I'm once again around here updating the site with new stuff by the fans, for the fans. I want to start with a nice guy from Argentina that hasn't created Futurama fanart in a while, mr35mm. In case you didn't notice, he is back with this crazy Futurama vs. Kim Possible art, that shows us what the Futurama gang will do against or with the Kim Possible characters. It has many crazy (I said that already right?) situations in a single image that you'll enjoy. so please don't skip this one!

Red_Line (aka Tim from Futurama Madhouse) sent me his latest fanfic called "Collision Course". It is based in the possible events at the end of "Overclockwise" where Fry and Leela are reading about their future and they get angry and slap each other. It is an interesting take because no one knows what really happens.. perhaps this...

Another person here tonight is Ben Cain, he sent me this art a while ago, so I'm sorry that I posted it so late. The art features a Mecha Leela, and she is inside a mecha cockpit with nice details.. very sci-fi!

There's also a new Photo/Art in the Photorama section, featuring a new artist named David Zeilinger. It is a piece of wood with Roberto carved on it.

Meet the Frystones (Flinstones / Futurama crossover) by Gulliver63I would like end this update with the fanart created by Gulliver63. I've added his latest 21 images, as usual from him, featuring many interesting crossovers.. Flinstones, Jetsons, as teenagers, the children of the PE crew, as a chess game, Amy featuring in the Chinese new year, General Proctor, Hellboy, a sitcom and I could go on. There's also a nice realistic version of the portrait the PE crew took in Monument Beach from episode "When Aliens Attack". I'm out to sleep (yes, I lied.. but you keep watching)!
by JavieR / March 19, 2012 / 00:25
Doooooooooooooooooooooooom comic by Inquisitor-HeinIt is time for some new fan comics here at TFP. I'm going to start with a neat artist called Inquisitor-Hein, and I've added 12 of his latest short comics that are truly works of art, capturing the Futurama humor and great illustrations. There's a lot of mini comics, one in particularis called "Futurama mini comic" that has 3 pages of a very funny situation. Others, single-page ones, are named "Prisoner of Benda: Deleted Scene", "If Yancy Fry Sr. had been cryogenically frozen", "Leela's title match", "Doooooooooooooooooooooooom" (featured), "Bender vs. Centurion", "Futurama vs. Accion Mutante", "Fry goes Heavy Metal 2" and some more that you don't wanna miss, check them out!!

A new image was created by Rhinestoner featuring a very cute Bender in planet Pluto, and he is hanging around with the penguins from episode "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz". SuperPrincessPink has also created 2 fan comics, one is a single page scene of Anny (OC made by LeenaKill) and Leela, and the other is called "Kris Kringle" and has 7 pages of a xmas story!

World famous (Leela, Fry & Bender) by LeenaKillThe final artist of the night brings more fanart! She is Leena (LeenaKill) and I've uploaded her 18 latest images. She has created very different stories, many of the featuring her OC Anny and Ann (Amy and Bender daughters) like both fighting with lightsabers, a beautiful Valentine's day card, Anny and Amy in the park, missing her dad, drawing, as a doctor. There are also images of Leela, Leela and Amy, Fry and Leela, Fry and Fry, Leela mad, and two meant to be calendar images, one of Fry, other of Leela. The featured one shows the main Planet Express crew being famous and handling autographs!.
by JavieR / March 12, 2012 / 22:29
Hi. This entry will be updated and will change with the extra information that will appear in the near future. For the moment, here you go the list of episodes of Futurama Season 7A that will air in 2012. A total of 13 episodes from the total of 26 from production season 7acv:

Futurama Season 7A (2012) list of episodes7acv01 - The Bots and the Bees
Bender impregnates the Planet Express soda machine. They have a kid named Ben with no ability to bend stuff since the kid has no arms.

7acv02 - A Farewell to Arms

7acv03 - Decision 3012
Leela becomes a campaign manager for a presidential candidate whose birth certificate is missing.

7acv04 - The Thief of Baghead
Bender wants to take a photo of an actor whose face has never been seen so he joins the paparazzi.

7acv05 - Zapp Dingba
Leela is upset when her mother starts dating Zapp Brannigan.

7acv06 - The Butterjunk Effect

7acv07 - The Six Million Dollar Mon
Hermes will realize he is less efficient than a machine, so he will chop some unnecessary parts of his body and will become a cyborg.

7acv08 - Fun on a Bun

7acv09 - Free Will Hunting

7acv10 - Near-Death Wish
This could be the episode about Professor Farnsworth parents living in the Near-Death Star

7acv11 - 31st Century Fox
Apparently this could be the episode where we see "Calculon competing in the World Acting Championship... to the death!" (thanks to Chris Hodgkinson for the mention)

7acv12 - Viva Mars Vegas

7acv13 - Naturama
Sounds like a "Tales of Interest" episode. We know that this is a episode with 3 parts on it..
According to the sneak peeks from the Futurama Panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2011 that was added here back in july, 2011, I can't tell wich episode will be the one about "Calculon competing in the World Acting Championship... to the death!".

There is also already the name of an episode from Season 7B that will air in 2013, called 7acv18 - The Inhuman Torch

Another episode name revealed thanks to the US Copyright Catalog is 2-D Blacktop, but I is unknown if this title is the final one, or if it is maybe a beta name of one of the episodes already listed.

Get ready for this summer of 2012, when the episodes arrive to Comedy central. Perhaps we will see more information in the Futurama panel at the SDCC 2012. You will also see the update info of the upcoming Futurama season at the TFP Episode Guide page.

Source: Can't Get Enough Futurama, The Infosphere, US Copyright Catalog
by JavieR / March 5, 2012 / 22:31
Welcome back to TFP. I've been around the social networks because I can update very quickly and I'm busy with my work and my knee therapy (that is going well so far).

The Prom (Alice, Fry and Bender) by MissFuturamaToday, I've to start this update with a girl that can create amazing art and give us new stories to think of with her original character... I'm talking about MissFuturama of course, and you'll see today a bunch of 15 new images she created. First, I wanna apologize for not adding her Xmas work back in december, but you'll find 2 images, one featuring Robot Santa and the other of little Alice Fry (OC) waiting for Santa by the window. Cute little Alice images are on the table: Her with butterfly wings, petting a cat in a great background, in the rain next to Fry, dreaming. Others feature Alice with Fry on autumn, talking with uncle Bender, receiving a valentine's letter from a boy. There's an image of Leela eating ice cream and other of Fry and Alice dressed up for Halloween. The last ones are about a grown up Alice where she looks very beautiful, 2 of them in a black space suit (and with her mother's attitude!), and the one featured today, dressed for the prom.. where she looks stunning, and Bender even gave her a cute necklace (stolen from the national museum of course).

Another artist around here once again is mej073, and I've added his crossover of Leela with Psylocke. Tastes-Like-Fry strikes again with a double headed Fry (a request by a known artist around here.. SuperPrincessPink). I kinda wild image of teenager Leela was created recently by Freako.

Wow Chica Wow Wow (Bender as Amy) by TheFigthingMongoosesThe last artist of this kinda mega fanart update is no other than TheFightingMongooses and his latest 6 images. From the Fry and Robot Devil scene from "The Devil's Hands are Evil Playthings", Fry and Hermes as women from episode "Neutopia", Mr. Peppy from the latest season episode "Fry am the Egg Man", Fry and Leela in a date night (inspired by some episodes) and the last one, a neat complete image of Bender as Amy from the Emmy award winner episode "The Prisoner of Benda"!
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