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by JavieR / October 23, 2010 / 01:40
Gestures (Amy nude art) by KaspiredHi again. I'm glad to add some new fanart from the Futurama fans, is a wat to let everyone know Futurama is alive! I'm going to start with a good friend called Kaspired with 9 new images featuring Amy in a bikini with a snorkel in 2 different coling versions, a neat Leela sketch, 2 Avatar crossovers... one with Amy + Kif and the other wit Professor Farnsworth, Grrl posing, LaBarabara also posing.. but like Farrah Fawcett, Leela vs. Leela as Princess Leia (Star Wars!) and finally, a sexy Amy nude art (featured today).

Arena (Fry + Zoidberg claw plaque) by Misty WatersThe other artist of the day is Misty Waters, and I'm glad to add her latest Futurama fanart. You'll find 6 of her images with characters like a female version of That Guy (from the Futurestock episode), Zapp saving Fry (Waring: This 2 first images are yaoi), a neat sketch of Leela with her gun, Bender as a couple with Leela, Leela as Fry's savior and the last one featured today, Fry and Zoidberg in the Claw Plaque.

Have fun. I've not been around (I've been busy with some stuff from my work).
by JavieR / October 14, 2010 / 21:36
Leela & Amy: Dunno by ZedderZuluHello once again. I'm here one more time to give you some nice Futurama fanart while we wait for the Xmas Episode and for the Blu-Ray and DVD release of Futurama Volume 5. I'm going to start with a great artist know as Zed 85 (aka ZedderZulu) with an extraordinary fanart that features a kinda sad Leela and Amy in a cold weather and with an amazing background.. that I'm sure you'll really like so please have a look, you'll not be disappointed with this image.

The other artist today is a new one, her name is lizzel and I've added the fanart she made featuring Zoidberg, Fry and Leela. She is starting in the Futurama fanart, perhaps those are not the best drawings, but they look very cute.

I've to go now... bye!!
by JavieR / October 11, 2010 / 02:00
Wow, Xmas is already here for all the Futurama fans. Futurama Volume 5 (Season 6) is ready to be preordered at Amazon.com, that will be released on December 21th, 2010:



For more info about the Extras, Episodes and Features, please check out the previous news entry at slurmed.com

The DVD set should cost less, I thought about $25.. but hey, is new Futurama!! Of course, my choice will be the Futurama Volume 5 in Glorious Blu-Ray Full HD...

Once again, we need to show our love to the series to FOX and Comedy Central (we know CC loves Futurama)... so, like the Hypnotoad will say directly to your mind: Obey, preorder it!
by JavieR / October 6, 2010 / 12:41
PREORDER futurama season 6:
[ Blu-Ray set at Amazon ]
[ DVD set at Amazon ]

Hello everyone. I'm working right know, but I had to let you know about this. Thanks to TV Shows on DVD, here you go the DVD + Blu-Ray covers (click the images for full size) of the upcoming Futurama Volume 5 that will feature the first 12 episodes of Production Season 6acv that aired this past summer on Comedy Central + the Holiday Val-U-Pak Xmas episode (that will air on Nov. ~21th) + Extras.

Futurama Volume 5 (Season 6) DVD Cover Futurama Volume 5 (Season 6)Blu-Ray Cover

We knew (according to an interview to David X. Cohen with IF Magazine) that the Futurama Volume 5 will be released in December. Now, FOX has announced the release date to December 21th, 2010, it will hold 2 discs (DVD or Blu-Ray) and will feature these Extras (Subject to change):
  • Audio Commentary
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • "Bend it Like Bender"
  • "Previously On..."
  • "Fry's Crudely-Drawn Comic Book - The Crudely Animated Edition"
  • "Behind the Fungus: Makin' a Hit Song"
  • "The Prisoner of Benda" Table Read
  • "Fry's Crudely Drawn Comic Book Alternate Design"
  • Bender Audio Outtake
  • Video
    • Widescreen / Widescreen (Blu-Ray: HD)
  • Audio
    • English (5.1 Dolby Digital) / English (Blu-Ray: 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio)
    • Spanish (Dolby Surround)
  • Subtitles
    • English, Spanish, French
This is the list of the 13 episodes included in the discs of Futurama Volume 5, either in Blu-Ray or DVD:
  • 6ACV01 » Rebirth
  • 6ACV02 » In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela
  • 6ACV03 » Attack of the Killer App.
  • 6ACV04 » Proposition Infinity
  • 6ACV05 » The Duh-Vinci Code
  • 6ACV06 » Lethal Inspection
  • 6ACV07 » The Late Philip J. Fry
  • 6ACV08 » That Darn Katz!
  • 6ACV09 » A Clockwork Origin
  • 6ACV10 » The Prisoner of Benda
  • 6ACV11 » Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences
  • 6ACV12 » The Mutants Are Revolting
  • 6ACV13 » Futurama Holiday Spectacular (Airs on November 21th, 2010 on Comedy Central)
Don't forget to buy the new Futurama Volume 5 when is available for preorder, is the chance to show Comedy Central (not that we don't know how much they love the show) that they need to order more episodes to FOX.

Source: TVShowsOnDVD.com, IFMagazine.com
by JavieR / October 2, 2010 / 02:48
3D Farnsworth (3 times) by artkalevHi everyone. I was unable to update the site because of the big problems in Quito, Ecuador yesterday. However, today I've decided to ad some new Futurama stuff, and what is better than some new 3D images. I'm going to start with some 3D images by a new artist over here called artkalev, and I'd added 7 new 3D arts featuring Bender with a twin in 2 different situations... as buddies, and other as jedi + normal buddies. There's also a 3D rotation of Professor Farnsworth head, and 2 other images of the Professor (full body in 3D), another render of Bender, and finally, on of Dr. Zoidberg. Please check them out because the renders are truly well done and the style of render looks very good with the characters.

3D Benders (Jedi) - Lets kick some ass by artkalevI've also added a new Wallpaper also from artkalev, featuring the 2 Benders, one is a Jedi with his lightsaber and the other looks like a regular Bender with a gun! This wallpaper looks very nice because it has neat colors and is a minimalistic 3D image that you would really like.

I thinks that's all for today... but I'll try to add more stuff later on.
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