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by JavieR / February 18, 2012 / 00:09
Hi. I was checking out Figures.com and they have many many photos from the Toy Fair 2012. Toynami has launched some new stuff regarding the Futurama merchandise that I think is important to mention over here.

Destructor & Gender Bender

Destructor & Gender Bender from Toynami / Futurama at Toy Fair 2012

These two figures where last seen in the San Diego Comic Con 2011, and some fans already preordered the Destructor figure back then. Apparently, the figure will be available soon, but I've not seen or read about someone already with the Destructor figure that we all want (and want to at least see)

UPDATE @ February 21, 2012:

Toynami has released an statement about the Destructor figure for the poeple that preordered it at the SDCC 2011:

To Our Customers,

We apologize for the severe delay we have encountered in manufacturing the Destructor figure but would also like to thank you all for your orders. As mentioned, we encountered a very serious production delay which could not be overlooked. Our commitment to producing quality figures, especially in the case of our Comic Con exclusives, made correcting this issue critical.

We have been successful in moving forward with this item despite the delay and frustration caused to not only our customers but to our company as well. At present, we estimate that you should be receiving this figure in mid March.

Please accept our heartfelt apologies and understand that there were serious issues beyond our control that made producing this figure at the originally specified date, impossible. To do so would have left our customers with a product that would not have lived up to Toynami's strict standards of development. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we work to bring this item to you as soon as possible.

The Toynami Staff

Morbo & Lrrr (mega figures)

Morbo & Lrrr Mega Figures from Toynami / Futurama at Toy Fair 2012

Apparently these two figures will be available too in the future. We have seen these figures since july, 2010 as prototypes, and in the past Toy Fair 2011, both figures were supposed to be released in Spring, 2011, but both are delayed until today...

About the Robot Mafia wave.. it was not there like the rest of the figures, and I think some people will be worried. I still have hope since in one of the photos, there's a printed board with The Clamps and Don Bot.

Bender & Nibbler beenie hats

Nibbler & Bender bennie hats from Toynami / Futurama at Toy Fair 2012

Not a very original idea, since fans created the Bender crocheted beenie hat years ago (well, perhaps one year ago), but since toynami has the rights, they can produce the hats too (and sell them). Both look more smooth and of good quality but are still prototypes.

Robot Devil, bee Bender and blue Zoidberg Tineez

Robot Devil, bee Bender & Blue Zoidberg (Tineez) from Toynami / Futurama at Toy Fair 2012

This line is very cute and has many fans. That's why in the SDCC 2011, there was an exclusive Tineez angry Bender. These 3 little figures surely look great and will be produced, but when it will be available.. hopefully not only at the SDCC (but I've been wrong before)

Jumbo Bender & Shogun Warrior Bender (Mighty Merchandise Robot)

Shogun Warrior Bender & Jumbo Bender from Toynami / Futurama at Toy Fair 2012

Two interesting products. Yet another new Bender, this time a Jumbo one that surely will look great at almost 2 feet (60 cm) high. Did I said yet yet another Bender, this time the Shogun Warrior one featured in the Season 6b finale from the episode "6acv26 - Reincarnation", a.k.a. the Mighty Merchandise Robot.
I must clarify that those looks like 2 different products, but they might be just one...

Looks like Toynami sells Bender a lot more than the other characters... How many Bender has Toynami produced? 11+5 = 16. There you go the list: Golden Bender (SDCC exclusive), Bender, santa Bender (SDCC exclusive), Bender as Super King, cook Bender, wooden Bender, Bender (encore/reissue), talking Bender, Bender plush, happy Bender (Tineez), angry Bender (Tineez / SDCC exclusive) + the latest 5: Jumbo Bender, Shogun Warrior Bender & bee Bender (Tineez), gender Bender & the Bender beanie hat.

Morbo, Kif & Hypnotoad plushies

Morbo, Kif & Hypnotoad plushies from Toynami / Futurama at Toy Fair 2012

A new line of plushies. I personally don't like the style, but it seems the first line sold very well since they are developing this one. Kif is the most adorable one, followed by Morbo and a weird looking Hypnotoad. I'm one of those fans that wanted the Tickle-me Bender so bad, and that was already there ready to be produced.

Talking Robot Devil

Talking Robot Devil from Toynami / Futurama at Toy Fair 2012

This one looks very interesting. If it has nice lines like the talking Bender, it will b produced and will sell well. However, I'm not amused by that pedestal... but judge for yourself.


That's it. Many new Futurama merchandise by Toynami. The bad news are that many of the previous figures, like I said earlier, have not been released in a year since we saw them not as prototypes... like the Robot Mafia and the Morbo & Lrrr mega figures. We have to wait yet again to get many of this merchandise... hopefully not...

Source: Figures.com (photos by Captain ISE), Toynami on Facebook
by JavieR / February 14, 2012 / 22:17
Bad Boy Leela by KaspiredHi. This is a kinda quick update but with plenty of fanart for you to enjoy. I would like to start with a neat artist that always has great ideas. I'm talking about Kaspired and his latest 12 images, featuring neat ones like a neptunian female model in the north pole (where Robot Santa lives), an also sexy image of Edna (the female decapodian from "Why must I be a Crustacean in Love?"), Bender burning Amy's long hair (inspired by the "Bender's Big Score" movie intro), Leela in a sexy dress and perspective, Professor Farnsworth and the siren Umbriel, Leela as Gynecaladriel (from the "Bender's Game" movie), Johnny Zoidberg (with hair!), a couple of nice gray-scale images, and finally, Leela getting married with Morris Turanga giving away her daughter (also from the movie "Bender's Big Score").

I've also added fanart from other artists such as Gulliver63 and 18 of his images. He has a lot of imagination, so you'll find parodies of Scooby-doo, Planet of the Apes, the Lilliput universe, Avatar, Charlie's Angels and the Beatles. There are also 2 Amy images, a Leela image, Leela and her daughter, and even a SOPA related image featuring the Professor and the V-GINY satellite module.

Another artist here today is known as Tastes-Like-Fry. I've added 4 of his images, featuring a parody called Bender's Angels, a Leela and Fry crossover of Portal 2, Lucy (Leela and Fry's daughter, OC) learning how to drive in space, and a portrait of Leela and Fry playing that internet video game from the episode "A Cyclops built for Two".

Scuba diving Amy and Fry by SuperPrincessPinkThe final artist of the night is SuperPrincessPink. I've added her latest 13 images, featuring many wild ideas like the 4 headed Fry (both normal and anime style), Philip Fry and Yancy Fry arguing, Bender and Fry drunk, Fry being prototyped in a robot, Fry "drinking" slurm, Cerberus Fry, Fry as a dragon, Bender and a couple of Frys, a crossover of Fry an Pikachu, Fry and Fry from universe 1, Fry hugging himself and the final one that features Amy with Fry scuba diving.
by JavieR / February 1, 2012 / 00:10
Hello. Some of you don't remember me, I'm JavieR (aka javoec) and I'm the human that updates TFP. Sadly, this past 1 and a half months, I've been active only in the slurmed.com social networks, since you might knew about my knee injury (check a previous entry). I have more time now, and I'll try to update the site more often.

Futurama Mini Comic #7 by AlanquestI have a lot of fanart and fan stuff to add, and I decided to start today with some comics created by Alanquest. 3 short comics featuring different situations. The first is about Zoidberg trying to be a mobster with no success (an original scene from episode "The Cyberhouse Rules"). The other features The Professor calling Cubert from jail (from "The Beast with a Billion Backs" movie). The final one features Calculon donating his robot parts (and Bender take advantage of it).

I've added 2 images by Freako featuring Leegola (Leela) literally eating a heart, and other featuring the Fry meme! There's also the Leela Planet Express calendar photo (in a bikini) created by h4xx0rz5upr3m3, based on the episode "Neutopia".

Fry and Leela (2008 vs 2011) by Sof-SofI added the latest 20 pics by Sof-Sof, and if you don't remember, she draws the Futurama characters in a chibi style, and has some.. well, wild ideas between male characters. You'll also find images of Fry reading, Fry and the Female Fry (from the "Neutopia" episode), Leela and the Female Fry, Fry and Leela in some images, also Kif and Amy, Zapp and Leela, an Amy pic and some other images that you'll enjoy, so go ahead and take a look.

I have a lot more of fanart and comics to add. I'll catch up and display everything at TFP no matter what.
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